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2023-06-14 19:31:02

Listen to the how, what, and why Larry built the Cadillac

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Yeah , I suppose you .

Well , here we are .

Everybody's always wondered about this Cadillac , um , just got done with MP K this year and I already started trying to fix some of the little things get ready for what comes next , but been a lot of videos taken of it , pictures taken of it .

But I don't think we've ever actually done a good walk around to this thing and had a little explanation of why it got started , how it got started and , uh , why we did some of the things we did .

So with that we're gonna get after this Cadillac .

Um , everybody asked me about the truck where the trucks at ?

Why am I not running the truck anymore ?

Truth be known .

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Um , at the end of season three , excuse me at the end of season two before the start of season three , they told me that the truck wouldn't be legal for season three .

So kept asking , uh , why what I could do nothing I could do .

It didn't matter what I did to change it .

They , they wanted something that was more stock appearing was what their final words were .

So my words to them .

Was , be careful what you wish for .

So I started looking at different options of things to build .

Um , looked at like 68 to 72 .

Noah , were good about trying to sit real low , would clear a 36 inch tire and , uh , looked at that .

I've always , my M O has been , I always wanted to do something different .

Well , there's a few guys out there who got some novas , everybody's got a Camaro or a mustang .

So it was just kind of like the S 10 when I did it .

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I , I wanted to do something a little different , so I wasn't a big C T S fan .

I mean , they're , they're bad ass as a driver daily driver , but I just don't like them as a race car .

I don't like the quarter panels on and stuff like that .

So I started looking at the A T S V .

They're a little smaller car , little narrower , uh shorter roof line , four inches shorter in wheel base .

So that's what I settled on .

Still take a big tire .

I wanted something that would set low , didn't look like it was a four wheel drive .

So that's where I ha I headed with it .

So to get the whole thing started , I bought a flood car uh that came out of Houston , bought it out of O K C of all places and uh proceeded to start to put this thing together .

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But in doing so I told myself I didn't have the resources or the time to do molds for a front end and doors for one of these and nobody has ever done an A TSB that I'm aware of .

So I was gonna be stuck with all the factory body panels , factory doors , everything else .

So I trimmed everything down as light as I could get it .

Uh These things have a , a factory carbon fiber hood on it .

Uh , had to buy all new front end fenders , everything , bumpers , grills , everything for a V car because this was an original V and so put everything together that way , but I wanted to do it .

I didn't want to use any zoo fasteners .

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I did not want to use any window screws because when they threw out the whole stock appearing , um , fiasco with me , then I wanted to go out and prove , prove a point .

So in doing that , we went in and , and , uh , just like the front end , there's no Zeus on it .

It's all , I mean , this is steel and the , the hood's carbon , like I said it , which is the original carbon piece , but I attached it with , these are actually seat belt , latches out of a G M car and they're down here underneath .

Um , that's what holds the hood on and the front end , but that was part of no fasteners .

Same that way with the windows .

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We went into the , the window situation and I'd done a similar thing with , with the uh S 10 when I did it and I actually used , I mean , this is Lex in from optic armor and we went ahead and trimmed that out in black , which is normal , but everybody else has got window screws in it .

So when I done the S 10 , I , once again , I didn't want that look .

So this has a factory O E M Urethane underneath it just like they glue the original glass in with .

So I knew this would work and I knew it would work on the front window , back window .

What I was concerned about was the door windows .

And so we went ahead and did a regular window frame , but instead of attaching it with screws and tabs as would be normal , I actually went in and , and uh we took this thing and , and glued it on here with , with .

So it's held up real well .

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Um I've been real happy with it .

Um As far as , as how that went , I wanted to keep the single turbo that I ran in season two in the truck .

It's got 100 and 40 millimeter Harz turbo on it .

I've been real satisfied with the performance of that .

So when I built the , built the car , it , it still had , I took the 4 81 out of the truck and put it in here with the big single .

Uh Now it's got a , a pro line 4 80 or uh , excuse me , a pro hammy in it that I put in this year .

Um So with that being said , I said it , it started out with a 4 81 same combination with the single that what the truck had in it that I , that I did so well in season two with .

So it was a proven combination .

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The car is a little bit shorter wheel based than the S 10 by five inches but still proven combination .

But back to the body and things again , this is , this is where the latches are for the front end that I was just showing you a minute ago .

So it slides on , lays on here , slides in clips in , it's got alignment pins that align at the front end and then a track down here that the lower fender sits in .

So you just put everything on it , give it a push back and it latches .

But same thing that came to the doors , I thought , well , how is this gonna work out with having a big old steel door and not being able to do anything with it .

Well , these doors compared to like an early Camaro are seven inches longer .

So the doors open real wide , you can get to the transmission , get the transmission in and out of the car without having to take the door off .

Most everybody's carbon doors in the front end come off and the doors come off .

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But I stripped all these doors down as light as I could get them .

They literally weigh £22 without the glass in them , without the lex in , in them .

And that's with the factory hinges .

The factory stops everything but it has all the factory door stops on it .

I mean , the door opens and closes like a factory door .

It's got all the original windows , um , seals in it .

Everything is , is , is still the factory stuff .

So the door shuts like it should or like it was built to shut and , uh , which has made it nice .

It's made it different than , than everybody else's cars .

But in keeping with the whole street car aspect of things , I guess a lot of the guys don't run dashes .

I wanted to put a dash in the car just to make it look like more of a finished product , even though we've got exposed transmission .

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Um , I always said that the day that I built a car for myself that I couldn't run down the corner , put pump gas in it , I'd have a race car .

So here we go .

I , I own a race car but it's been good .

I , I really like the finished product .

Uh , once again , we've , we really strive hard on , on how we build everything as far as ease of maintenance .

Um , this thing's been no different .

We try to make everything where , you know , you get the heads off in a car which is not uncommon but the way I do the fuel cells , we build all these , we radius all the edges and it looks like a plastic tank , but it's actually an aluminum tank that we build at the shop .

But I put the tanks up high enough .

We don't have to run a primer pump if we don't want to on most of the stuff we do .

Um , just a bunch of little things .

Um , headers are easy to get to bolts nuts , all that stuff .

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I just try to make it where it's easy .

Same thing with the transmission .

We and I'll show you in a future video but we actually run a hook on the transmission and a slide on it where one guy can just pick this un hook everything converter transmission , pick this thing up , slide it back and service the converter without ever having to get underneath , get a jack under it , worry about mashing your fingers or anything else .

Uh Same thing to all comes out super easy .

Um Floor doesn't zoo in but with four zoos , everything slides into a track .

So everything we do is is try to make things easier to service and maintenance .

Um Funny as funny as it sounds .

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I don't know if you can see it from the camera angle right now , but just looking in the car , it had to make me laugh the , the hole over there in the lateral head support over there .

Everybody laughs about my people .

And , uh , which is just what it is that I cut that in there after we get the car done because I'm so used to staging the car myself .

And , um , I wanna know where the guy in the other lane is at .

Well , if I'm in the left lane , I can see over to the right lane , easy enough I can see around , but the left side I couldn't ever see .

So I cut the hole in there and the latter head support still does what it needs to do .

But yet now I can see what the guy is doing in the left lane .

I know if he's gonna stage , I don't need anybody out in front of the car telling me , hey , it's time to go in or anything else .

So , just a lot of things we've done to , to make things more serviceable .

The deck lid has went through some hard times this summer .

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Um , went through a little bit of repositioning the rear window slash deck lid earlier .

That's why some of the stuff's a little beat up from , from all the , all the runs on the tire shake this summer .

But same thing , there's no Zeus is on the deck lid .

Um , got a couple of bolts underneath it and bolts slides up and off of there .

And , uh , one of the , just one of the looks that I wanted with this car is , is to try and keep it from uh looking like just another race car with all the fasters and , and window screws , but it's got all factory body panels .

As far as I know , the only car in N P K uh like that , probably one of the few cars in the country that runs this fast that , that has all the factory body panels and factory dimensions to it .

So that's kind of the , the short of it .

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Um It's got a uh Rossler turbo 400 in it .

It has a pro torque converter in it .

And behind that pro he now and then has a strange modular rear in housing with a carmax intersection , weld wheels , oh pst drive line , carbon shaft .

And it so just pretty much standard where pro mod artillery , um which is pretty much all the cars in N P K anymore .

You know , they're pro mod car with steel roof and quarters on them .

But once again , this thing is one of the few that has all the factory body panels on it , whether that's good or bad .

The car is 27 50 with me in it .

No , no balance in it .

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So it's a little heavy , £100 heavy for what my class has to weigh right now .

They've changed the rules this last year and that took £100 off of us .

So with this particular combination , so I can't quite get the weight if I had .

Once again , carbon doors and carbon front end then I could probably get there .

But , uh , it is what it is and we're gonna get this thing cleaned up for next year and , and be ready again .


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