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2023-06-14 19:30:50

Ducati 899_959 Panigale Maintenance Costs!

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Hey guys , Canadian rider today .

I'm gonna be doing a video on the maintenance cost of the Duka 899 Peni .

So a lot of you guys have asked me , what is the maintenance cycle on a uh the A 99 panta ?

How much is it compared to a Japanese bike ?

AC B R A Suzuki Jigser or whatever else ?

It's actually very comparable , especially with these new Duka A 99 pant Galis .

They've increased the maintenance interval .

So now you're doing your oil change at 7500 miles or 12,000 kilometers or a year .

So right now I've had the bike .

So we get a little , the history for you .

I bought the bike used 2014 , 1 with 5000 kilometers on it .

I rode it till 12,000 kilometers .

Then I sold the bike due to insurance reasons .

So you can see the video link it up in a cart above .

I sold the bike in Ottawa and I actually brought it back from Ottawa .

Two months later , I bought it back from the same owner and I brought it back to me here a six hour drive back to Hamilton .

It was pretty crazy , but I've had the bike for about a year and a half now .

So I'm going to tell you basically , other than oil changes and your regular maintenance of your chain .

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So uh your chain and looping your chain , there's no other real constant maintenance that you have to do until the biggest uh maintenance interval , which is the valve clearance check at 24,000 kilometers .

So that's not for a while 24,000 kilometers to do that kind of maintenance on a Ducati before that would be insane to even think about .

But now it's actually 24,000 recommended by Ducati .

So it's really , it's not that crazy compared to other sports bikes out on the market .

So as long as you guys are doing the regular maintenance that you do on any sports bike , you know , oil changes , filter chains and maintaining the chain and moving the chain , you should be ok for the majority of the parts .

It's the same as other super sports out in the market .

So I specifically used via T 61 time .

A lot of people flame me for that .

They're like , don't put Rotella on your , but honestly , it was fine .

It worked for me .

Fine .

I know for a lot of other people .

Vtel T six works fine .

I made a video about that too .

A video cards up above now I'm using Moto 300 V .

It's like what $50 for the oil $10 for the filter that basically keeps this bike in tip top shape for the year .

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Again , I've had this bike for a year and a half now and there hasn't been a time where I thought , oh shit , this bike's cost me an arm and a leg .

Now , there were two things that happened when I bought the bike back from Ottawa and when I was riding back down , you can also see that video in the video card here .

It was pretty cool .

Even sure you guys can check that out .

Um The bike gave me a check engine light five hours into my journey , an hour away from home on the highway .

I was like shit like what do I do ?

I'm on the bike .

I decide to pull over , turn off the bike .

Big mistake .

My savior from God has come and saved my ass .

Thank the heavens .

Well , we have it strapped in .

Oh , don't ever turn off the bike when there's a check engine light on , on a it wouldn't start up again .

I did not know why I was in the side of the highway for a while .

And um I basically got a told me back home , I plugged it into the trickle charger at night when I finally brought it in and I turned it on in the morning , worked perfectly fine .

But I asked my mechanic , he said , you know , it could have been a fluke .

My friends never heard about it .

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It could have been a fluke .

No idea .

Other than that , it hasn't caused me any other problems .

The only other maintenance items I would say two other things are that because this is the red 899 Panga .

It actually doesn't come with a clear coat .

So the clear is kind of mixed into the red .

It's not really that great , to be honest with you .

Um , from a protection standpoint as I'm a detailer , I really don't like that .

So basically keep this thing wax sealed or use a ceramic coating .

A lot of people use the ceramic coatings out now to make sure that the paint is maintained and that you're doing your best to like keep it in tip top shape .

And the other thing is that the brake fluid gets boiled on these bikes .

So you can go ahead and change your brake and clutch fluid and it's gonna turn black in like two months too much flat because another big problem about this bike is that it generates excessive amounts of heat .

I have another video about that in this cart above .

Um But it's a lot of heat guys .

This bike is literally an oven underneath your ass at times and that's why the brake fluid is all bleeding .

Um It's getting cooked , it's getting black .

My brake fluid is in need for a change and I already changed it once .

Um So I'm gonna get that all flushed out and cleaned with some nice good stuff .

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But other than that guys , this bikes in solid , honestly , it's got 16,000 clos on the clock and I don't see in the future any problems , like there hasn't been a hiccup on the road other than that one time , uh , it's just been solid .

So I'm going to keep giving it oil changes .

I'm gonna keep cleaning the chain and up until that valve clearance check when they have to do that maintenance and adjust the valves .

That's a 24,000 kilometers .

So I'm still probably a year away or even more from that .

And one last thing for us , Diy guys .

So I'm doing the oil changes and everything myself .

The only thing you can't do is take off the damn surface light on this bike .

There is no way to do it other than you have a tune boy mod or something or you can go to the dealership and pay 100 and 30 Canadian dollars for them to plug this fucker in and turn off the service light .

So I'm not doing that .

Like the reason why I do maintenance myself to save money .

I gotta pay somebody to like freaking log in on a computer to wipe a code .

No , thanks .

So yeah , guys , if you got any questions , leave them down below in the comment box .

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Um Like this video , if you like it , dislike this video , if you dislike it and subscribe to my channel guys , especially if you guys are looking for a lot of Ducati information , Pentagon information .

I got a lot of that content and in the future if you like motorcycles , cars traveling , this is the channel you wanna be at .

So to hit that subscribe button , hit that little bell .

So you're always updated with my latest videos .

So until the next video guys , I'll see you then .

Yeah , she's been missus reliable .

Um I'm happy she's not that cranky Italian girl that you thought she'd be .

Which is nice .


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