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2023-06-14 19:30:30

BMW 3 Series vs BMW 4 Series - Which Should You Buy

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Hello .

Now BMW make arguably the world's most popular sports sedan , the three series that manages to be all things to all people , sporty , luxurious , comfortable , and spacious , all at a price that doesn't make you nauseous .

And so it was very curious then that after launching the four series , a very sexy coupe , but they decided to add two doors to it and call it the grand coupe , whatever the reasoning , it looks good , really good , maybe even better than the three series .

And now you , the buyer are faced with a very difficult decision .

Do you buy a four door , four series or a four door three series , right ?

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A big difference between the three series and the four series is that the four series is actually a hatchback .

Hello BMW says that this boot is 480 liters .

Now , it's a bit hard to imagine that .

And so I've brought along this handy tape measure and we're actually going to see how big it is .

So let's start with a depth that's about 90 and we'll go to the width and that's 100 and 10 .

But the thing is this car seats fold flat and then it becomes a 1300 liter boot , which is very practical indeed .

Now , if we go over to the three series BMW also says that this car will hold 480 liters , but I have a suspicion that it's not as big in here and it's 90 deep .

That's the same .

Ah , there you go .

But it's only 100 wide .

So the four series is a bit more practical .

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It's a bit pointless comparing engines in these cars because any three series or four series can be fitted with just about any engine you like .

But it's important to shed that six cylinder bias because these new four cylinder turbos are very good and much more affordable .

In fact , it brings down the the whole cost of the car .

This one has a two liter turbo petrol putting out 100 and 80 kilowatts and 350 Newton meters and that means that it can reach 0 to 100 in just 6.1 seconds .

And of course , it remains very frugal as long as you don't accelerate like that all the time .

Welcome to the interior of the four series .

Now , this is the beige on beige on beige option , but it remains very luxurious in here and very comfortable .

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This particular unit is specked with the top end BMW connected drive system which has this big screen over here and a touch knob done here on the dashboard .

It's also got a Harmon card and sound system , which sounds fantastic .

But are you ready for a serious case of deja vu ?

Because now I'm going to magically teleport into the three series .

Hello ?

Yes , I am actually in the three series now and it is painfully identical in here .

This does have the top deck coloration option on the dashboard , but otherwise it's exactly the same , the seats are exactly the same .

This doesn't have the time knob though .

It's a slightly cheaper system .

So it gets a slightly cheaper screen .

But remember that BMW S can be speck in all sorts of different ways with different technology and different pieces of kit .

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So it's hard to imagine why there's such a big price difference between the two models across the range .

The price difference between the three series and the four series Grand coupe is about 50 to 80,000 rand for similarly specked cars .

So it's worth using the cars dot coz a new car guide to have a look at the models that you're particularly interested in .

In this case , the 428 I Modern sports auto goes for 600 20,000 and the 328 I modern sports auto spec , the same goes for 541,000 .

While the four series grand coupe does feel like a more premium product , there's really not much difference between them .

So you're gonna have to decide whether having a three or a four on your boot is worth the extra rands .

We , we .


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