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2023-06-14 19:29:50

Turkish Tea Menu For My Family ✅ 6 Recipes For Lunch And Timely Preparations

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes .

Recently , I had my sisters coming to my home and I had only morning time I prepared for them six recipes .

And of course , I had my camera time by time I will be sharing this with you in this episode .

So let's start 6 21 AM .

Since it's February , there are not even lights of the sun yet .

I begin to make my apple filling for the cookies that I'm gonna make this time .

I'm adding cinnamon sticks and couple of cloves to it after the juices of apples reduced .

I turn off the heat .

It's chopped hazelnuts and some more cinnamon and my filling is done .

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The full recipe of these delicious cookies is in the description box 804 AM .

We are having breakfast with this beautiful view and I decide to record some of it for you in Istanbul where we live .

You can watch the folk coming from a valley under us .

You are watching it .

Of course in speed 8 36 AM .

Kitchen waits me for the work .

So I get up from the breakfast and begin to make potato filling for my porches .

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I saute some onions and great healthy cooked potatoes , some salt , black pepper , red pepper flakes and my filling is ready for the , I'm making a which I shared the recipe .

Just before this episode .

You can watch the full recipe and all the tips from the links .

908 am I quickly begin to make the cookie dough for apple cookies .

This recipe actually is one of my favorite cookie recipes with the apple filling and flakey dough .

I will share the recipe in after this episode .

I strongly suggest you make it as soon as you can .

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It's 9 25 AM and my cookie dough is ready .

I'm shaping the dough .

Now , I'm thinking , how can I make it look beautiful and don't take too much time .

So I decide to roll the door out and cut around with this cookie cutter put generously from the apple filling and just fold without sealing together .

In this way , the apple filling will continue to cook in the oven and my cookies will be flaky for a longer time and in a short time , almost two full trays of cookies ready in 9 40 AM .

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I'm not going to open the oven yet because I want to cook my cookies one after another with the porches .

It's 9 55 AMI decide to make some of the porches with the feta cheese filling and I'm going to shape down with layers and some of the layers .

I want to try poppy seed paste filling and I'm excited to see the results .

How it's gonna turn out in the right hand corner .

You see another pastor I made with some poppy seed filling paste .

It's 9 59 AM .

My door is Risen Bell first , I'm cutting the dough in three pieces and turn one piece in four again to make two layers .

I'm going to skip these parts more quickly because I already shared the full recipe with you .

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After spreading the puppy seed layers , I roll out the dough again , cut in 12 pieces in triangle shape .

Put some feelings and roll the door like a croissant .

When I halfway through shaping my porches , I put my apple filled cookies to oven to cook 9 41 AM .

The delicious smell of apples , cinnamon and butter .

My cookies are out from the oven .

I arranged them on my serving plate , sifted powdered sugar on top and my cookies are ready at 10 47 AM .

I've got bake my tray from the cookies .

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Arrange the porches that I shaved , let them rise again in the tray .

Make an egg wash , Sprinkle some poppy seeds and they are ready to be baked 11 32 AM with some soaked chickpeas from overnight , some cooked chickpeas from freezer onions and greens .

I'm making falafel .

If you have a food processor and have the ingredients at hand , it's really easy recipe to make .

You can get the full recipe from the links 11 49 AM .

The smell of freshly baked porches are mixed with the apple cookies .

Golden brown puffed up .

Well , they all look beautiful .

It's hard to decide which one to choose to taste .

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I covered them with a clean kitchen towel and begin to make my fourth recipe pasta salad .

It's 12 oh six PM .

It was behind the scene that I cooked some elbow pasta and some green peas from the freezer to over it .

I'm adding some chopped pickles and roasted red peppers again from the freezer to make it more tasty and colorful .

I'm adding red cabbage and carrots that I saute about five minutes in the olive oil , adding some salt red pepper flakes , dried mint , some mayonnaise and lots of plain Turkish yogurt .

I also have the full recipe video of this delicious pasta salad on my channel .

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It's 12 11 PM now and I'm giving one more time thumbs up to myself for finishing my fifth recipe .

12 23 PM .

I have only one hour left for my guests and I'm shaping the falafel mixture .

The beauty of this recipe is that if you have more than you need , you can freeze them and fry them without defrosting and they will be ready to serve in no time .

I will wait a bit more before frying them because I want to serve them hot and crispy .

I'm making Tahini sauce to serve with the squeeze half of lemon .

It's about two tablespoon , Tahini paste and half teaspoon salt .

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When you mix it first , it becomes a thick mixture .

Add some water about three tablespoons and mix again until you have a soft consistency .

It's perfect and ready .

It's 1 32 PM .

My guests will be home soon .

My teeth are brewing and I'm frying the falafel 1 56 PM with the filming together .

All my preparations are ready .

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I sliced some lemons and tomatoes with a bunch of parsley to serve it falafel .

I wish I had lettuce too .

I'm arranging my food as a self service in the sides of my table .

But after they wish to eat on the table , they quickly set up the table all together and begin to eat .

Yes , my friends , this was my day that I had my guest and I really enjoyed sharing this moment with you .

I hope you enjoyed watching it too .

Please leave a comment below and don't forget to subscribe for more Turkish food recipes .

You can get all the recipes in the video from the description box below and from the , the right top corner .

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Thanks for watching and hopefully see you in another Turkish food recipes .


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