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2023-06-14 19:29:47


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I'm sorry , neighbors .

I'm not really sorry , I'm jealous .

Y'all get to hear this wake y'all up .

What's going on ?

Guys ?

Cars brought Texas here .

Of course we got the G five Viper .

The heads came far from HPC out here looking good .

Have this car me set up by the homie John Alpha .

Visually not too far from my apartment actually , but here's the bi for one more car meat after this on the agenda .

Maybe it'll be a separate video .

Maybe it'll be the same video .

I don't really know the Viper is getting some love .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We've got the hood pop show off everything , the , the full deep pink glory under the hood .

But without further ado , let's check out some of the cars that are already here .

I'm gonna stream the car in the video as the guys on the love .

Let's get into the action .

Is she snitching so or make can make from it if you want .

Yeah .

So guys what we have here is a Karen .

She trying to snitch on this car meat .

She trying to talk to the cops all about about kicking us out , man .

Listen for all you cars that are watching .

Don't be like this one .

Please .

Don't , don't be like this one please right here .

I'm trying to shut it down .

Look at it .

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Everybody , everybody paid attention .

We got some more cars rolling up new drop top and then a couple of Camaros .

Yeah .

Ok , guys , I freaking really like this pearl white C six that's really clean .

So apparently I missed it over in that house .

There is a Karen where the Prius out front and everything yelling at us and she called the cops but the cops were cool and they came in and said as long as we're not being dumb , we can stay here and H P D can't legally kick us out .

There's some pretty easy cars here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We get a little line up of the big body Mercedes , a couple of old ones and then there's the new S 5 50 .

It looks like all right guys .

Uh does it get more boder than this ?

I would argue that it does not get more bother than this until you're like rolls Royce status .

But look at this back back interior .

Damn .

Does it have the wine cool in the back ?

The champagne ?

Cool .

Oh , hell yeah , I know we got the pretty cool .

This is actually a pretty nicely done wide body on this fifth gen S s here .

I do like it .

It looks good on these Rohana wheels .

Got his Instagram right here if you want to drop him and follow that boy .

S s that boy's S S here we go pretty well done .

I liked it .

What do I hear ?

Oh , trucks on bags .

Yeah , bro .

He is on the floor back here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my gosh .

That's crazy , man .

A couple more cars were up , including the L S swapped 300 Z that one .

All right .

So Karen called in the marines out here .

What ?

Someone's on a kill streak over there ?

The attack helicopters .

That's good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Super clean G T 500 showing out for the boys .

I do like that a lot .

So we got the Shelby out here G T 3 50 R and the regular G T 2 50 indigo blues wide body health like that .

That color is super thick H P D came to Karen's rescue .

Too bad .

They legally cannot ask us to leave here .

We do have permission to be in the lot .

No one is doing anything and we got one pulling up in the very low eco boost .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , the nice to play out as quickly as it is .

We got a G T R pulling up behind the nice .

So because old Karen over there drives a Prius and decides it's a great idea to move right off the highway .

You going to complain about cards when she lives right off the highway .

Imagine being that unhappy with your life .

All right guys .

So because Karen across the road is kicking us out , he's kind of stalling with the cops .

Let me try to run around and get a video real quick out of this .

A lot of cool cars yourself .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We want to make sure they're all showcasing , but hopefully we can stay here a little longer , but if not , I need to get some reporting .

It's pretty sinister hellcat spec .

We got the black , the gloss black matte , black stripes and the red accents .

I like that a lot red hellcat badge too .

Well done , sir .

I got my favorite license plate on this bagged three valve big oof the twin turbo Z one .

What's going on ?

Boss .

Twin turbo 01 on paper plates .

Baby Karen is peeking out .

What a hoe man .

What a hoe start filming ?

Didn't have their masks on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I gotta go call the cops because they're wrecking .

No , even though I live off a highway .

Alright .

We got Mr Fast guy Matt rolling up .

I wonder what she thinks .

Yellow G T 3 50 that's pretty damn clean .

I actually really like that .

That sounds pretty nice officer .

What's your favorite car here ?

What's your favorite car here ?

New Viper .

Hey , that's mine .

The super nice white body hellcat charger is rolling out .

I'm telling you , Dodge .

Kills it on the colors , man .

That is a beauty .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we got , that's an interesting grill and we got the homie and the turbo Silverado .

This is got more fast guys rolling up .

He said fresh off the lot first thing I'm doing .

Hi , Ram , baby .

Hey , so he talked to his sergeant said as long as we're not being dumb , we're good to go .

Just don't be dumb .

I'm going to get something to eat .

You're too loud .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

How that Prius Mama am G G T s would be a pretty sweet daily driver .

Yourself .

Old school Mark one Mustang .

The only classic , I guess that's an old Mercedes , but the only true classic in this parking lot .

Everyone loves a good fox buddy , man .

Is she tuning for you ?

She got the lad and she took it in the box body looking for , we got to pulling up .

It's pretty sick .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I , you got chin rolling up in the vortex .

Mustang .

Oh my God much got the truck gang rolling up C tens on C tens on C 10 .

Si do like me a clean square body chevy though .

So let's go take a look .

Yeah , I think I like this one the best .

Sorry .

Other guys know the C six rolling up .

Nice man .

So we got the homing is tuned .

Audi S seven .

Switched up the rap .

It used to have red accents and now it has purple accents .

I like it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The C six back wheel is sticking out like a full inch and a half .

All right guys , we're going to roll out from this beat and we're going to go to a different beat .

Hopefully you enjoyed the care and action .

And everything .

Cars here we have the bi for out and got some love for that .

But time to get rolling , I'll see you guys in the next video .


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