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2023-06-14 19:29:45

BEST WAY To Eat Spinach Mushroom & Potato Puré Casserole

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes in this episode .

I have a delicious spinach mushroom casserole for you with the base of potato puree .

I think it is one of the best dishes you can make with spinach and mushrooms .

The combinations go so well , very delicious with the sauce all together .

It is really worth trying .

So let's get started .

I'm gonna begin with boiling my potatoes for the puree .

I have five big potatoes .

I peeled them as you can see and cut it in cubes .

I'm gonna cook it like this in plenty of water with some salt until it is soft .

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Meanwhile , we can uh make the spinach and mushroom there .

I have one big onion .

I'm gonna saute it in some olive oil about four tablespoons and I have about 300 g of mushrooms .

I cleaned them , wash them .

I'm just going to slice it .

Let's stir the onions .

They looking good a little bit more to go checking the potatoes .

It is almost ready .

It is lightly brown , my onions .

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Now I can add the mushrooms and continue to saute it .

I'm using a medium high heat .

Uh Don't make it lower because , uh , otherwise mushrooms can release too much juice and my potatoes are cooked in no time .

It is very easy way to make a puree like this .

I'm just draining the water and I'm put it back to the same pot and while it is still hot , I'm going to mash it with the potato measure .

It is important to make this step while it is hot , it , it will be easier to make it .

I have to check the onions and mushrooms and stir from time to time .

They looking good .

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And I'm gonna add about a two tablespoons , butter to potato mixture and continue to stir with the measure , adding some salt and about one cup .

Warm milk , mix everything well , until you get a nice sometimes I use my uh stand mixer for this uh that is a good option too .

But this time I wanted to show you how to make it with a a potato measure .

So here my uh mushrooms looking good .

They cook truly .

And there is not much juice on the pan .

Now , I can add my spinach .

I have about uh 500 g of spinach .

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I cleaned them , take the big stumps out and chop , just chopping them roughly and add it to the mixture , seasoning it with some salt and slowly just try to mix it after a time , the spinach veel cook and it will be easier to stir it , adding some uh freshly ground black pepper too .

You can also add some red pepper flakes if you like and my mushroom is ready .

I have one more thing to do .

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I'm gonna make a uh to mix it with the spinach and mushroom layer .

It makes it really wonderful and delicious .

Like one more level .

Then you taste it .

So simply I add about three tablespoons , olive oil .

You can make it with butter too and two tablespoons all purpose flour , just saute it until you get a nice smell and a little bit color , golden color .

Here , I change it to a s because I'm gonna add the milk now and being careful , add the uh cold milk to the mixture stirring continuously .

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I ate about 1.5 cups of whole milk still continuously on a low medium heat until it thickens and don't forget to season it with some salt and not make .

So my sauce is also ready before I mix it with the spinach and mushroom mixture .

I decided to take some of the a mixture to use later because since we are only three people , uh it would be uh too much to enjoy .

So I'm gonna use it in another uh recipe maybe just simply crack some egg and make a nice dish with it .

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So now I can add the sauce and mix it together after I mixed everything I tasted and decided to add some more black pepper .

It is always better to taste each uh layer , whatever you are cooking and season it more if needed .

So the second layer is ready .

I can now bring them all together .

I'm going to use this oval dish , heatproof dish .

You can use whatever you have in your hand .

Just uh make it medium size .

Of course , if you are making it to a crowd , you can double it in size and use a bigger pan .

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It might seem too much work , but it really becomes delicious with all the layers together .

And if you are working in a plan , all of them together at once , when you are working on a stove already , it becomes easier to make it and it , it takes less time .

And here comes the delicious spinach , mushroom and sauce , mixture layer .

And of course , I'm gonna finish it by adding some casa cheese .

You can use mozzarella .

My oven is preheated to 180 Celsius degree .

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Everything is already cooked just before the uh serving time , let's say a half hour before the uh serving time , you can put it in an oven until it has a golden crust on top .

Since it is more effective .

I use the A fan program on my oven .

If you don't have anything like that , it's OK .

Just don't worry about it and just watch how beautifully it bakes .

It looks nice .

I just turn off the oven and let it sit for 15 minutes .

It is always uh better to rest whatever you are uh cooking and then serve it .

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I hope you give it a try this delicious winter dish and let me know how it turned out .

You can send your photos to me from my Instagram account .

Turkish food recipes .

Thanks for watching .

I have many uh recipes on my archive .

You can check .

I'm gonna share with you some of it in the description box below .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and looks .


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