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2023-06-14 19:29:16

Thailand Part 1 - The 'Big Mango' Bangkok!

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Hey guys , so Canadian Rider and we just landed in beautiful Bangkok .

Looking forward to this .

This is going to be exciting .

This is going to be part one of three different videos from the three different major areas that I'm visiting in Thailand .

We literally three in the morning on Sunday , but I'm so excited to go get a hostel .

So here we go , Bodega hostel um with a lot of new friends already look , I already made friends with so many people .

Ok .

Yeah .

So I think this is gonna take us what , 15 minutes out to Grand Palace ?

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Holy shit .

The place is packed .

So that was an experience .

Um First time ever on something like that , like a bus on water .

That was really cool .

A process , right ?

Beautiful looks gorgeous .

So yeah , we're just coming in there right now .

It's just amazing .

Look at the view .

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It is gorgeous and you see all the beautiful detailing everywhere on the gold , just incredibly gorgeous .

It is so nice .

Now we're heading to the Grand palace .

It's just a little bit of a walk , actually see it over there , half an hour walk .

We just came back from the other temple and this apparently is a sight to behold .

So it's right by the water .

I love the lack of protection here for everyone on a motorcycle in Vespa .

No one's got any proper gear .

They got half face helmet and that's it .

God , I hate to crash by one of them .

It shows you the difference .

I go in full leathers .

These guys not even given a shit .

I just can't believe the amount of people here like this is , this is all for the grand palace .

It loops around .

So yeah , so this just shows you kind of like the respect and love they had of their king that that many people are here lined up in the scorching heat in black clothing to go pay their respects .

I think that's remarkable .

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Oh my God , I run from the police where this C B R is going to come and get you .

So I said I wouldn't get us here .

I got us here .

We're at the grand palace and we got kicked out .

But actually what really happened was that again , we don't have the attire for obviously visiting the grand palace and paying respect to the king .

Unfortunately , I didn't bring additional clothing .

So we tried to get in and we ended up getting booted out .

All right , we're tired of walking .

We're going in a tuk tuk .

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I feel like I'm in G T A is a Squid lifestyle .

OK ?

We just I am so full but you know what ?

I never ever treat myself to anything and my body is destroyed .

I'm going for a Thai massage .

Um I left the other people there going back to the hostel and I'm just going to get my balls rubbed by a nice old Thai lady .

Let's see this one , Juanita spa .

Let's see if Juanita Spa has some nice .

Oh yeah , we need a looks good to say I feel rejuvenated is an understatement .

Fuck .

I feel like a marshmallow .

Like my back cracked in ways .

I didn't think you could crack my arms bent in ways .

I didn't know were possible .

So we're going to , what's the soul food ?

We're going to soul food , a really good place in Bangkok for food .

And right after that , we're going to Octave Sky Lounge .

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So it's a bar right on top of a building .

It looks beautiful .

Apparently that's what we've heard .

A lot of live music there .

A lot of great DJ S good vibes .

So we're going to go there .

We'll see how it is for the three girls that say they'll be here at ASAP , which is going to be an hour .

We could get another drink .

We could and we actually could or two grits .

I know all the time .

The grits .

Fuck you guys .

All right , we finally made it .

Thank God .

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Hello .

Where ?

So now I'm ordering , I don't know what to get .

You're gonna ask for the best curry .

I love curry .

Chances that you're going down that beer .

Beer 6 to 16 to one .

Do the count 5432125 .

What are the chances , Mary ?

What do the count ?

216 .

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So we just finished eating uh from soul food .

It's pretty good .

And now we're headed to Octave .

It's a bar , the rooftop lounge .

So let's see how that is .

What , how big the city is from here .

Bye Ma .

Wow .

Shit .

Yeah .

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The Burger King at Cow San Road .

She spots Gigi .

All right .

We're headed to Cow Sand Road .

Uh We just finished cave lounge .

So Sand Road is a really big backpacker district .

A lot of people go there .

It's just lined up full of bars , a lot of entertainment there .

So we're going to go there , eat some food and have some fun .

Look at that .

It's like a huge part national party , all these streets .

So we're going to meet up with some friends and we go check it out .

Leo , man .

It can't be that bad .

Gonna do it .

No , you want to eat it .

Yeah .

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Started to film him but chew the shit out of it .

Taste .

I got to .

Ok .

Out of this like you right .

Shit .

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New Avatar , the Scorpion the morning and I'm tired and we're all tired , but these two still haven't slept .

So I'm complaining about being tired and those two haven't slept .

I get some shopping done .

I want some glasses , maybe a shirt or two , get some souvenirs for my family back home .

So let's check that out .

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Tom scared shitless .

I just witnessed a motorcycle accident .

Cars ran into the motorcycle , didn't see him completely .

He had three girls on the back there .

No gear .

They're all like messed up now , bleeding and shit .

Um That's fucked .

I helped them , I got them alcohol swabs .

I had some good thing .

I'm prepared with my little bag here .

Um But yeah , they got fucked up now , I'm scared now , I'm terrified .

But in the meantime , I've come to this gorgeous park .

I actually have no idea where I am .

I don't know the park but it's near the markets and near JJ Green , which is the other market here .

Um So I'll give you some shots because it looks beautiful here .

So Chau Park basically you can do anything here .

A lot of people I see jogging , they're fishing , they're just tanning , watching the birds .

It's very beautiful .

A lot of different birds here .

A lot of stuff going on .

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Very , very nice .

All right .

So we just left the market and now we're going to Soy Cowboy .

Yeah , you're telling the cab drivers , hey , can you take us to Soy Cowboy and Soy Cowboy ?

Is this uh male , female bar um or lady boy bar and no one ever knows where Bodega Hostel is .

So we're always like just take us to Soy cowboy .

And they're like , oh so cowboy , I'm like , oh shit poor Simon .

Just black .

Just show him off right now , I think .

Oh no to him .

Yeah .

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Two ladies and gentlemen , I present to you .

Cigarette dick .

Oh , what the fuck this is why I don't smoke , right ?

If you have a cigarette .

That's true .

No babies are happening for the record on 1321 go , go , go oh 1.8 .

He's on the park .

You talk the bid go ball back , trick shot , trick shot , trick shot in the back in the back .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh He can't hit this shit .

Oh Fuck .

Ok .

So before I actually head out to my flight , we're gonna go get some food again um with my Canadian Winnipeg friends and um it's that simple cafe .

So I'll get a coffee , get a dessert and then head over to the airport .

So I actually had to leave my friends .

My flight is half an hour before theirs and if I wait for them to finish their meal , I might miss my flight .

So headed back to the hostel now to grab my luggage and I'm going to take a cab to the airport and we're going to Chiang Mai .

So this is part one , this is Bangkok of my travel vlog .

And next week I'm going to be posting the Chang Mai video .

So stay tuned to that .

If you like this video like it .

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If you like motorcycles .

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If you like what motorcycles bring , traveling , subscribe to my channel .

I'll see you guys in my next video .


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