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2023-06-14 19:29:02

Traded my GT3RS for a New 992 GT3!

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Morning guys bright and early here today is the day .

If you're a member of the channel , you already know a little bit of the back story of what's going on today .

But if not , you guys saw the video where I said , I was saying goodbye to this thing .

I am not selling it privately , although I could get a marginally better price .

I found a car .

There's a whole story around this and it's at Porsche of Naples and I've been working with them and they've been awesome to work with .

And the best thing about it is they're totally cool with me driving the thing four hours , putting another 200 miles on it and getting to enjoy what will be my last cruise with this thing before I swap it .

I mean , I guess you guys might already know from the title , but it's for another Porsche .

I'm a little sleepy , so I'm going to wait till my brain is working a little bit better .

And then I'm going to give you a little bit more details on what's going down today .

It's no secret that we are going to pick up none other than a 992 G three .

I'm going to give you guys a little bit brief description if you aren't a huge portion , nerd , what the differences are .

So generations , there's the 991 and the new generation is the 992 .

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There's the 9911 which is like first generation 991991.2 , which is the face lift 991 which is what this was .

And then 992 is like a whole new chassis .

With that being said , the main differences between the GT three Rs and the GT three G three Rs is a little bit more of a race car .

Usually ride wider stands wider fenders , big air ducts in front of the rear wheels , more arrow and only available in PDK .

The GT three , a little bit more Team Bound engines are pretty much the same , not having a little bit more comfortable ride , a little bit less lightweight stuff , even though the weight is actually pretty much the same as this car from this generation .

But the key point is they're available in manual .

So we will be getting a manual one and I'll dive more into the whole manual thing .

I don't want to bore you guys , but I did want to make a notes mentally on this car now because I find that this video will probably end up having a bunch of comparisons between this car and that car , this car driving around pretty rigid ride .

I was surprised when I first got it , how rigid it was , like pulling in places that have like a steep angle or whatever would literally lift the wheels .

I don't mind it .

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It's a little annoying if I have like a coffee cup in here because the cup holder is not great .

I already have the 992 turbo .

So I know and that's much better infotainment center .

Not bad .

A lot of useless buttons here but no Bluetooth car place .

That's a huge for this thing .

But I love the interior .

I love the little badges and all the car in and the door pulls .

I'm going to miss this interior .

It's really good with the interior on the new car .

I know it's good too .

So if I think of anything else , I'll make note with you guys , but a long drive ahead of us , I don't think you guys will be able to hear this with a camera , but with the R S and the air ducts right behind you , you can hear this like little like squeal like every time you get on the gas because the , and I'm definitely going to miss that because on the G T three S like the air comes in like over the trunk rather than in front of the rear wheel .

We got a tunnel .

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So , you know , we're going to have to go from real quiet to really a little bit less quiet .

Oh , there's a cop up there .

Another thing about this car , I don't know if it's going to change with the manual but like Florida highways , we cruise at 90 miles an hour usually .

So this thing cruises at 4000 R PM with an exhaust that can get a bit noisy .

You know , I made my video last time talking about how sentimental this car was .

I talked about all these different reasons why I was going to miss this car .

But I think another thing that was kind of key that a lot of people don't realize is this car was kind of the door that opened me up to the Porsche community .

And by that , I mean , without this car , I wouldn't have been involved with the GT three smokey crew .

Met all the awesome guys from 3 11 .

I know exotics usually have like a bad taste in people's mouths with the owners being snobby and stuff .

And I can assure you guys that GT three owners T D three R s owners the exact opposite .

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And the end of the day , these are like bare bones , driver's cars .

And I met so many awesome people , so many friends , so many down to earth dudes that are also really successful in whatever business or job they may have .

It's just a really cool community and I'm glad that I'm not bailing on this thing .

Without another GT car .

The real reason why I'm trading this thing in cup holders .

Not so hot .

All right .

So we're about a half hour away from Porsche Naples to give a little bit of background .

I was doing demos with Vaughn .

I got an Instagram message from a follower by the name of Zach that works at Porsche Naples with a very cool car that they had available .

It's a pain to sample 9 92 GT three .

And it's in one of my favorite specs that I've ever seen from the previous generation .

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I had no intention of ever getting a 992 G three thought hadn't even crossed my mind when this car popped up .

I started chatting with them to see if it was a possibility of maybe working something out , trading this car or selling it .

Here we are .

We're here , Porsha of Naples .

Look at that .

Oh , man , there's another orange one .

Let's take that one .

I can't believe this is really happening .

I can't believe you're going through with it .

I know .

This is sad .

Is this the first time I've ever shared a car in the dealer ?

I know , but you've been genuinely sad .

You've been texting me as you've been putting the stock and sauce back on .

Like I was so sad .

I was so sad , but today is an exciting day and I think I'm over the sadness .

Yeah , that's what I want .

I feel like you're always gonna think about owning a manual one and you just need to live this through .

You just need to stop talking about it and do it .

I love the P D K .

The P D K is amazing .

I never wanted the manual in the beginning because this is like the most fun thing in the world .

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But I , I've done everything I need to do with it and I feel like having a manual , just bring some excitement to a car that I've already kind of gotten used to , you know , cave man ruining my clip .

They're gonna be revealing it to you .

Ok ?

So you said it's covered up right now ?

You want to see my devil like a bat with a cover on it .

So cool .

When you pull that off , it's a dumb deal .

I think you're gonna pull it off .

I'll put you on the spot .

It's like the beginning of video games and you just like pull it off .

Right .

Wait , how do you do this ?

I don't know how to do that .

You got a coach ?

How do you best for this car is to pull from the back ?

So the wing doesn't catch you real fast .

Just don't scratch the , don't scratch the paint to the car .

You got the whole dealership watching you do this right now to be really fast to be drum roll .

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Yeah .

Go for it .

I a little slow .

Shocking .

Oh my gosh .

Wow .

The color is a little different in person .

I like it though .

It's more like Matt .

There's a friend of mine , Chris Meeker who had this exact spec nine oh 1.2 that would drive the spies with us .

And I remember seeing that car and I was so hyped on it .

So when you sent me a photo of this car and it was pretty much identical spec to his .

It was like , yeah , the interior is your , I know .

So the deviated stitching plus the paint sample .

What do you think about the front bumper ?

About what the black ?

Yeah .

Are you gonna , are you digging it in person more or you think you might paint it ?

I don't know .

You know how the uh the touring sound like painted from section .

I was thinking about doing that .

The lightweight .

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No , it's identical here .

Look at that .

The We're manual now .

No , I'm excited .

So I've never driven a manual Porsche .

So when I , when I say these things though , people will go and find a video that I'll forget about .

But I don't think I've ever driven one .

A friend of mine .

Uh let me drive his G T four .

That was manual .

We are at Atlanta Motorsports Park , put it in gear , pulled it up , 10 ft on grade and the track got shut down .

And I was always scared , I was always scared to drive though because I knew I'd want one and I didn't want like buyers remorse of getting my R S but I'm excited to have the experience .

Oh , I like the yellow absence .

Um , I don't think I did the yellow tag .

I'm not a big fan of the clock , not a big fan of the color attack , but I am , I'm glad we have it .

Yeah .

So my biggest complaint about the turbo si , don't know if you noticed driving these , the , uh , the steering wheel blocks the gas gate .

It's annoying .

So I drove a Turbo S around the entire state of Florida and I was constantly paranoid .

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I was gonna run out of gas .

Show me the track mode comes with ac what is that ?

Your shift is fast .

So there's like an actual shift light for a new car .

There's a lot of error messages going on right now .

So I might have to actually turn it on to do the , just so you guys know the story behind this car .

Uh , so someone ordered it and then bailed on it .

So that's why it's sitting here .

Yeah .

Got it .

Yeah .

Unfortunately he just , uh , decided he wanted a touring instead .

Fortunate for us it's a light clutch bubble .

So there's your sport and then you go into track moon .

I like that and you can adjust actually exactly what you want .

You're track .

Yeah , maybe because the Turbo S is just intended for going fast to the office .

That's why there's no track mode .

So you select track , view change up .

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But the screen looks that sick and then you can actually see your fuel gauge , which is nice .

I need to just drive around like that all the time .

So most people do .

So you actually see these bars on the sides of the tack on both sides as you come up towards red line , those will actually light up as like a shift .

So in the past , I'm , I'm gonna be honest with you break in that car that , that I'm trading in .

I , I'm not gonna say it , but I usually don't believe in the whole breaking thing because usually the manufactured breaking engine , whatever .

But you're telling me that this car actually has an idiot mode that won't let you like , it'll change after 1000 miles .

Yeah .

So it just kind of dumbs everything down a little bit .

It still has the full power and all of that .

Um , just when you actually hit 933 miles , it's actually going to change some of the characteristics like throttle response is gonna be a little different .

Um , just little things like that .

It's just basically to keep you from blowing the car up beforehand and I didn't know .

So my last two G three , no , I T BS , this car has ITV S and then a reworked head .

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So I'm assuming with an exhaust it will probably feel a little bit faster than that .

Yeah .

Um , it'll probably make a big difference having exhaust on this car .

Um It sounds amazing with exhaust on this engine .

Um Speed stirs have the same engine and when you put exhaust on those , they just scream .

So uh are these speakers gonna be more comparable to what's in the turbo S or is this more comparable to what's in the last Gens R S ?

Because before the G T cars always had really bad stereo systems .

Do you have you have bows or do you have ?

Oh , I have the Burmester .

This is gonna be quite as nice , but this is gonna be a lot better than the 9911 .

I wanna look around .

Ok , thank you .

Have a still have one here and I was wondering so I guess it will be kind of awkward if you have a drink there .

I , I , I like the , that's cool .

Well , thanks .

So does , does the owner also own the dealership that I got her car from ?

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Um , it's a partner store .

So we're part of a larger dealer group .

So , Dan , the gentleman you met doesn't have any interest in that store , but his business partner does .

Yeah , cool .

Yeah , I never went to it in person .

Yeah .

Wait , what ?

There's no engine and all you can see is that little door there for the , so the , the ducks in front of the room .

This is where it gets the air from .

Hm .

It looks like it , it in good shape .

No dealer installed , swirls .

No deal .

That's a very common thing .

You laugh .

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732.229 --> 803.51

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If you guys get a chance to visit Porsche of Naples , you'll see it here .

I hope it goes to a good home .

But uh I know the look out for me here .

Oh , it'll be just like this one .

People will be looking at it and touching it .

How does it make you feel ?

And they greasy F G F all over it ?

It it a good home and it has another orange friend .

I gotta remember to push the button on this one .

Huh ?

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Ok .

Bye .

I'll get a ride home .

Bye .

We're going to be staging for our goodbye photo to the G T three R S gonna line them both up .

Hit our last photo together .

What was it ?

Like clutch pedal is very soft .

It was weird just getting used to pressing in the clutch and stuff .

Got me in my photo .

I'll just move it again .

Hey , before you get out .

What any last words ?

Yeah , this is the last time I'll be going to miss you .

I really hope whoever gets this car stays in touch , it'll be cool to see it once in a while and just know that it's being taken care of .

Please don't install swirl marks .

That's the biggest thing .

If I buy the car back , I really don't want swirls but have fun with it .

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The official goodbye , sad but exciting at the same time seeing both cars next to each other , getting appreciate the similarities but also appreciating the differences .

I thought it was going to be a decent step down , going from the R S to GT three .

But I'm excited for the new experience and the car works 10 times better in person .

I saw two of these in person for the first time ever .

And I got to say it sold me in the car a lot more than just seeing photos online because initially I didn't like it and I decided I was going to wait for the RSI thought the wing was weird , but it's come to be one of my favorite parts about the car .

Good together , don't they ?

So ultraviolet and lava are kind of two special colors to me because back when I went on my first ever smokey trip with Matt , it was all the 9911 G D three R that had just come out .

And the two most popular colors were Lava orange and ultraviolet .

Both of them were kind of like the launch colors and were super popular at the time .

Whereas now Lava orange on my car was actually one of the more rare ones because no one wanted it because it was pretty much a launch color of the previous generation and ultraviolet was no longer an option .

And that is why this car is paint a sample .

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I think there's , I've seen like maybe like three or four of these online .

So far .

So much , much more rare than this .

But I think there's like 18 of these in the States .

So we'll see how many get built .

But I love it .

I'm excited to drive it and let you guys in on the experience .

The tail lights are so much cooler on the new gin .

I love it .

All right .

Well , we just officially got our new G T three .

We're gonna go over .

We found Craft Sports is right down the road , which is we're timing at 2 70 yard .

So I'm not playing a film there .

I just want to go stop there and look at cars .

I won't make any more bad decisions .

I promise I would love to put my radar here .

But you got a giant clock in the way .

How are you complaining ?

Right .

No , I love this car .

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I'm still , it feels like there's a really lightweight fly wheel on it .

I don't want to rev it and like maybe like I'm not ignorant , like , you know , just rubbing it .

Car is cool .

I'm not gonna do that .

But anyway , I'll put a on so we won't have that later .

But honestly , yeah , I'm excited .

It's a whole different experience .

Now .

I got a manual .

Honestly , since TJ Hunt got an ultra violet car , I just , it's really been my dream to own this car forever since TJ hunt got one .

So that's really the real reason what's going on here .

Honestly , just like so many people would make fun of me for having P D K .

Why did you get a manual ?

And like , I feel like people thought I was like less of a man for not having manual .

So now I got a manual just to appease other people .

It's not for my own personal satisfaction at all .

I'm a man of few words .

I love the lack of buttons .

Oh , an extended range fuel tank .

This thing on the turbo S Turbos is a tiny gas tank .

This thing way bigger .

25 gallons .

That's like more than my diesel pickup truck .

The best thing about these GT cars guys , if you don't know that extended range gas tanks .

Wow .

The is such a long throw .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's like a stage seven , no axle lift .

So we have to go all the way around .

Yeah , that was the one , the two things that this car didn't have spec wise since this was someone else's order .

I didn't spec it out .

The two things I would have put for an axle lift and I also put it in a carpet roof .

But other than that , the car is perfect use this clutch , the grabs quite up top .

I wonder if people put like pedal stops in them .

I'm curious to see what the gearing is gonna be like compared to the seven speed because like , it's not gonna be like AAA .

So which way do I go out the back ?

Take a left , out the back ?

So he said go out , take a left then a right , then a right , then a left .

Oh , I do need my seat filters on this .

Yeah .

There we go .

Then a right and a right .

It's so weird .

It's like , like I just feel like seven times manly .

You know , it's a nice short throw .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It reminds me a lot of my I S R shifter and my 2 40 S X .

Love that .

Ready .

Listen to this ready .

Very , very crisp throttle and fly wheel response .

This is exciting .

This is like a whole new experience .

So I should add my G G 350 was one of my favorite cars to track ever because it's like a kind of like a Porsche power band , right ?

Manual .

So super engaging on track .

I would choose to drive the G G 3 50 or the G G three R all day .

So now I have the best of both worlds .

I have the G D three R without the perfect P D K and more engaging speed bump .

We're going a different way .

Wow .

It's crazy how much I need those .

Uh They , they make like a thing that tilts the seat back right now .

I just like sit so far forward .

God .

A yellow clock .

Can I put a little like a little cover over it .

I like it .

I think I'll too .

That's Collette's clock .

If you guys ever comment about it in the video , that's Collette's clock .

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Yeah , I need to put a , like a , I feel like a stop halfway down on the clutch just because it's such a long throw but then it grabs up top .

Yeah , I don't like that .

I'm sure they do it for a reason though .

Just slows down your shift because you got , you know , my left leg is gotta go for .

That's what I just uh I think it does in certain modes .

I like them .

So like , I'm not a big fan of the automated blips because I feel like part of the fun of driving a manual car daily .

Don't get me wrong guys .

Rev match down shifts when you get the perfect crisp .

Like rev , match downshift when you're like passing an ice cream shop with a bunch of a bunch of people outside and you're just like , like people used to ask me in the G D 50 like , yo , does it do that for you because I was that good .

So like , if I can get to that point with this car , it be super hot and like my girlfriend knows that it's me .

Right .

So she like , like , even though she's more of like a computer blier , she knows it blier .

I'm a computer blier .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Like I'm like the real blip .

You know , it's ok .

Like , no , it's better but , like , I take pride in my blips .

Yeah , I know .

She wants to punch me right now .

The G T four it's blip with nice .

It's auto blip .

So does it , does it like a car ?

Yeah , we're rolling .

So that , I wish I had a handbrake because I use it so much .

Like , I don't like the one , I wonder if you can , like , use it as a moment switch .

You know what I mean ?

For like a situation like this ?

Yeah , I wonder but it is .

So it's the brakes on but will it release if I start to go ?

So you could probably use that as like a hill stop start .

Also , these cars come factory with flash shifting .

I'm not gonna try it until I confirm how to do it , but that's kind of cool .

No more tuning like my 34 .

That was a weird little lippy you did on me ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , I think that was just you releasing it slower because it's so high up and you kind of got it .

Yeah .

Crash sports up here .

It is .

It is .

Oh , that's where I got my TT R S A nibble ready for it .

Ready for it .

How was your boy right there ?

That's how you get the girls with yours .

Tell us , tell us more about how you , that's how I got you .

Girls don't care about blips .

They have no idea that that car is loud .

I can't talk to him while we drive it .

That's what the girls actually think .

Yeah , this is really fun though .

It's got so much torques .

It's way smoother to drive it .

I love it .

It reminds me a lot of my vtech Honda that my dad owns .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look , words blip as are all up .

So , no , this is sick .

All right .

No more cars .

We're gonna to look .

Ok .

Hey , before we go in and look at me and look at everyone , we're gonna behave , we're not to have any cars .

This is , this is the car of the day .

This is the car we're gonna go look and the good thing is he's hungry right now .

So he's not gonna last that long in there because you have to , that's what she said .

All right .

Really ?

I'm like literally car shopping for Tommy right now .

Put back on the screen , put Tommy back on the screen .

We think it's pretty cool .

They told me they were getting it .

It's a lot of money .

I wanna say no .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This marks the official first fill up with the car and I got to say there's absolutely zero part of me that has any sort of remorse whatsoever .

I love this thing .

I'm very happy with the move .

I don't miss the R S at all .

Right now .

A couple of things I've noticed , but before I get into that , I want to tell you kind of another little crucial piece of me getting this car that I didn't mention .

So when I first found out about this car , I was with Von .

We went out to go do a demo .

I get back and one of you guys had given the RT R team a hot wheel for me , the exact place I was having a conversation about if I should trade for this car or not with Vaugh , this hot wheel was laying on the table when I got back .

If that wasn't the universe telling me that this car wasn't assigned .

I don't know what it was and I got to say it was what pushed me over the edge to consider it a little bit more .

I didn't get a car because of a hot wheel , but it gave me a little bit more of an incentive to think .

Oh , maybe I should consider it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I don't know who you are , but thank you and know that you are a huge reason why I wound up making this move .

What's going on over there ?

Uh I got the messiest foods using Adam's words .

I picked out the messiest foods .

I could possibly pick out the gas station to eat , but you know what a girls not to eat .

So we won't talk about it .

Starting off with the boring about 200 miles on the car .

I know this is like a super common thing at old 9 92 .

People say the front end feels so good .

It is a lot more comfortable as well .

It's not as bumpy , not as rigid , only negative I've noticed with this car in particular , so far as the swan neck wing because it's a little bit lower than the R S , it finds itself to be right in my center of visibility in the mirror .

So I can't see cars when they're behind me because of where it lands .

Other than that though , pretty much zero complaints .

This thing's rad .

I know a lot of people always wondered why I had no interest in a GT two RSI .

Feel like it's kind of like the same reason why I was kind of getting bored .

The GT three RSI get to a point where a car on the road is just too fast to have , you need to drive it at its absolute limit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And the GT two R S is like a three wheel drive version of my turbo s .

There's pretty much nowhere that I would enjoy that car more than I enjoy the turbo s and it's just super expensive , mind bogglingly fast .

I'm moving to a manual to actually make my driving a little bit less fast .

So I feel like it will be more enjoyable in the mountains as opposed to the GT three R s with P D K , you can carry a lot more speed three corners where this is more , enjoy the experience .

One other thing I've noticed with this car , the brakes are a lot more sensitive in a positive manner .

My G G three RSI would often get in after driving like my Evo or another car and I would under brake into corners because you have to actually lay into them where that's good because it's a very linear braking feel .

This is a lot easier to drive around without having to really pour into the pedal .

Now , I've been abiding by the break in so I haven't really read this thing out , but I can say the drive , it feels like it has a lot more torque , use the right lane to merge onto state road 5 78 .

I haven't rubbed it over seven grand yet , but like just driving around , it feels very zippy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It actually feels like a bigger engine than the G Three arrests .

That's like six grand .

It's a decent amount to go .

This will be the first to I've ever taken shut out Florida .

The shifting is really fun .

The gearing is phenomenal .

I've noticed that it actually seems like it's geared a little bit longer than the G G three .

And by that , I mean , at four grand instead of doing 90 before we're doing more like 95 .

Not that I've gone that fast , but that's good because that was always annoying because the G G three like me , this is a little bit less about 200 miles and I've been enjoying the crap out of this .

Thing .

Yes , this is uh this is a situation .

Yeah .

Put it right here .

All right .

Everything else about this car is fantastic though .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I feel like my job , my passion , my purpose in life is to build these cars that are my idea of perfect Porsche is like just the cheat code .

You basically just buy the most perfect car with the best feeling clutch .

The best feeling shifter , the best sounding feeling engine , the best sounding chassis , the best feeling chassis .

It's literally if you are given all the money in the world and someone asks you to build a perfect car .

In my opinion , I'll be a GT three .

Now's opinion differs .

This message is not produced to you by Porsche .

This is coming from straight from my mouth .

These cars are cheater cars .

They are if you care about driving , if you care about , if you like appreciate cars for whether it's look sound , feel it takes every box all the time in being able to track this car for hours and not have it overheat and have the car not skip a beat and not have to do any maintenance .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They took every single request that any car person has ever had in their life and they were like , there's the G T three my first time in a car without tin in Florida in a long time and I was on the fence because I want to get through the whole fish bowl .

Look so you can see the cage when I do it .

But man , that's bright .

Maybe I'll do a slightly less dark 10 or maybe just U V 10 .

We got about 250 miles on the car , depending on whose breaking procedure you follow .

I know a lot of people that start ripping on their car once they break 250 miles .

I think the Factor manual says 1000 .

Maybe we'll give her a little more R PM and see how she likes it .

But I think I'm going to just slowly just raise it , you know , 500 R PM or so , every couple of 100 miles and see what it feels like .

8000 , I would say stock for stock .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This thing definitely has a better sound than the G G three Rs at lower R PM at higher R PM .

I think the G G three starts to scream a little bit more .

It feels so smooth on this road .

Best daily ever .

This thing feels really good .

How does it feel as a passenger ?

It feels a lot more comfortable and not as stiff , not as race car on high .

I'm very happy with my decision .

All right guys .

So I officially made home with my first ever G T three and it looks great in the garage .

I'm excited to play with this car .

Uh I am very , very happy with my decision .

I hope you guys are excited for it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a very , very big change from the R S in the best way as possible .

Uh What you guys can come to expect with this car .

Actually , this week we've got some back to back content .

So tomorrow I've got a special video that I uploaded a while back that's going to go up and then Wednesday for all of you guys that aren't members on the channel and didn't get access to the L Z Invitational live stream .

I'm going to be re uploading the entire stream so everyone can see it's really cool and I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see it .

Even if you don't want to spend $10 to become a member .

I'm hoping the video after that on Thursday , I'll have an exhaust on this thing already so we can hear this thing start to make some true portion noises .

And then right after that , I got to ship it out over to Billy over in Tampa at Presidential where he'll give you the treatment and then I will get clear broad over at auto paint card .

And the guys , honestly , I'm not gonna lie with the outlook knowing that I'm gonna trade this car and kind of like get into the RSI asked myself like , do I want to still clear bra and spend all that money to do all that ?

And even though I know that it's not forever going to be my car , I still just , it's just the right thing to do not doing it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I would just feel so scared driving the car where , you know , it gives you a little bit of confidence to tailgate Karen when she's going 20 miles an hour and a 25 you know .

Well , yeah , I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

It was a lot of fun .

Me and Cla enjoyed our little Naples weekend and I give another massive thank you to Porsche of Naples .

Awesome dealer .

Awesome people there .

It was a really good experience .

Nothing but S miles .

So thank you guys and I'll see you soon .

All right .

No more cars .

Look .

Ok .

Hey , before we go in , look at me and look at everyone .

We're gonna behave .

We're not to have any cars .

This is , this is the car of the day , this is the car we're gonna go .

Look and the good thing is he's hungry right now .

So he's not gonna last that long year and a half .

That's what she said .

I really let me , you .


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