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2023-06-14 19:29:01

Pelling 3 Days Trip _ Pelling Tour 2023 _ Pelling Tour Guide _ West Sikkim Tourism _ Sikkim Vlog

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When we think about the word seeking .

The first thing which always comes to our mind is Kanga .

But in this trip to Penny , it was not only because of the kanga but to escape our daily busy life and enjoy three days into the mountains of Northeastern Himalaya .

We hired a cab from N GP station and started our journey to Delhi around nine AM .

The Lash river vista flows beside us most of the time during our journey .

No doubt , the beauty of this will amaze you and you will definitely stop your card to take some photographs with it .

And so we did , it took almost 6 to 7 hours to reach Penny .

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The distance is approximately 1 35 kilometers from in India .

The road condition was not so good at some places , but the roadside landscape was definitely the day was cloudy and we got heavy rain most of the time though , we are lucky to get a short view of Mount Kananga from our hotel room .

Next day , we went for local sightseeing and the first stop was Kapo .

It is one of the amazing waterfalls I have ever seen .

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We spend some quality time ate hot , delicious maggie from the roadside shop and started for our next destination .

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Our next destination was Keli Lake .

Kaili Lake is also known as Wishing Lake and it is one of the most holy lakes in India .

People used to come here from all around the world to make wishes and pray to their gods .

This snake is situated into the deep forest at the height of 1700 m .

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You can also hike to the hill to see the aerial view of this lake and the view was breath digging after almost one hour of hiking .

Secondly , we started our journey for a famous place which is a bridge and it is known as Asia's second highest Gorge Hanging Bridge .

It is called Shinsho bridge .

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It has an elevation of 198 m above the ground from failing the distance of this space is 28 kilometers .

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While returning back , we went to the ground of penny .

This place is very popular for its shorting view of Kananga .

But as the weather was pretty cloudy , we couldn't see anything but the ambience was something different .

And into that weather , we enjoyed that place a lot .

Third day , it's time to return back , but we plan to visit Tarang in between our journey to JP is famous for its Buddha Park .

This park has a huge 1 30 ft high statue of Buddha .

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It was constructed on account of the 2550th 12th anniversary of Lord Voda in the year of 2000 .

This park is neat and big and very beautiful .

It is a world visit for everyone .

So guys , this was our previous world trip to if you have enjoyed it and if you really like it , please press the like button .

Comment to this video , share this video and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel till then travel , share and inspire .


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