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2023-06-14 19:28:57

Most Comfortable Cars Ever Made - This 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham Oozes Class & Luxury

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Well , before we get started , I thought I'd walk around the 72 marquee Brome because the sun peeked out for just a brief minute .

I wanted to show you this gold glamour metallic paint in the sunlight because unfortunately , while the video is being shot , it wasn't all that sunny and I think this car just looks so much different and better in the sunlight than in the shade .

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But you judge for yourself in any case , let's talk more about this 1972 marquee Brome Hard top coop .

Hello , this is Adam and welcome to Rare Classic cars today .

One of the most comfortable vehicles in my fleet , maybe even the most comfortable .

It's certainly on that spectrum .

And yes , a lot of people when you talk about comfortable cars , they'll say , well , what about Citrons , particularly the DS , which is indeed super comfortable , but that's not a car that's an affordable classic .

I would say you might be able to procure one but not affordable in terms of maintaining it .

But this is a car that is affordable that a lot of people can own and it's just a joy to drive .

This is a 1972 mercury marquee bro Coop .

And for those of you who have been watching the program for some time , you know that I love Mercury , particularly from 1967 to 74 .

Those are really my favorite and those are my favorite of all Ford Motor Company products .

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To be honest , I think Ford really was starting to hit their stride during that period of time with good quality , the doors in this car really just open and close with a level of , I don't know , sound and that you just can't replicate on a GM or Chrysler of the era and the body fits in this car all pretty good as well too , Ford really amped up their fit and finish game in this mid seventies period .

In fact , they enlisted Hugh Downs in a commercial or a series of commercials to talk about how the closer you look , the better Fords look that was kind of their tagline during this time period .

And Ford also had a tag line during this time period .

That quiet is the sound of a well made car that was really used on the L T DS .

But the Mercury had an even greater level of sound deadening in them , particularly the marquee bros .

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These do have different sound deadening whether you look at a base L T D , the L T D , bro , the marquee , the marquee Brome , the marquee Brome was really just sublime and it rides atop 124 inch wheel base .

The L T Ds rode at top 100 21 inch wheel base .

This particular marquee Brome Coup , as I mentioned , it's in 1972 .

It's finished in a color called gold Glamour metallic , which was an option .

I think it was about a 35 $40 option to get the car in this color .

And of the 20,000 marquee Brome Coops that were sold in 1972 about 25 2600 were made in this color .

So it was a pretty popular color , very seventies color and 72 was just a minor revision to the 1971 body style .

This car actually , the platform came out in 1969 69 70 have a similar look .

71 they redid the front and the rear and the 71 has this beautiful kind of rectilinear graphic up front on the grill .

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72 they went to this egg crate more luxury pattern and you notice even the front has this crest on it , which is the Lincoln Mercury crest , which I find somewhat humorous .

Clearly , they're trying to copy , let's say another luxury automaker and the car has a number of styling cues that really are upper end .

Certainly Lincoln esque , if not , in some cases , Cadillac esque , but that very pronounced area of the hood , that kind of rooftop hood if you will .

Certainly harkens to Lincoln's .

It's interesting .

The Fords have this narrower raise surface here .

The mercury pull it out a little more and then the pull it out even a little bit more .

But I think just overall a stunning looking vehicle and it's just a wonderful one to drive .

This car amazingly was sold at Mulligan Ford in Dearborn , Michigan when it was new .

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Somehow over the years made its way down to Roanoke , Virginia , which is where I picked it up and I've returned it back here to the Midwest , but it's absolutely rust free .

One of the best condition marquee of this era that I've ever seen .

Let's take a walk around it and I'll explain to you a little bit more about why I like these vehicles just so much .

Ok .

We'll walk around this marquee , bro .

Again , it's a hard top coop and it's called the hard top coop because there's no pillar here .

This just goes down with the window glass , but this car is huge or at least it looks visually huge .

It's not the biggest car ever made , but you could land a helicopter on that trunk and this rear three quarter view is .

Well , I don't know what the adjective is for it .

Quite stunning .

In 72 they changed the rear end a little bit from 71 .

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You can see this filler panel in the middle there in 71 there's a light bar that goes all the way across and then they lost the trunk lot cover .

I'm guessing a cost cutting move before it would reappear again in 1974 .

They also change this main body line in 73 .

If you got the marquee , bro , you were fortunate enough to get this fender peak molding that went the whole length of the car and accentuated it .

And you also got fender skirts .

Interestingly , if you got a marquee in Canada , you did not get fender skirts standard and actually we got a marquee in Canada .

This daylight opening molding here , this piece of stainless terminates right here .

It doesn't even go all the way down and there is that molding does not exist on the door .

It's a Canada only trim .

I almost bought one of those cars because I thought it was just so cool .

It looked terrible .

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This just stopped right about there .

But that's what they did take a look at the super comfy interior .

This dash was only used for two years in the door panels .

71 72 .

It's unique to Mercury .

This car does not have the twin comfort lounge seats .

It's just a standard bench seat , although it is power operated and it does have dual arm rests .

You can see there in the middle , no dome light and a fuzzy headliner , but you can see it does have lights in the sea pillars and it does have lights on the kick well as well as a reading light right underneath there too .

I think a very elegant door panel , all soft touch materials here , no hard plastic aside from this little trim piece and then you have the carpeting down here and this is for the AM F M radio .

This car does have a few options .

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AM F M radio , power seat air conditioning , just the manual air conditioning .

You could get automatic temperature control in these and it has the annoying fasten seat belt light , which is why the seat belt is buckled there so I can move it in and out without that beeping .

But I love , I love the gauges in this car and just the instrument cluster I think is so cool and nicely trimmed in the back .

The rear windows do go down on this car , put the key on and you can watch , operate the driver's window here .

So that would go away in 75 .

I believe the rear windows would no longer be functional .

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But in this year , they were , let's take a look at the enormous trunk in this car .

Very small glove box , by the way , and there's the reading light and here we're getting a brief moment in the sun .

You can see this gold glamour metallic paint in the sun is just wonderful on this was called yellow gold moon dust , same color .

I've got my battery jump box in here in case I go retrieve another vehicle , it does have power antenna but a huge deep well trunk in here that some people , like , some people didn't like because the lift over height is pretty significant here to get down into the trunk .

The fuel tank is sitting vertically here and that's an original spare tire .

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So enormous trunk on these vehicles you could fit .

I think at least 10 golf bags in here pretty easily .

Let's go pop the hood .

This does not have an interior hood release .

And by the way , there's the Lincoln Mercury Crest .

All right .

And there we have it 429 cubic inch four venturi or four barrel carburetor making about 200 horsepower .

Halfway through the 1972 model year , the 460 became optional in these .

It was previously a Lincoln exclusive , but like I said , halfway through the 72 model year , you could get it on these mercies .

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This one obviously is not so equipped , but the 4 29 is just fine , plenty of power , plenty of torque , really nice smooth engine in here .

And great thing about your full size Fords there .

If you ever have to replace a heater core , like I did when I first bought this car , turn on the heater and fog up the windows .

There's an access plate right there .

You just remove , I don't know , maybe eight screws and then you can pull the heater core right out .

You have to get this vacuum tea off the firewall too , which is held in with I think two screws as well , but pretty easy job .

That was one thing I had to replace when I got the car and here we'll start it up .

One other fun thing about this car is it has pneumatic door locks , power door locks so you can hear it .

So you just pull up .

It's a strange feature .

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You pull up where you push down and that's what activates the power lock .

So there's no switch .

You just move that up or down .

Let's start the car up .

I can get the key in .

There we go .

So smooth .

And I did have dual exhaust put on this car when I bought it , I probably own this car .

Well , since 2015 , because these license plates are good for 10 years .

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So about eight years , this surveillance panel down here is almost always bent and this one is perfect .

It's kind of the flimsiest piece of the whole car overall .

Just a super , super comfortable ride , great vehicle overall .

Hard to go wrong .

Hope you enjoyed this .

Walk around the 72 Marquis , bro .

All right .

So here we go in the marquee row .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This car is a little bit louder than normal , dual exhaust , but just a super smooth cruiser .

No rattles , no shakes , no , just smooth cruising of these cars that I'll call it an entry level collectible from a price standpoint and they've gotten more expensive for many years .

These cars really were just unloved .

I think when I bought this one in 2015 , I think I paid 6500 maybe $7000 for it .

And it had 38,000 miles at the time .

It has 42,000 miles on it now .

So it's hard , not hard not to drive them .

They drive wonderful .

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I would guess a car like this now , you know , might be somewhere in the zip code of 12 to 15,000 and for that price , I mean , you just get something that is a wonderful ride .

I don't ever anticipate selling this car .

It hard to improve upon it .

If you're looking for a smooth ride , if you're in the mountains and want a car to go back and forth with the twist turns , do not get one of these , this car will make you seasick if you want something as an interstate cruiser doesn't get much better than this inside .

The 429 is very quiet again , aside from the exhaust that's on here , which is a slightly louder than normal .

Not offensive though , does lean quite a bit in the corner going over .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can see there's all these bumps on the road .

You don't feel anything .

It's kind of a waterbed like ride and here we go , here's this bump .

There's nothing in the interior that rattles , quivers Great horn .

This has the standard steering wheel .

The cruise control wheels had a rim blow horn that you pinch the rim and it would blow not on these of the standard setup and this is unique for 72 .

They added this fasten seat belt light that if I unbuckle my seat belt , the annoying buzzer is going to go up and I go and that light will light up .

So again , if you're looking for a super smooth cruiser , hard , hard to beat this , it's just wonderful .

Let me look at that , look at that seating .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I do wish I had the twin comfort lounge seats but can't go down to your Mercury dealer and order one anymore .

So you gotta live with what you can get .

Thanks again for watching .

Thanks again for watching .

Be sure to like , comment and subscribe if you enjoyed it and check out the video thumbnails at bottom left and right for some suggestions for you .


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