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Oh , hey guys , welcome to my bathroom in Europe and otherwise known as a water closet .

So we've been thinking about doing this video for a while because coming from America , there are a few different things in the bathrooms or water closets or toilets , uh , in Europe , that may be different from the US .

So the first thing is you got your toilet and normally in every bathroom , there are two buttons to flush your toilet .

There's a smaller button and normally a bigger button to keep it simple .

The smaller button is for number one and the bigger button gives a little more flushing power for number two .

All right , that's pretty simple .

Next to the toilet , you're almost always gonna have this other device , funny looking toilet .

It's called a bad day .

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So let's see if we know what the beet is for Kenzie .

What do you use the beet for ?

Well , I mean , everybody knows you put your foot in it with your shoe on and then you , your shoe cleaner .

Um , a nice try but Parker , what do you think ?

It's a cool and clean ?

A what ?

A cooling cleaner ?

Ok .

Well , Parker is left to not pretty close to being right .

So , the bad day you , we , most adults kind of know what they are , but we really don't know how to use them .

And I know I didn't know how to use it really as well either , but I've tried a couple of times and I think I've figured it out .

So you turn it on like a faucet , there's cold and warm and sometimes there's a removable nozzle .

But you're basically just sit on it after you get the water to the right temperature you want .

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And then you can , let's say , clean yourself up and wash yourself up , uh , in the water .

So that's supposed to be a little bit better than just using toilet paper when you're done .

There's normally a towel , but this is one of the smaller bathrooms that we've had in Europe next to the be where you can wipe your hands and your , uh , nether regions , I guess .

So , the big key point is if you see a towel next to the bede in any of the bathrooms that you go to do not think that's a hand or face towel , it's not all right .

Aside from the day , the flushing buttons , there's another important thing to note in a lot of European bathrooms .

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I don't know how to say this , but sometimes when you go , number two , uh , the way that toilets are designed , uh , let's say the number two doesn't always go directly into the water .

So you may leave some markings if you will on the porcelain of the toilet .

So next to every toilet , there is what we call a poo brush .

So sometimes out of respect for others using the bathroom after you , you may have to take the poo brush and maybe just do a little clean up in the toilet .

Uh So as to not leave any remnants of , let's say number two and then obviously be sure to please wash your hands .

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Um Lastly , let's see , bathrooms , normally not in this bathroom , there's a washer in the bathroom .

So you do your laundry in the bathroom as well .

So that's another um different characteristics in the bathroom uh in Europe .

And then our washer is actually downstairs in our other bathroom .

And then lastly when you're taking showers , there's usually typically depending on where you're at , maybe only 20 minutes of hot water .

So if the little ones take a long shower , you may want to limit them because if you're going to take a shower next , you may not have any hot water .

So that's the ins and outs of uh bathrooms in Europe .

And I hope that that may help you out on your next trip to Europe .

And as a disclaimer , Brooke wanted nothing to do with this video .

She's behind the camera right now and I don't blame her .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So thanks for joining us and thanks for escaping the bubble from my Euro bathroom .

Chow .


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