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2023-06-14 19:28:44

Collector Owns Two Rare Microcars

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My name is Doctor Sasha .

I'm a dental surgeon , but my true passion is cars .

I own a couple of Bruce .

What is a is by far one of the rarest micro cars out of 14 produced in the 19 fifties , only five surviving and to own two is quite a privilege .

Even Bruce who built a understood that the future is in the small cars .

He curved this little beauty and drove to the car fair where it had tremendous interest .

The Opel company approached him offering to build , I think 140,000 of them .

Only after printing all those catalogs for this car , the management or the advocates told guys , are you crazy ?

We're in the fifties .

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People like the big fins on cars and uh the big engines will drive a tiny car and uh they canceled the deal and that's how only 14 cars were made .

I live in Israel and the first one I found was online .

Actually a friend of mine , Freddie owned in uh Germany .

I saw a photo of it and had to ask him , can I come and see it ?

Just see it a few emails back and forth and he agreed to see me at his place .

And the moment I saw it , I was in shock , I told him Freddie , I must see it in one and he allowed me and then I said , Freddie , I must start it and it was pouring rain .

And then he said , what are you crazy ?

And I answered a fool from a different continent .

Sure .

I'm crazy .

Let's start it .

Uh I took around the , around the street and I just had to have it .

The second one I found was owned by a collector named Malcolm .

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Uh He passed away and only then I , after tens of years of ownership , his family agreed to sell it .

Actually , the second one is the most important and the most original in the world , it's completely unrestored .

It drives beautifully .

You pull the cable , you start it and start spreading smiles around in my profession .

I work with smiles every day .

I transfer them by veneers or uh surgery .

But trust me driving a is by far more smile transforming than anything I do on a daily basis and I insist on driving it .

I just like to park it outside of a restaurant and uh share it with the world .

I think that's what's really rare .

Cars have to be , they need to be seen , they need to be uh admired and uh to generate the interest in the next generation .

I love the fact that it's challenging to drive it's , uh , handle bar operated very similar to a bike .

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There is no speed gauge .

It goes like 30 MPH and it fast enough , scary enough .

It's by far more exciting than going 10 times of that in a sports car .

My son , Noam loves it .

He grew up with the engine in the living room , was playing with it even before he was playing with these tiny cars .

So , yeah , it's a family cars , tiny family car .

You know what ?

I came to think that I don't really need to and I think it's not fair to own two out of five surviving cars .

So actually next month , February 6th , our auctions are uh putting this little baby of ours , they and restore the rare one .

Uh is one of the stars of the biggest auction they do during the red uh weekend .

So we'll have the chance to own it and smile as much as I do .


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