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2023-06-14 19:28:41

Drag Race - BMW M135i vs Audi S3 Sedan

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Welcome to another cars dot Coz drag race .

Hello and welcome back to Kalani Raceway where we're trying to have a drag race between a BMW M 135 .

I , the brand new one face lifted and the Audi S3 sedan , both cars are stuck and both cars have launch control .

The BMW has a fiery straight six turbocharged engine dwarfing the power of the four cylinder Audi but the S3 has Quattro all wheel drive so it will leap off the line while the BMW battles for traction .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

543 .

Here we go .

One , he's got less kilowatts of me but he's got , he's still , I'm going .

Why is this ?

Yeah , help .

So that was hugely exciting .

We got off the line perfectly together .

I was catching him and then I wasn't even with over 30 more kilowatts .

The M 135 , I couldn't catch the S3 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Audi can be very proud of the fact that they've built a very fast car , at least in a straight line .


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