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2023-06-14 19:28:38

BMW GS Off-Road Riding Skills DVD - Trailer

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The adventure begins where the pavement ends .

And that's really true because more than 95% of the world's roads are unpaved .

Riding a big adventure bike like the BMW GS is a completely different experience than riding a normal dirt bike on the pavement .

The GS motorcycle excels and covering long distances , get off the pavement , however , and things can get interesting pretty quickly .

You're standing on the pigs , you're downshifting , you're upshift , you're breaking , you're working the clutch , you're getting in and out of the friction zone , you're on the throttle , you're grabbing the front brake and if you can't do it without thinking about it , you're going to be jerky and it's going to feel awkward and you're going to make mistakes .

Welcome to the BMW G S off road riding skills , instructional DVD brought to you by raw hide adventures .

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The official BMW off Road Riding Academy .

We think it's kind of a shame that people don't explore the dirty side of the G S .

So we operate a training school to teach them how to get the most out of this bike and to fulfill bmw's vision of how they should be used DVD .

Is designed to teach you the fundamental skills .

You'll need to take a big adventure bike like the GS off Road .

All of the lessons are based on the curriculum taught at bmw's very own training school in Heckling Germany .

It's really important for you to have the correct posture on the bike .

And so there are several things to consider .

One of the things we try to do with all of our students is to adjust the bike as they bring it to us into the best ergonomic position that we can .

When you're standing on the pegs , you've got to be on the balls of your feet because that's where your body's balance sensors are .

There's a couple different ways that people pick up these big bikes .

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We're just trying to reinforce riding in the friction zone and using the crutch .

Really good writing skills are embodied by the ability to go really slow .

Our next exercise is a trail stop .

This is a pretty handy little exercise .

I hit the brakes and just as I did , I shifted my weight as far back on the bike as I could .

If the front wheel skids , you need to be able to release .

And ideally , you don't want to just let go .

You just want to release a little pressure and you need as much weight as possible directly over the contact patch where the tire is touching the dirt .

What you need to do is counter balance , not counter steer this exercise .

We're working on brake control on a downhill descent .

There you go .

You like that squeaking sound .

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That's your friend .

So the technique is to bring the R P MS up just a little bit above idle .

You're not looking at the tack , you're looking at the top of the hill and to slowly let the clutch out , you've always wanted to stop in such a way you can keep your right foot on the rear brake , the sand , you're always looking ahead , you're making little corrections all the time with your feet and you're just letting the bike track where it's going to want to go .

Everybody has that little light bulb go off and they say , hey , I can do this , I can take this 500 or £600 motorcycle and I can make it do what I want it to do and go where I want to go .

All it takes is a little bit of skills and a little bit of time you do have control .

There are things that you can do to make the bike do what you want to do and it's not just going to fall out from under you every time you hit a slippery spot .

You would be amazed at where you can take these motorcycles .

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Once you have both some confidence and a little bit of skill , you can do unbelievable things with them .


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