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2023-06-14 19:28:33

2016 Honda CBR500R First Ride & Review! The best beginner motorcycle!

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Hey guys , sort of Canadian rider today .

We have a 2016 Honda C B R 500 R A .

This model here is literally what any beginner motorcyclist is looking to get into that wants a super sport look .

This bike looks gorgeous .

They upgraded the styling considerably .

And the 2016 model here really looks like the 20 the new CBR 1000 double R from Honda , really love the styling and they really upgraded the technology .

So we have the full display here .

It's fully digital , the tachometer , the fuel gauge , all that is digital .

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Now you have led lights in the front with this sharp beautiful looking nose up front here , Nissan brakes .

This motor is a 471 cc , 47.4 49.6 horsepower engine .

A really beautiful bike .

I'm just gorgeous .

I'm looking forward to taking it out for a spin in riding .

I know a lot of you guys when you're looking for a beginner bike option , you're looking at the 300 S now , but this gives you that big super sport look on a bike that you want and something that's more manageable for new riders and beginner motorcyclists .

All right .

So we're going to go hit some back country roads .

We're going to see how this bike looks in action on the streets and I'm going to take up our out for a spin and I'm going to give you my first impressions on the bike .

How does it feel ?

I came from a ninja 250 as a beginner bike and now I have 899 .

So I kind of have both experience on the ends of the spectrum .

I'm going to give you my opinion on if you're a new motorcyclist .

Should you be hopping on this bike ?

Let's say you're 62 and not a short midget like me .

Do you want something like this to consider instead of those bigger super sports ?

All right .

So honestly , this bike first impressions right off the bat .

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It's , it's funny because coming from my 899 , it's like you're almost fighting the bike , right ?

You're fighting a little bit on how to do things .

It's a beast on this bike .

It is super forgiving .

It reminds me of my ninja 2 50 in the way that it's super forgiving , but it , it feels like a big bike .

Um It's got all the new technology , you got led lights on here .

Um It's got great power compared to a 2 50 or 300 obviously , because it's got so much more CCS , but this feels like a super sport bike in a way , but also feels like a beginner bike .

It doesn't have all those drawbacks of the super sports .

And obviously the super sports are a lot more powerful , they rev higher all that stuff , but this kind of gets you there .

And the thing is for a beginner , you don't want all that because you're going to be fighting the bike .

And I tell everybody all the time , you do not want to get like a high C C Supersport as your first bike because you want to learn how to ride a motor cycle first .

You need to learn how to counter steer .

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You need to learn how to like navigate the bike , all this stuff and you don't want to be fighting a bike right off the bat , like really great comfortable seating position on the sea .

Feels great and the mirrors are good , beautiful , easy to read display .

So it's got a BS which is good .

And I tell everybody when you get a bike , especially now guys , it's 2017 , it's almost 2018 .

Get a bike with fucking A BS guys .

A lot of my friends who have crashed .

It's because they didn't have a BS , they lock the front brake .

And I know you're saying , Canadian rider just don't lock the front brake , don't grab too much front brake .

But you know what , it's way harder than it sounds when you're in those situations .

You don't know how you'll react and it takes training and time .

You could say it now , but you never know when it's going to happen to you , right .

So again , really , really impressive bike .

Um Look at this , it's just so agile like my ninja 2 50 .

It makes me miss my ninja 2 50 so much .

Look at this , look at that , just great power , like way more power than the 2 50 had .

So it has the power to like punch you and get you into places , right ?

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But it's not , doesn't have all those qualities where you have to fight the bike about led lights on .

This puppy is it's a full , fully updated modern motorcycle .

This thing um really impressive .

Like I'm looking at this and the ride quality , the suspension .

So the suspension , oh my God , my on these roads , your ass and your balls are getting shoved inside of your body .

This thing is just a comfortable ride .

It really makes you forget that you're on a motorcycle sometimes makes you feel like you're riding some kind of magic carpet from Aladdin .

That's how I like to describe this .

It is really nice , beautiful looking too .

It really does look really beautiful .

Um a lot more wind protection than my 899 or my ninja 2 50 because of the cow here , the screen cow um overall very nice , you know , he could like the stock exhaust is ok .

He could put something else after market .

Um the levers .

Uh He can go like shorty levers .

But yeah , it's overall like it's a solid bike and these are what he bought this for $7000 .

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So that's the MS R P for this bike .

Um For $7000 .

This is a great bike .

Super nice .

Look at this .

Just , just move it how he wants .

It's not fighting you .

I could , this is a bike I could ride for , oh my God for hours on end .

No problem with my 2 50 .

It's a little bit too , you know , you're going on the highway , it's winding out a little bit too much on the highway to ride it for extended periods .

But this would be no problem on the highway .

The Ducati again at times is loud and unrefined .

Let's say that's part of the character , but this is refined .

The engine is beautiful .

You don't hear any crazy noises .

It's a very smooth engine on this .

Wow , this is a beautiful motorcycle .

This is a and I love the looks .

The looks are just gorgeous guys like they really did put the super sport kind of C B R 1000 double R .

Look into this .

Um It's a nice bike , fully digital again .

Everything tank here .

My buddy's got the tank grips which are nice right here .

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I think you got them off ebay .

Um Yeah , nice sounding exhaust for stock .

You can get like an Akpo or something .

You got that dough and you should have that dough because you saved a lot of money by getting this bike instead of like another super sport .

This truly to me is the ultimate beginner bike .

The ultimate beginner bike .

If you want to keep a beginner bike for longer than you normally would .

This is it because it's got that power that you need .

It's got that good looks and styling and it doesn't have any of the drawbacks that are going to fight you from learning how to properly ride a motorcycle .

Like this is sweet , like look at this , this is just sweet stuff right here .

Reliability .

Of course , it's a Honda .

Do I need to even speak about reliability on these motorcycles ?

Like these guys are the king of reliability of bikes .

I've seen so many of the older C B R S just go to like fucking 70 80,000 kilometers .

No problem .

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Like reliability is not an issue , but you probably just need a maintain the chain .

Like some of my videos here on how to maintain your chain guys clean and live and just do the oil changes when you think Honda and you think everything a Honda is about and what other people think Honda is about this bike really crystallizes all those things that you think about .

You think about like performance , you think about precise design , you think about reliability , you think about refinement .

That's what I think about when I think of Honda and this motorcycle really does do all those things .

It's super refined .

Honestly , it's a ticket for me .

I came from a 2 50 to 899 and I'm on this now and this is like the perfect in between .

It's a joy to ride .

Like I'm kind of jealous .

I kind of want one .

If I was more rich , I'd have this too .

Might have to sell some limbs or something .

You know what it is also ?

That helps is the clip like the clip on .

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See here it's , I raised , it definitely helps with the back .

God , I can't believe I'm speaking like a 50 year old man here , but it truly does .

It helps with the back , those like nice raise clip ons .

Honestly , I love riding it .

The highway man , I know I'm going to .

So let's see how it is on the highway .

I am almost certain it's going to blow me away again with its quality and refinement and wind protection and such on the highway .

So , and let's see how the engine cooperates with it on the highway .

That's one thing about the 250 .

It was like it could go on the highway and it did , but it would wean on the highway , you know , little bit of struggle .

Ok .

That should have been an advanced green , but I guess not .

All right .

It's quite embarrassing .

This is usually an advanced green .

Ok .

They just don't make an advanced green today .

Sure .

Sure .

Sure .

Sure .

Sure .

Sure .

Ah , the suspension is so smooth .

Oh , all right .

So , here we go .

We're on the highway .

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We're doing 100 and three and much better wind protection than my ninja 2 50 or my Ducati 899 .

Agali gives me and this is the stock windscreen .

So I'm really happy with the wind protection right now .

If you get a double bubble or something , it will help even more , but this is good .

This is solid .

The engine is at 5000 R PM .

Uh And I am in the top gear .

I'm pretty sure let me check .

No , I'm not in the top gear .

There we go .

Now , I'm in the top gear right around 4500 R PM .

We're doing 100 .

So this is like the engine doesn't feel whey engine feels strong here .

No problem riding on the highway for a long period of time on this bike as it is stock engine is fine .

I'm doing 100 you can do 1 20 easily .

It's not , the engine isn't working too hard .

It's not making that sound again .

Comfort wise , it's still there .

Oh , that's another thing I completely forgot to mention .

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Obviously , it's not a problem on many bikes , but the heat on my Ducati is fucking atrocious on a day like this and my balls would be burning .

Oh , I'm so comfortable here like it's nice and cool around my crotch area .

It's perfect .

So you don't have those heat issues on this bike then .

That's a great thing .

And obviously fuel economy here is going to be tremendous on this bike .

I don't actually know the exact fuel economy figures , but right now it's like 2.7 liters per 100 kilometers .

Is that right ?

Oh , my God , guys , fuel economy .

Give me a break .

Go your Big Mac and then you'll be ok for the week of gasoline .

I don't think anybody on their first time is going to really bring out this break for the first six months .

When you're learning guys , there's going to be a lot of bike to take advantage of like you're gonna be faster on this bike than any of those fucking or wanna be like myself on a super , like a high C C super sport .

But you can actually ride better .

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You're gonna get that ability to take the turns deeper and take them faster than any of those fucking guys .

The super sports , trust me because a lot of those dudes , they're straight speed only and you're going to be able to develop the skills of taking the turns .

And obviously you're going to be a much safer rider because you're going to be able to maneuver a motorcycle way easier because you have the experience this lets you learn how to do all that stuff instead of jumping straight to a crazy high powered rifle like a super sport .

Bring it out here .

Good power , man .

Hit its good power .

Here's one thing I'll tell you right now , do I ?

Yeah , this is the best way to describe .

I think it really describes how I would use this bike and how much I love it on a random ass night on a Saturday .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I wouldn't take out my Ducati and pointlessly and aimlessly ride around in my city just for like seeing everything that's going on and just taking it and clearing your head .

This is a bike I would do that in .

This is a bike .

I would feel comfortable in doing that in and I would enjoy doing that in .

Not on my , that's for sure .

This is a bike that you could really take and ride and you really want to ride everywhere all the time for no matter how long .

It's that nice .

This bike is that wifey material wife that you want to live with the rest of your life .

This is that bike , the Ducati duty .

Is that fine Italian girl that you kind of just want to have fun with one night on a weekend but not really live with and face all her , you know , not negative qualities but unique characteristics .

Let's say this bike is the wifey that you need for the rest of your life to treat you well , this is what this bike is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I want to say thanks for my friend Nam .

He let me borrow his bike for a bit and to review it and he picked a great bike like what a bike to start off with .

And I'm glad he got this bike and now I realize why he's loving it so much .

And he's always telling me , man , this bike is sick and I'm like , ok , let me take a ride in it and you know , figure it out and feel it out for myself .

And it really is a perfect beginner bike .

This is truly a perfect beginner bike and this is the only model .

You actually the 2017 s don't have it .

Only the 2016 have the Matte black .

This looks stunning in the matte black guys look absolutely beautiful .

It looks so nice .

It looks so good .

If you're a beginner honestly and you want that power , you want that sport bike look , the super sport look , but you're also conscious guys , you can kill yourself on these motorcycles and you want to get a bike that can really get you to learn how to properly ride a motorcycle .

This is the bike you want to get guys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I 100% recommend this bike C B R 502,016 from Honda Incredible Machine for you looking to get into the motorcycling world .

Those are my thoughts on the bike .

Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below .

I want to hear your thoughts .

Are you looking to get a motorcycle .

Are you looking to join into the motorcycle club ?

Let me hear your thoughts on the bike .

If you're looking to get one and any questions you got , I'd love to answer them .

If you guys like this video like it .

If you dislike this video , dislike it .

And guys subscribe to my channel .

We're almost at 5000 subscribers .

I want to say thank you guys , everybody for your support and I'll see you guys in my next video .


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