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2023-06-14 19:28:14

The WORST Hotel & Casino in all of Las Vegas 🤮

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Hello , get you with it .

Yeah , today we are staying in the cheapest room at Oyo .

We're in the Bay View Tower and these rooms can go for about as low as $19 a night before resort fees .

So let me show you what that gets you from the oil housekeeping team .

Housekeeping services are provided upon request between nine and four PM daily .

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So , so some of the stuff in here looks pretty new .

Like the paint looks really fresh and the carpet .

But there's some other stuff in here that's looking really rough .

There's this super jiggly lamp and then a really sketchy power cord situation happening below .

Oh , this tan has some better days .

It's all ripped and there's like staples stuck in the bottom of it .

The door is like totally off the track .

It doesn't work .

This is also broken .

Our sink is also clogged .

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The king size bed actually looks maybe a little oversized .

It looks very nice .

I hope it's comfortable .

However , these are like the tiniest little mini pillows I've ever seen .

So first impressions wise , no mini fridge , no coffee maker .

They did give us some bottles of water which is nice .

But you know the room , you know what lady ?

So we have never even set foot inside of the oil before .

So there is a ton to explore and I hear that they have a lot of really great deals .

So we're gonna see what that's all about .

But we definitely first want to check out their pool .

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We made to Oyo pool area .

So it's like two medium sized pools .

One does go all the way to seven ft , which is nice .

They're a little chilly and there's some garbage floating around in the pool .

That's not a great vibe .

We'll probably dip our feet , do a little sun bathing before we go and explore some more .

All right guys , we got back from the pool and we were showering and getting ready to go down to the casino and I twisted the knob and it just fell off , like broke all over .

This room has fallen apart by the second .

And I think I need a drink .

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Should I buy these here ?

We all right .

We got to the casino bar which is called the Underground Lounge .

When we checked into the desk , she gave us a ton of buy one , get one drink tickets .

So we are going to see what we can get .

They sell Bud Light and Budweiser here for $2 every single day and you can use the buy one , get one on that .

We have five of these drink tickets .

Which means that we could just drink 10 beers for $10 and it's a really good deal .

So when you check into OYO , you do get a $5 comp on gambling and you also get $10 in match play for table games , which is pretty cool .

So we're going to see how far that $5 gets us .

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That's it .

Casino is pretty small .

You can walk front to back pretty quickly .

The game selection looks ok , huge .

Plus though $1 blackjack and $5 traps , so you can see the table games are full for a reason .

Fantastic place to play blackjack .

If you just want to practice or don't want to spend a lot of money .

So location of the oil you are off strip but just barely , you're on Tropicana Avenue right across from us is the MGM Grand .

And if you walk a couple blocks this way , you're going to hit Tropicana .

It's not super far .

It is walkable .

However , in the Las Vegas heat is not going to be a super fun walk .

Yeah .

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So there's two sit down restaurants in the oil , there's shake shack and Hooters .

The Oil hotel used to be Hooters .

So it seems very fitting .

I think I've only eaten here once .

I don't remember how the wings are .

So , I'm excited to give them a try and we will see if they hold up .

Ok .

Our food came in like 14 seconds is so fast .

That's awesome .

So , like I said , I haven't had their wings in so long .

I got some bone in wings in the Daytona sauce , which is like tang , I guess .

And then just some medium sauce on our boneless wings .

We got some curly pies .

This is probably way too much food .

But what are you gonna do ?

Let's try these out .

Hm .

Oh , they make a good wing .

It's like , got a lot of meat on it .

Wow .

Hooter's wings are delicious and the service was fantastic .

So that was definitely a highlight today .

Guys .

We're pretty tired .

Honestly , I think we're gonna do a little gambling , maybe try that dollar blackjack and go to bed early .

So we'll see you guys in the morning .

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Good morning .

You guys .

Ok , we slept , ok , the pillows are really bad and at five in the morning , the people in the room next to us started like rattling the adjoining door and scared the living daylights out of us , but it's morning now .

I don't usually do this , but I wanted to look up the reviews on this place and see if other people have had just as bad an experience as we're having .

So I looked up the overall rating of the hotel and it's a 3.7 out of five which , however , the rooms have a rating of 1.8 .

Uh , I looked up a couple here .

These are like some of the first ones , so much dust on the side tables , you could write in it , blood on the carpet by the bed crumbs everywhere .

A razor cap in the shower .

We switched rooms and it was just as bad .

That's what I was worried would happen to us .

Bathroom kept making really loud noise .

The sinks wouldn't drain .

There's multiple on here saying the sinks and the showers don't drain .

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So that's all of them .

Obviously , we are not alone here .

You guys make sure you check reviews maybe before you come and stay at a place .

It's crazy that there's that many negative ones and no one's done anything about it .

Let's go get some breakfast .

The lost crack .

Ok , so unless we wanted to eat at Hooters again , the only place to grab breakfast is just this little Caribou cafe .

So all they have are pastries .

We both just got a bagel and the air conditioning is not working in here .

So we're gonna eat this really fast .

Ok .

Let's do my final thoughts and get out of here guys .

Uh , we'll start with the room .

The cheapest you're gonna find this room .

Give or take is gonna be between like 60 and $70 or so .

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Um I know it's like they tried but people just destroyed it and then they didn't bother to fix it , but it also seems like they don't clean .

So , you know , there was garbage floating in the pool .

Um , we didn't really show you guys that much because there's not a lot to show the casino is really small and there's not anything going on in it .

It's just a casino .

Obviously , I don't recommend this place .

You guys , I think people get sucked in and think this is like the cheapest , you can get close to the strip , but it's not for a couple more bucks , you could go stay at Luxor and that's on the strip .

And I would recommend that a billion times over from this place .

This is probably the worst hotel that I've stayed in , in Vegas .

So really bad .

I hope it was entertaining .

I hope you guys enjoyed it .

And if you're new and this is the first time you're seeing me hit , subscribe .

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I do all kinds of other hotel reviews and hopefully I'll see you guys all in the next much better review .


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