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2023-06-14 19:28:04

Why the Bellagio is My Favorite Hotel in Las Vegas! ⛲

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Have a good time , man .

Have some fun .

Having fun is ok .

Um Get some love in your life , whether that be another person or just loving yourself , man , love is good , spread love , spread love .

I'm out of here .

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Welcome to the Bellagio .

They have just re renovated so many floors of the Bellagio and it was time to see how these remote grades are .

So let's take a look .

So first impression , I am very impressed .

I know that a lot of people have said that they found the rooms a little tired and they definitely improved them .

But yet the color palette and the aesthetic and how it's designed looks as if it should always have looked like this .

I am obsessed with it .

It looks fresh and clean and it's so relaxing to the eye .

I'm really impressed .

So far .

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Controversial opinion .

I actually prefer that there's no bathtub .

I think a gigantic shower is the best idea they could have for a hotel .

This is huge and what's really nice is you can just like walk out of the water and dry off here and so you're not getting your floor all wet .

It just all stays here .

This is so nice in my opinion and just the vanity and everything in here , it really needed a sprucing up .

It feels spacious and really nice .

That is our beautiful room .

I have to tell you guys , we have stayed in the before .

We've just never made a blog on it .

And right now , if I were to say my favorite property in Las Vegas , it would probably be the Bellagio .

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And today I kind of want to take you around and show you why I think that is one of our favorite restaurants in Las Vegas is here in the Bellagio .

It's called Lago .

We have an outdoor patio that can show you the Bellagio fountains going off .

We had incredible service , incredible food .

You should totally check this place out .

They also have the May Supper Club .

Don't worry , we're eating here tonight and we're going to take you along with us .

If Bellagio is a plethora of anything , it's fine dining here , you're gonna find some of the best fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas Prime is right behind me .

We've enjoyed an amazing meal .

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Here you go down those escalators and you have a beautiful view of the fountain .

There are multiple restaurants inside the Bellagio that we really want to try , but I've heard so many good things about Spago .

It's got to go on our to do list .

So Mr Ruby really enjoys playing poker and the Blasio is one of his favorite poker rooms .

It's always really busy and has lots of people playing .

If you come back this way , you hit the O theater where Cirque Du Soleil O is performed , think Cirque Du Soleil , but combine water aerobics is known for always having fine art and they have different galleries running at different times right now .

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It's the Richard mcdonald sculpture gallery , just a beautiful place to come and appreciate some fine works that people do probably has the most beautiful lobby in Las Vegas .

Notably the beautiful sculpture hanging above my head .

This is Chili's Pior DIMO .

It costs $10 million to make and it weighs £40,000 .

We can't discuss the Bellagio without talking about the Bellagio Conservatory , which is a beautiful display of real fresh flowers .

I wish you could smell this in here right now .

It smells incredible .

They change this display five times a year , spring , summer , fall , winter and Chinese New Year .

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Make sure you check the times because it switches over and it takes about a week to do opened in 1998 and it stands where the Dunes casino used to be .

This was Steve Wynn's baby .

It cost $88 million to build .

Oh and back in 2000 , someone robbed the casino for $1.5 million in chips and they got 27 years in prison for it .

Kind of sounds like Danny Ocean in the game .

Speaking of oceans , 11 the ending of that movie was filmed right here as was the rest of the movie inside the Bellagio .

And they play beautiful fountain shows every half hour during the day and every 15 minutes at night .

An absolutely iconic part of being in Las Vegas is watching the Blasio fountains .

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We can't talk about Bellagio without mentioning that it has the best location on the strip .

I consider this to be the dead center and I think most people do .

Everybody we finds off of the Bellagio .

Like how far are you from Bellagio ?

If you're staying here , you are directly next to the Cosmopolitan .

There is a walkway taking you right to the Spanish steps at Caesars .

You walk just across the street to get a planet Hollywood or Paris .

You cannot beat this location .

It is the best one in Vegas .

Alright .

Got dressed up , cleaned up .

It is later on and we are gonna maybe grab a drink and then go have our fancy dinner at May for supper club .

We are stopping at the Trojan Bar , which is the lobby bar here at the Bellagio .

It's really great for people watching and they have a live piano player here .

We're going to have a drink and then we are heading to the Mayfair Supper Club .

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Thank you just ok , time for dinner .

And we are going to the Bellagio's newest dinner club , the Mayfair Supper Club .

So let's go check it out .

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All right guys .

We explored around and to be honest , we're really , really wiped out .

We are so tired .

We've been here in Vegas for so long and done so many hotels , but don't worry , we are here for two nights .

So tomorrow we have a nice breakfast , we're gonna hit the pool .

So we're gonna turn in and then tomorrow I will take you with good morning , everybody .

Oh my gosh .

We almost overslept .

The bed was so comfortable and it is time to hurry up and get downstairs because we have a breakfast reservation at .

So let's go .

Nobody famous up .

He everybody the same just kick it up there and have it cause nobody going shame .

Nobody can't complain .

The parties are rolling , same .

You just got to and it is time for some coffee and a mimosa we have eaten here before and the food was delicious .

I'm so excited .

Our food has just arrived .

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What I love about is it based out of New York and they are known for their bagels .

So with your everything , breakfast , just the standard eggs , your way .

Breakfast , you get a bagel .

So I order an everything bagel .

All of this is 20 bucks .

So I'm gonna dig in .

OK .

Had our breakfast time to go down and show you the pool .

Let's go .

Probably one of the main reasons .

The Blasio Hotel is my favorite is this pool area .

There are several pools , two of which are gigantic and the water is always like the absolute perfect temperature of not too cold but not too warm .

They have like a squishy foam padded area all around the pool .

So you don't slip and slide .

Little details , beautiful tile floor .

It's probably the most relaxing pool in Las Vegas .

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What are you gonna get ?

Oh my gosh .

Ok guys , the pool area was so fun but it was so hot .

So we changed , got ready and now we are having a little bit of gelato .

I had a my Vegas reward for a buy one get one free gelato here at cafe gelato all together for both of them and ended up costing us about 6 50 .

So a huge savings , a really good deal .

They let you pick two flavors for a small cup .

Mr Ruby did Mango and Raspberry Sorbet and then I got a banana toffee and Snickers gelato .

You guys , you gotta come here .

It's also so adorable in here .

It's right off the pool .

Good morning from the Bellagio .

We are checking out and it is time to give my final thoughts .

Let's start with the room .

The new premier king is fabulous .

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Just fabulous .

Not only do we love the decor in here and it feels like it fits the hotel so well and it's so new and fresh little things about this .

Just make it very obvious that this is a brand new room .

There are plugs and outlets everywhere everywhere .

Amazing .

I love that .

Especially for people like us that have to charge a lot of stuff .

The bathroom 10 out of 10 , I know some people like having a tub , but it's just been updated and it's fantastic .

We're really , really happy with the new rooms .

Felt very spacious , more spacious than the rooms used to feel .

This room was comped to me .

I paid 100 and $2 for the resort fees for two nights , but then I was comped $50 in food and beverage and $50 in slot play .

The room should have cost us for these two nights .

$473 which is expensive .

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The average price here is about $200 a night , which brings me to the only drawback of this hotel ever , which is food .

You are going to spend a lot of money on food .

I just bought an $11 croissant for breakfast .

We left a couple of times .

We went to Earl of Sandwich across the street .

We walked over to Taco Bell .

Nothing is far but you do have to leave the hotel .

However , the location is perfect .

You're in the best location you can be .

You're right next to the cosmopolitan .

You can pop over into their block 16 area .

You can pop over to Caesars and use the forum shops planted Hollywood's across the street for all the cheap stuff in the miracle mile .

The location is excellent and it's perfect .

The pool is probably the reason that this is my favorite hotel .

It's my favorite pool in Vegas as of now and it just is huge , huge relaxing .

The water is always perfect .

The chairs are super comfortable .

There's just nothing to complain about about the Bellagio pool .

It is my favorite pool .

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Casino is big , lots of games , lots of places to play .

It's a busy casino .

This hotel in general is incredibly busy , no matter what time of year , no matter what day it is cracking at the , it is just always busy .

There's little things that just make it so much more fun and more Vegas , having the conservatory and the water shell right out front and the huge blown glass sculpture in the lobby , like these things really add to the experience of being at the bellagio and just make it that much more exciting to stay here on the note of fine dining .

This is the best place to find fine dining .

There is cheap eats , not so much but fine dining .

They got you .

Lago is still the best steak .

Mr Ruby has ever had .

The Mayfair Supper Club was the best thing we've ever done in Vegas .

In my opinion , our food was really good .

I got the cauliflower steak for those vegan friends of mine out there that was incredibly delicious .

And uh Mr Ruby got like a steak with white truffle on the top .

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It was good , but really , really what nails the coffin is , the experience was like no other the Trojan Bar to sit down and watch someone play the piano .

We went up and made a request .

He was super happy to do it .

Such a nice experience like the service and the experience is so great here .

So I hope that giving all this opinion tells you why the Bellagio as of right now is my favorite hotel in Las Vegas .

I also get comped here and that definitely helps sway my feelings because it feels really nice to stay here for $100 .

But I don't think anyone would be disappointed staying here .

I think if you spend the money and you stay here , you're going to enjoy yourself .

I think you're gonna love it .

Especially now that they've updated these rooms .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I can't wait to see you guys all in my next one .

Bye bye .


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