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2023-06-14 19:28:01

I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at WYNN Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.. 😲

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Oh , is that chocolate a hall ?

Hey you guys .

It's Ruby .

And today we are staying at the cheapest room in the Wynn Hotel and casino in Las Vegas .

We have booked a standard king room and I am pretty blown away .

Let me show you guys around .

Great is so when you book a standard room at the Wynn , all of them have been recently renovated .

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This king room feels huge and spacious .

The decor feels incredibly high end .

This is luxury .

I it is loving the design of the Media Council here .

You got the TV , up top this drawer that holds the water glasses and the wine glasses is like a really nice extra touch and the mini bar is down below .

Unfortunately , there is no personal fridge .

I but we got a fantastic view .

You can see the lake of dream show and the palaces with their private pools , but you can also see a great view of the strip .

We've got the palazzo and the high roller , the mountains .

Stunning .

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Yeah .

One bathroom is where the roads are .

I like the soaking tub .

I also like where the water comes out .

It's not like on one of the ends for you to lay out while the water fills the tub .

Nice touch .

And I love all the shelving and where they've got like outlets and things .

They've definitely planned it out for you to like , put your toiletries in here and get ready .

It's just well designed , believe it or not , we have never stayed in the Wind Tower before , which is kind of hard to believe .

We've got dinner and drinks tonight .

Very excited , but right now time to get changed and head down to the pool .

Verbals .

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So this pool area is gorgeous and super relaxing .

They play the music really quiet .

The pool chairs are the plush in Vegas .

The pool is kind of shaped with like two circular pools and they're connected by like a lap pool .

So it's sort of shaped like a bar bell .

So a lot of places for people to spread out .

You don't really feel too crowded .

Absolutely .

A place to lounge and like be at peace here in Vegas cost just got back from the pool , such a nice pool area .

They also have a European style pool which is 21 up and topless .

They do not let you film in there .

You crepes , but we came back feeling so relaxed .

Honestly , I could take a nap right now , but there is a ton to show you guys still we have some work to do .

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So the newest thing coming to the Wind is the awakening theater and the brand new show awakening .

Awakening is going to take us on a journey with a heroine who is going to restore beauty and love to the world .

The promo show acrobatics , puppetry lights dancing .

It honestly looks like it's gonna be really incredible .

Awakening is premiering November 7th and I cannot wait to check it out when it does open .

So the Win Casino itself is really beautiful , very steep wind aesthetic kind of like the Bellagio only a little newer and they have pretty much every game you could think to play as far as slot machines go between the win and the encore table minimums .

I found between 25 $50 which is kind of a lot for a week .

So the sports book I think is a little bit underrated .

It's not really talked about .

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It's really nice , huge screens , there's Charlie's bar and grill next door that has really decent food .

This is a pretty good place to do your sports betting and watch .

So the win and the Encore have more Forbes five star awards than any other hotel and casino .

And they actually made a record by being the only property to win a Forbes five star in both their hotel spa and their restaurant .

I can't stress how big a deal that is considering what a huge property the win is .

A lot of these high end hotels are boutique and small and honestly , it's kind of hard to believe how amazing it still looks considering it's not even like a brand new property .

So location in the wind is North Strip .

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You are right next to the Palazzo , the fashion show malls across the street .

If you want some cheap eats and Resorts World is a walk away .

Honestly , this is a little oasis tucked away from all the craziness on the strip .

It's a lot more quiet right here in front of the wind .

Kind of a good escape .

Sun is going down on the strip getting later and it's time for dinner .

The wind is known for its incredible fine dining and I know they're not gonna disappoint .

We are going to go to S W steakhouse and let me tell you , it sounds so good right now of what he thing never just got seated at S W Steakhouse .

This is a Forbes four star award winning restaurant .

So I'm expecting some really amazing food .

Honestly , steak sounds incredible right now .

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So my server recommended a really wonderful red wine and we started with the Maryland Blue crab cake delicious .

We both got a filet and some and potatoes .

This looks delicious .

It cut like butter .

It's got a gorgeous char .

I'm gonna just try it out with no sauces and as an absolutely excellent piece of red meat .

Holy Power finishing off the night with some cookie butter cheesecake and a double shot of espresso .

Very happy right now .

Wow .

Everybody should go eat at that restaurant .

The char on that piece of meat and the way it was perfectly cooked all the way through .

Every bite was amazing .

Finish off your steak with that cookie butter cheesecake .

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It should be illegal .

It's time for some night life .

Luckily we don't have super far to go .

We made it to apps .

You guys know that app replaced Paracel Down , which was one of my absolute favorite bars .

Now , during the day , this was such a vibe with the umbrellas up and you could see the beautiful waterfall going down .

But I will say at night , I do think the umbrella stands block the view of the people in the back .

Is that chocolate ?

Yes .

Ok .

This is the Havana .

This is the old fashion for two .

You're supposed to bite the passion for boon and then take a sip of the smoked old fashion .

Let's give this a go .

Right .

Oh , that's fantastic .

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We are going to enjoy our drinks here , watch a couple more of the shows and then go relax in our amazing room and we'll see you guys tomorrow .

But things happen .

Good morning .

You guys this morning , we are gonna go get some breakfast .

We are going to Jardin and I have heard nothing but good things .

So I'm really excited to go check it out .

Yeah .

Got seated at Jar .

This is so beautiful .

We actually asked to sit out on the patio and you can see the pool and the garden .

It looks like they have some Mexican things on the menu for breakfast as well as pastries .

We'll see what we decide .

Oh , thank you .

Wow .

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All right .

You guys .

So a friend recommended we get the pancakes and I did not realize that they were gonna come with cotton candy that melted over the top .

These are the red velvet chocolate chip pancakes .

They look amazing .

I got the .

So there's Serrano ham that smells incredible with an over easy egg and some potatoes and Mr Ruby got a very normal three egg breakfast looks delightful .

Everything smells really good .

I'm really excited to dig in .

So these are the brand new renovated rooms and it's absolutely gorgeous .

Whoever picked up the color palette did a great job .

Our room for a random Tuesday night with everything , all included taxes , resort fees was $220 on this night , which is a reasonable high end price point .

However , depending on what is happening in Vegas or a weekend , this room can be triple quadrupled that price .

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I I just don't have really any negatives to say to you guys .

This is a quiet oasis of a property .

I think anyone who stays here will have a good stay .

I definitely recommend it and I I have no problem saying that .

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did make sure you're subscribed , I'll catch you guys on my next review .


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