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2023-06-14 19:27:56

We Need to Talk About Circus Circus in Las Vegas.. 🎪🎈

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Do you like the circus ?

Do you like the circle ?

Do you like the circus ?

Do you like the circles ?

Enter one , enter off rest of the bizarre .

Welcome to circus circus .

Yeah .

Welcome to circus circus .

You guys , the very nice lady at the desk , put us into the West Tower .

It's considered the best tower from her opinion .

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So we are in a West tower king room .

Let's give you the tour .

You seen him in , roll to sit on the Yeah , they actually uh have an a la carte menu here .

If you want to take home anything from circus circus .

The comforter is $75 .

So just steal for a comforter .

This can be yours .

So that was our room tour for you .

First impressions .

This room is really old .

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We're quickly realizing that circus circus is gigantic and there is a ton to show you the Adventure dome , the midway games , the pool , there's a lot to do and we got to get started .

I think we're gonna head to the pool right now .

So let's go .

It turns out you have to go outside and cross the street to get to the pool .

But .

Mhm .

Ok .

So we crossed the street and made it to the circus circus Pool .

It looks like there are just like two pools here .

One actually goes all the way to six ft and then they have a couple of slides , like really tall slides .

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But , and , ok , just got back from the pool and we are starving .

They do have a lot of restaurant options here and a lot of them are fast and cheap , which sounds just what we need .

Ok , we finished eating .

Uh It took almost an hour to get food in the food court .

The lines are out of control and the girl told me it's like that all the time .

All right , you guys , we got some wristbands to go on some rides .

I don't know .

They look a little sketchy .

We'll see what we go on .

I'm kind of scared .

We're inside the Adventure Dome .

This is here inside circus circus .

Keeping in the family friendly theme .

Tons of rides and cool stuff to do in here .

40 bucks for the VIP passes .

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If you're like an adult and 20 for little kids , we found to ride my speed .

We're going to ride the carousel .

Bye .

Yeah , is ok .

We've been walking around the Adventure Dome .

They have like some really big roller coasters here .

They have a couple of little baby rides .

There's a couple of like shows and simulators .

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We went on this angry bird simulator thing that was Oh .

Oh .

But if you had kids , I think they would love this .

Teenagers .

Like people here for thrills .

It's a fun time for families .

All right .

To explore the Adventure Dome .

That was fun .

Let's go check out the midway , which is actually on the casino floor and they have a bunch of games and other stuff upstairs above the casino floor is the midway , bunch of arcade games .

Lots to play .

There's also a mcdonald's up here .

You have to load up a car to get some tokens and then you try to win prizes .

So it's like gambling for Children .

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You ready ?

Mr Ruby won .

But he gave it to me .

Ok , we blew through our credits really fast .

10 bucks doesn't get you very far .

But Mr Ruby did win me a prize .

A circus show will start like afternoons and go all through the evening and one of the shows is about to start soon .

So we're going to check it out .

Two criminal ages circus circus proud presents a celebration of fearless excitement on the flying Japanese , right ?

The midway was pretty cool .

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That's an awesome show that they put on the tray .

Artists were really incredible and Dave the clown doing his thing .

Now , I think it is time to check out the casino area and see what it's all about and see what kind of games we're looking at .

There are a lot of games here on this casino floor , but it's also massive .

There is also a lot of small Children running around just in general in the casino , which is kind of trippy just seeing like babies and little kids .

We've had about enough of circus circus .

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Uh OK , Mommy , thank you and OK , you guys , it's time to go .

Let me give you my final thoughts on circus circus .

Ok .

Uh So I feel a little weird giving my opinion on this hotel .

Here's why this hotel was built with the idea of trying to bring families to Las Vegas and Vegas .

Kind of got rid of that idea when they realize that families don't gamble , but this hotel is kind of like a relic left behind from that .

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And so I can't really fault anyone who brings their kids here .

So I'm gonna try to review it with that in mind .

Let's start talking about the room first .

Obviously you guys saw from the room tour like it's really old in here .

Our toilet also like the the seat is like plastic and kind of broken .

The TV was updated and nice .

We actually ended up watching it last night , which was super ironic , like I said for this price point , I've seen worse and you kind of get what you pay for with a room like this .

So you know , it is what it is , it's fine .

Let's talk about the pool .

The pool gave me like the feeling of being in like an abandoned theme park .

That's like , still running .

It was really bizarre because , like , a lot of the signs and stuff are really sun drenched and you're like , you're next to the motel in the parking lot .

So , it's just a very strange vibe .

I do like that .

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The pool goes down to six ft .

So it is , like , very swimmable .

And that makes sense because it's for , like , families with kids and stuff .

Ok .

The casino , I don't like how big it is .

And that sounds weird but it's just like so long and it's all these little dark areas with slots and you can't really find what you want to play .

The servers were good and I will say overall the service here was nice .

The lady at the front desk was really polite .

Like everybody we talked to that works here was really nice .

I feel like I said to Mr Ruby that I kind of felt like I was in like a twilight zone episode because like on the bottom floor was like the casino for the adults and then upstairs was like a circus .

It was just very like strange .

It was a strange feeling .

Let's talk about all the family options though .

So the Adventure Dome I think is great for kids and families .

It kind of reminds me of like the Mall of America theme park a little bit .

There were like big thrill rides for teenagers , but there were also little baby rides and anyone 33 inches or under is free to go in .

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So , I mean , tickets to get on the rides was a little , see , but I feel like if you have a lot of kids and some of them are younger , it won't be too bad .

And I saw a lot of families really enjoying themselves in there .

I think even if you're not staying at Circus Circus and you have your kids with you , that's a good place to take them .

Needless to say we didn't , we didn't enjoy our stay .

You guys , it , it was not a fun stay .

I , I won't be coming back personally , but like I said , it's not here for me .

So I hope you guys at least enjoyed the video and found it helpful .

And if you did and you're new , go ahead and hit , subscribe .

We are gonna be doing all kinds of more hotel reviews and I'm really hoping I like the next one more .

I will see you guys there .

I'm leaving now .


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