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2023-06-14 19:27:40

Building an R34 GTR in 20 Minutes

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This is something that uh you know , I've wanted to do .

I feel like everyone wants to own one of these cars at some point in time , but they're getting so ridiculous price wise , they just keep going up and up and up and I figured now is the time to just pull the trigger before it even gets more wild to the point where I'll never own one .

So without further ado engine wise , we are bone stock .

Look how cool that is .

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First the end of the day , putting a lot of time and effort and money into this thing and making it a true rad car to drive is going to be all the more worthwhile over 1000 horsepower or it's not going to be a fun car .

All jokes aside , recently , I've been stressing the importance of a balanced car and so it is not going to be 1000 horsepower and the car is still cool .

It's stock , it's a little soft , but a lot of these packages I ordered a really long time ago .

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So these are actually the fins that will get mounted to the V spec diffuser , I think all together between these packages , there's about $7000 of dump cosmetic stuff .

Just looks so much nicer than the old one too .

350 horsepower .

This looks so cool .

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That's , we're gonna do a lot of really nice stuff and I wanna have my bay the same color as the car just for it to be aesthetically pleasing .

Now , mind you technically , this is our first R B 26 Disassembly H S came out with V cam .

Very expensive , very baller , very cool .

I never thought I would own a car with V cam .

Fizz uses oil pressure to vary the valve timing via a one way switch just like VCT .

I'm not going to go into full detail as to why I'm not very happy with the paint job .

It was not done by one of my local usual guys that I go to because there was a lot of dirt in the clear .

Thankfully , Alberto reminded me that I have this piece that covers up a lot of imperfections nonetheless , because I'm going above and beyond with this building every way , shape and form and got a full set of the very rare gold emblems for this car .

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These turbos are from ATP and they've come out with them as a bolt on solution and they claim that they'll make upwards of 900 horsepower .

I'm doing this kind of for you guys kind of for myself .

You guys remember it was kind of a sad story when I got the car back last time , the painter really butchered it and I almost just left the bay and just dealt with it .

But Kroll's customs reached out to me from up in Pennsylvania .

They basically assured me he just repainted an entire midnight purple three R 34 G T R that he could get it .

Perfect .

I'm beyond happy with it now and it's where it's at for me to be excited to put the car back together .

All jokes aside guys , Tommy did help me out and use the connect for getting all my bolts zinc plated .

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So this is uh the color I decided to do for the valve covers .

Um The whole idea is to kind of go with like a purple and gold theme kind of matching the O E M gold that Brembo would be .

It's a little bit of an impulse buy from Terra , I look at those damn .

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So these manifold I didn't end up buying off Tommy and then I've already talked about these turbos , but these are from A T P .

They are their Garrett Gen 2 28 6 .

This is , this has got to go found is gonna make his own down pipe set up out of Titanium .

It's gonna sound sick getting this all up .

And in the meantime , Plasma man hit us with another beautiful intake manifold , brand new O E M I T BS and now that we have the intake manifold .

We get a better idea of what's gonna be going on today is a very , very cool piece for the build .

It has a really , really , really nice look to it .

The main important thing is getting the shroud on .

So Johan can see how much room he has to work with .

Here .

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This right here , this is actually an H P I top of the line in inter cooler that I got from my hour .

32 the intercooler can come down a little bit more .

It sucks having to be so O CD about a car , a beautiful plasma man intake manifold , we aren't able to get a Titanium flange that matches up to the plasma clamp .

So they're gonna make us another one and we're on the fence about doing it raw versus polished because this thing is set .

So what do we think a lot better ?

This is the R B 25 design one and it actually has a water rail that goes underneath .

This is like the most beautiful design ever and I'm super excited to put this one on .

Honestly , I'm I'm trying to get a job at plasma man .

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So I weld this , then I'll weld this long runner .

So it'll be three sections and then I'll join those at the end .

We still have to do the intake piping .

Gotta weld all this for the cold side .

I'm excited , I'm excited to see what it looks like .

Got a couple of tasks , the engines out of the car , a bunch of like little obscure stuff .

We'll do the nice spinning way here and then it simplifies everything .

I won't use any of this stuff .

Now , we have to figure out the water line situation , how we're going to run those for the Turbos to simplify that .

Uh I got a train down to clear the , the trigger wheel .

Tommy stole mine but wouldn't admit it .

So I had to buy this one off .

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I think , I think Tommy and Grant are sabotaging me from direct clutch and this right here is their billet twin clutch and it's good to hold .

I think it's about 1100 ft pounds of torque .

1500 new meters .

I got a kit from Terra FMA with all the O E M lines for this .

And if you're not familiar with this , this is actually the clutch booster .

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So kind of like a brake booster except for the clutch pedal , kind of a neat little thing that these cars have .

So we decided to delete all of the zinc lines up here , just kind of simplify it .

We have an 85 safe injector with most Nissans instead of the way that it's supposed to run when you run this harness through the hole and it kind of loops down here in the engine bay and would kind of tuck under the headlight and you'd see it come up , you can actually run it underneath and run the wire .

So it's kind of like a tucked look , it'll look a lot better and you'll be a lot less clutter in the engine bay .

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Yeah , to kind of give me an idea of where things would go , you know , go , the piping radio hose is about there .

We send the radiator out to get a , made for the electric fence .

I decided to go with the future here .

They install the R 35 coils .

We got a couple of sensors on this side , so I'll put those in , run the wires .

It does something , man .

R V 26 starter sounds so cool .

Oh , how do you ?

There you go .

There we go .

We know we have spark , we know we have fuel .

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We know that the , the trigger system is working .

Oh , we don't have the fill that we started today .

I want to start it right now .

We're gonna get the G T R running today .

All right .

So unfortunately , we hit a dead end .

There's some vacuum leaks .

A friend of mine over at up garage USA recommended to check the dial pin .

We actually had the longer dial pins on this side and the shorter ones on the other side when they need to be flopped should be able to put it back together and hear what this thing actually .

Idols like .

Can't remember if we showed before , but I got the ducting powder coated for the oil cooler .

So as of right now , we're waiting on one fitting to be able to finish the water lines for the churros .

But other than that , the coolant system is complete a very exciting thing that the whole exhaust is on .

So for the first time , we'll get to actually hear what this thing sounds like .

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It's dang , this thing's got a whoa , what school is this project gonna be brand new and who knows how hard some gonna be , finds everything in the rear end is gonna be either brand new or is .

So I found a new spot .

You too going right there .

So we put a little bit on here .

I guess there's usually a paste for it just to make sure that um everything's lined up , put some silicon on this gasket sink hardware and I think pretty much everything in the rear end is good to go .

Yes .

Yeah .

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Really .

The only thing left that I can think of that's major is just welding up the intake pipe .

By the end of the week we will see the R 34 driving so we could break it in and ready to tune .

This is a little late night interior mod .

One of the things I've been meaning to change , you notice there's a little crack so you press the buttons and it fell through .

So I got a new one that's all set now .

So this thing looks pretty much brand new .

Had a few little scratches in it on the side .

Um I'm trying to just make the interior as new as I can when you can still buy this stuff from Nissan a few gouges up here .

So I got a new one .

Pretty much the same thing and I switched over the , the mines all Canterra boot and armrest that I did .

Uh , over to that one .

Uh You can't really just like change this end piece .

So I bought a whole new assembly .

Um I personally like that .

It doesn't have the red stitching for the black because this all has like stitching and stuff .

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Your fork crunch doesn't look like this .

You're doing R B 26 wrong , but you could have bought a 3 50 for that person .

I bet the distance per there's so little teeth .

Marco's helped me bleed the brakes .

Uh They're already feeling pretty good .

Freddy's in here calibrating everything poking out with some of the V cam settings .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh shooting to get this thing broken in today today .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We can take it , drive down the road , break in those rings , has stuff up and then break these rings on the street , feel snow .

I love it .

It doesn't feel real .

I think the anticipation has made me like that much more hyped , like kind of a new car .

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Oh , it's such a team excited .

Very , very , very successful first drive .

Now , the exciting part of all that , I don't know what it is about this car .

It sounds so cool .

Mhm .

Sounds like an I CV and a car .

Yeah , it's just checking figment once again before I weld it and then if I had to make an adjustment I could make it out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then next week he's gonna decide to go see her official first drive with the intakes .

I'm excited .

God , that sounds so cool .

On another note , we are planning to tune the G T R .

I reached out to Scott A K A tuning fork who's been helping us with a lot of other little weird quirks with the car .

He's doing a bajillion G T R S .

I am to be truthfully honest .

Very nervous how an R P F say this funny to what year was that ?

Isis , right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Almost a page up , almost hit my modest goal already of 6 50 wheel overall .

I think it was a great success and easily be able to surpass my power goals of the car .

Yeah .

Hello .

Yeah , when we see .


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