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2023-06-14 19:27:28

10 FREE GoPro LUTs _ Cinematic Luts _ GoPro Color Grading _ GoPro Color Grading in Premiere Pro

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Hello , beautiful people on youtube .

This is and you are watching my channel debut travel and films .

Nowadays , most of the bloggers , youtubers and filmmakers are using gopro action camera .

Even I am using gopro Hero Six for my travel videos .

I believe many of you like to use the flat color profile in gopro .

So you can color correct your videos in post processing .

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Sometimes it is time consuming for you to color correct those footage for them .

I'm here with 10 free gopro color alerts and you can use this in Premiere Pro after effect , Final Cut pro and in many other video editing Softwares .

So to apply these alerts , I need gopro footage which I have already selected in my timeline .

Now from the link mentioned in the video description , you can go to this website where you will get these 10 free Go Pro alerts .

You can check the difference of the color before and after apply this , I have already downloaded a few of them .

Now let me show you how to download one of these .

Let's select this one .

After clicking here , it will go down to the download option .

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Now here , click on this radio button free alert and then click on free download button after this uh box will appear where you need to put your email ID , where you want the download link to be sent .

Now go to your mail inbox and check the promotion tab where you can get the email from this website .

In this email , just click on this button , download free alert and here we go .

Now save it on your PC .

Now go to the destination folder , unzip it and you will get two files .

One is dot Q file and another is dot loop file .

Right now , we are going to use dot Q five .

Now let's come back to premiere pro and open the dome color tab from windows here in the m .

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Then from this Luminary color setting box , find creative option and underneath you can find luke option here , click on this dropdown arrow and click on browser option .

Now you just find the dot file .

Which color do you want to apply ?

Like I want to apply this let one for my footage .

Ok .

So the color has been applied , you can check it by playing or you can check the difference of the colors like this .

This one is before and this one is after looks good right now , let's apply other alerts on rest of the footage .

Same way let's apply this alert number three .

Now see this flat copro color completely changed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is before and this is after amazing right now , let's apply another one again .

See the difference .

Well , it is giving more vibrance to the footage which gives a feel good vibe .

OK ?

So this is the way you can apply these alerts and you can find the download link from the video description below .

One more thing , I want to tell you that sometimes you may not satisfy with the output of these colors .

But don't worry , you can make some changes by your own in the luminary color settings .

Like changing the brightness contrast , highlights , shadow , et cetera , do it as per your requirement , but most of the alerts give you cinematic look for your video footage , download now and use it for free .

So hope you like this video .

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