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2023-06-14 19:27:23

2021 BMW (G22) 430i review by M2 Competition Owner - BIG Surprise!

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What's up everyone ?

Welcome back to the channel and welcome to the brand new BMW four series .

And yes , right off the bat , we're going to address the elephant in the room before I tell you how good this car drives .

Yes , boys and girls .

It's about this damn grill over here .

Now , yesterday , I ran a very interesting experiment with some of the car guys from Sweden that I keep in touch with .

I showed them the car in the flesh and the results were quite uh eye opening , so to speak .

Basically , every single person that hated this car in the pictures , their opinion didn't change when they saw it in real life .

But for the people that love the grill in the press release photos , they love the car in real life as well .

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So I think this is gonna be a theme from now on .

If you like the car in the pictures , you're gonna love it in real life .

And if you're like me and you hated it in the pictures , you're not gonna like it in real life either .

So now that we've got that out of our system , let's do a quick walk round of this car .

This is the 4 30 I variant .

It features a two liter turbocharged petrol engine at the front that can produce 258 horsepower .

Power goes to the back wheels and in the middle , we have an eight speed Z F transmission and unfortunately , there's not going to be a manual four series on this generation .

The car is basically a sport year alternative to the three series with two less doors , of course and BMW really doubled down on the sporty stuff on this one .

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It has former dampers all round .

The rear track is 20 millimeters wider .

It's got some special bracing up front and in the rear to make the car stiffer and the center of gravity dropped .

Thanks to the lower roof line , this test car is equipped with BMW S M sport package that features more aggressive front and rear bumpers and a sportier suspension system .

The car is finished in dr gray metallic and this pain up car cost almost €2000 .

The car rides on these gorgeous 19 inch wheels and it features BMW S laser lights up front .

There's a couple more engines to choose from two petrol and two diesel ones with more to follow soon .

But if you ask me this 4 30 I variant is the sweet spot of the range .

Plenty of power rear wheel drive and it's quite fuel efficient on longer journeys .

The interior is pretty much identical to that of the three series .

And that's not really a bad thing because that interior is quite cool .

There's very good materials all around .

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These seats are absolutely awesome .

They're very comfortable and they hold into place quite well in front over here we have the same digital instrument cluster that , yeah , it's just as polarizing as the grill of this car .

The same infotainment system as the three series .

Yeah , same steering wheel .

It's a really nice place to be .

And if you ask me now , even though I know there's a lot of people that are going to be disappointed with how this car looks .

I'm 100% confident that once they get behind the wheel of this car , they're gonna be seriously impressed .

This car drives exceptionally well .

It's handling is closer to that of the M cars rather than the regular BMW , so to speak .

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Hear me out , scarf is planted on the road even on regular day to day driving .

And compared to a three series , it's sportier in every way possible steering suspension and handling , of course .

But my favorite part of this whole package is the damping .

It's absolutely , even though a lot of people are going to find the suspension to be a bit firm even in comfort mode .

But I just love how planted this car feels on the road and even when you're fully on it , this car is very confidence , aspiring mid corner bumps don't upset this car suspension at all .

And even though it has a firmer set up , like I've said before , it doesn't really jump around as you'd expect it to around town .

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The place where you would normally drive this car in comfort mode , you are going to feel the stiffer suspension , it's not really harsh and there's no thumbs coming into the inside of the car .

But you will definitely feel this being a lot stiffer than a three series , even a three series with an M sport pack .

But at the end of the day , this is the whole point of a four series , right to be a sportier alternative to the three series .

The engine is well known by now , I've experienced it in various BMW S and I simply can't fault it .

It produces plenty of power .

It pulls quite well off the line and coupled with the eight speed set of transmission , it works flawlessly .

It's sporty when you want it to be and comfortable and refined otherwise .

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And if my ears don't deceive me , the fake sound being pumped through the speakers is not as intrusive anymore .

It's been toned down the way this car turns in .

I absolutely love the steering is very quick and the car rotates beautifully .

It almost feels like it's fitted with a rear wheel steering system .

That's how fast and responsive it is on turning .

It is quite fun to drive this car fast .

I wish the steering would give you more feedback from the road because this one feels really numb and I would expect something else from a four series , but it's pretty much the same thing you get in the three series , but it is pretty quick .

So , yeah , there's upsides and downsides .

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Practicality is not bad on the new four series .

The boot is sufficient even though it's smaller than the A five coupe one and the back seats are pretty good .

I mean , you can easily get in .

You have this a new room , although a bit more headroom would have been good for someone like me .

The base price for 4 39 in Sweden is around 49 €1000 .

But the test car you see here specked up quite nicely , will set you back around 60 .

So there you go .

This is the new BMW four series .

It's a pretty polarizing car to say the least , but it's such a great handling car that you almost almost forget about the looks .

But obviously design is subjective and if you're on the other side of the fence and you love the look of this car , then the new BMW four series is probably the best non M BMW on the market right now .

At least if you're looking for something sporty for me though .

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I don't think I'm ever going to like the design of this car , but because of the way it handles , I can't recommend this car enough , but that's been it for today's video .

My friends , I really hope you've enjoyed it .

Please give it a thumbs up if you have and make sure you're subscribed for plenty more videos to come .

And until next time , take good care of ourselves and I'll see you around .


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