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2023-06-14 19:26:35

The 10 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas for 2022! 🥣🍽️

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Good morning guys .

It's Ruby and I'm back again with another Vegas guide video .

Today we are doing the best restaurant in Las Vegas .

Now , these are just my best .

There are so many amazing restaurants in Vegas and varying price points .

I have tried to narrow it down for you to give you guys my best top recommendations .

Let's get started with some brunch .

Seated at Gabby .

Always make sure to request to sit on the patio .

The view is beautiful .

I have ordered my full of cappuccino for the same price that you would pay for Starbucks coffee and way way better quality .

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We have ordered our mains and I can't wait to show you guys what we got .

Our brunch has arrived .

I got the crepe which was bananas .

Foster .

Mr Ruby got a ham and cheese omelet .

That looks amazing .

We got some hash browns and bacon to split on the side .

They have a couple of different flavors of cripe .

So you just have to ask what it is for that day .

Absolutely .

Recommend Monami Gaby .

You guys .

It's my favorite brunch place .

You can come with your group gets sit out on the beautiful patio .

If the weather is not ideal , the atrium is gorgeous and so is the main dining area .

You really can't go wrong .

They do have lunch and dinner as well .

Serving amazing authentic French food .

It's a great place and a pretty decent price point as well .

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Next on our list , we are going to get some Asian food up on the second floor of circa tucked into the corner is eight East .

This place is owned by the same people that own La Thai .

If you love that place downtown here , you're going to have Asian Fusion some incredible bites and apps .

Everything's amazing and it's happy hour right now , let's go get something to eat .

We walked in to get our favorites which are the short rib dumplings and the brisket fried rice .

But if the chef tells you there's a special on you get the special .

We were also told that the fried rice is excellent .

If you order it with the duck , not on the menu , just something you should definitely try guys .

If you're downtown , you got to come to eat East .

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Everything I've eaten here has always been so delicious and the price is so reasonable for how good the food is .

It is a definite must do .

And that is the reason it's in my top list .

Next up on our list of top 10 restaurants brings us downtown .

You are going to go to the plaza .

Of course , we are talking about Oscars , the fine dining , delicious steak restaurant that has the best atmosphere and the best food .

Let me take you inside .

We got our huge first round of appetizers , oysters on the half shell .

We were recommended with a champagne mignon at so excited .

I love oysters .

We have the crab cake .

Highly , highly recommend the crab cake here .

Flakey falls apart in your mouth .

It has a stone ground mustard sauce that's really good .

And our star also recommended to try a peat salad here .

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It's got toasted pecans and some it looks really delicious .

We're gonna be full before we even get to the main course .

I can't believe it .

We got our main , I'm so excited .

I am getting the filet .

I have mine medium rare .

Mr Ruby was recommended to get the rib cap because he likes to stick a little more done .

So all the fat in the rib cap is gonna just marbleize and be delicious .

He got his like a medium well and then we also got all the sauces to try , just finished our meal at Oscars .

Honestly , I recommend everything on the menu and this place manages to maintain a level of classy and sophisticated without being stuffy , which is a really hard line to draw .

This restaurant is absolutely amazing and it is a must do and it is in our top 10 for sure .

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Las vegas' must get reservation is here at Delilah .

Now there is no filming no photography in this restaurant .

Trust me , we've tried , but I will say this place is incredible .

The atmosphere is breathtaking and the food is fantastic .

I highly recommend the Beef Wellington for two .

You will not regret it .

My favorite cocktail was the Stepford Wife , which has some edible glitter on the side and they use a perfume bottle to spray some aromatics onto your cocktail .

We went here for my birthday dinner .

Our entire group loved the restaurant .

It is one of those perfect high end spots for a celebration .

Our newest addition to the top 10 best restaurants in Las Vegas has to go to Super Frico , a psychedelic Italian American Supper Club .

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The name Super Frico comes from Frico crust , which is actually the cheesy crusty layer that they put around their square crust pizzas and let me tell you they're an absolute must get the cocktail drinks fun here .

There are some like zany performers running around .

There are tons of hidden doors all branching off in Super Frico , a hidden reliquary and an awesome secret speakeasy ski lodge that has its own cocktail menu all themed around being in a ski resort .

It is an amazing time .

It is an experience and a delicious meal .

Super Frigo is definitely in the top 10 .

Next on our list .

We are headed to the Strapped and we are going to the top of the world restaurant here .

You're gonna find incredible service and amazing food .

My top recommendations are the salmon as well as the Golden Butter cake .

It's to die for .

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Speaking of , to die for the views in this restaurant are beyond anything .

You're gonna want to sit at one of the rotating tables takes about an hour and a half it time up perfectly with eating your meal .

This is a must do for special occasions .

Anniversaries and beyond .

It has to be in our top 10 list .

Our next top restaurant pick takes us slightly off the strip .

We are at Golden Steer .

Been here since 1958 .

You're going to find all that Vegas , old school charm and ambiance here with some incredible steaks , amazing tableside options and the service is top notch .

This place is beloved by locals and tourists alike .

It's definitely a must do and it has to be on our list .

Next up on our list , we have to go to Lago at the Bellagio .

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This is an Italian menu with an amazing view of the fountains .

This place is not talked about enough and I'm going to show you why .

Let's go inside .

We just got seated at Lago , make a request to sit out on the patio .

If you can't get the request , wait for a table , it's absolutely worth it .

We got our mains .

The server recommended that I try the egg .

He said it's one of his favorite dishes .

It has beef and pork stuffing and cheese .

Cannot wait .

We had to get risotto .

I love risotto .

So we got a trouble .

Risotto and Mr Ruby got the file .

So just a six ounce filet comes with potatoes and green beans .

Everything was incredible .

I'm gonna dig into mine now .

Yeah , it's so funny .

Just finished up at LAGO .

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Honestly , you guys , I don't know why this place isn't raved about more .

This has got to be one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Las Vegas .

This place is an absolute must do .

If you are anywhere near the Bellagio , please stop in here and have some dinner .

You will not regret it .

Know of course , an absolute must do restaurant is going to be the May Fair Supper Club here at the Bellagio .

One of my absolute favorites and a top recommendation for me is to come here , check out the amazing live show and enjoy amazing fine dining .

You have to come and try this place out , get the cotton candy champagne cocktail and enjoy the show .

So if you want to dine at the Mayfair supper Club , you do have to make a reservation to be in the dining room area .

They do have like a small bar where you can try to get seating .

I definitely recommend a reservation earlier in the evening .

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It's going to be more family friendly , old school songs .

Later on in the evening , it gets a little sexy , there's some dancing either way .

This is a Musket reservation .

I come here to celebrate all the time .

And I think you guys will love celebrating here too .

Our next pick on the list of best restaurants in Las Vegas has got to be Tao Asian bistro .

This is on the second floor of the Grand Canal shops and here you're gonna find a fantastic restaurant for celebrations .

We came with a huge group for a birthday and had a blast .

The is stunning .

They have a live DJ playing fun music .

The sushi is delicious .

Make sure you get the fortune cookie dessert .

It's a giant fortune cookie filled with cream .

Everything about this restaurant is a blast and you guys will love it .

Definitely had to make our top 10 list .

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And so in no particular order , that was my list of all of the top restaurants in Vegas .

Like I said , Vegas is a dining destination like no other .

And there is so much incredible food here that these are just the ones that I've found that I really loved .

Let me know down below if your favorite was on this list or if there's somewhere else that you absolutely love is your favorite place .

I hope that I gave you a few suggestions to add to your next Vegas trip and I will see you guys all in my next one .


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