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2023-06-14 19:26:16

Audi R8 Oil Change & Valve Cleaning with MASTER Audi Mechanic!

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What is up guys ?

So Canadian Rider here , we're in Newmarket Ontario .

I'm with Bill here in the best Audi shop garage , auto sports in all of Ontario .

I drove 106 kilometers to get here from Stoney Creek , which is crazy .

You guys know I got the Audi , we did the paint correction on it .

So the paint is all perfect now it's really good , but I need to get the maintenance done .

So my name is Bill .

This is Garage Autosport that we are currently standing in .

Uh This is beautiful R eight V eight .

Pride and joy , my pride and joy that we're going to be taken care of today .

So we're going to take care of a few maintenance points , original belt on the car .

So we're going to get that taken care of uh oil change , intake , carbon cleaning , which is going to get rid of all that famous build up from the intake system of the FS , right ?

Especially because this car is 10 years old .

I want to make sure that's good and done with .

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And then what are we using the oil change ?

Uh Today we'll be using a limo five W 40 top 4100 , but the car hasn't had its oil change in two years .

So , even though it's only got 6000 kilometers on it , two years is kind of too far for that time is a big thing , especially when the car is not started .

Frequently .

You can get a lot of fuel , build up , a lot of moisture , build up in the oil from you for too long .

So we're gonna watch Bill .

He's going to go ahead and really work on my beauty here and I'll bring you guys along on the process .

Belt , change the oil change , the air filter change .

And I'm going to see how dirty the air filters are .

I have no idea .

I haven't checked .

These lifts are rotary £7000 specifically designed for us .

You cannot buy this combo out of the book .

These were our color , our arms , our pads only the best bill knows what he's talking about too , which is really great .

You know , when you talk to the guys and you can sense that they don't really know what they're talking about after my conversation with him .

I was like , this is the place I need to go however far I have to drive and I drove .

It was really far .

It took an hour and 42 minutes to get here .

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I wonder how beautiful this oil is actually .

Can't be that bad .

This is old , right ?

I can guarantee it stinks like gas but it's probably not dirty .

It's , it , it's probably not worn out .

And the big thing is , is that I wanna get a new filter in there too .

Like , it was never changed .

That's a little , yeah .

So , I have no , I don't know when the loss of the filter was changed and it's just like , that's a little odd .

Guessing is not fun .

I know .

I don't like guessing .

Especially with a car like this .

One of how many plugs does this thing have ?

Uh , this one only has three ?

Ok .

One of 33 drain plugs out oils draining .

It is nice seeing no rust down here , right ?

Like German cars , there's no rust down here at all .

So Bill is gonna be replacing this belt right here .

So engine pully belt , 10 years old should replace it .

It doesn't look , it doesn't look damage , but rubber just breaks down over time .

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So , yeah , this is a new belt .

This is the old belt .

You've got the single line in the middle worn from the idler , right ?

And if you flip it over , that's when you start to see the rubber degrading .

You can see a small , I see that right there , guys , you can see all the micro cracks .

There's a few more bigger cracks there .

Well , it's important to stay on top of this stuff before it leaves you somewhere that's gonna go on .

This is the new belt that's going on it .

Now , clean good contact surface .

It's got a matte finish .

It hasn't been run before oil filter made in Austria .

The only difference between this one and the one that you buy from the dealership is the dealership .

It's called V W Audi stamp tier .

OK ?

No , I heard this is a really good brand .

It is , this is what they equip them with from the factory that good fresh oil straight out of the bottle every time like a fine wine .

Right .

Yeah .

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Good time to check the leaks .

One second buddy .

So this is an injector that we insert in the intake and it actually atomizes the cleaner coats the throttle and allows the cleaner to be carried through the intake system where it attaches itself to all the carbon , which is very , very soft and allows a lot of fluid to come in .

Um , so , and attach itself to the carbon .

It starts to break down the carbon .

So once the entire machine has run through , what we'll do is we shut the car off .

We let it sit for 10 , 15 minutes , let the carbon , let the cleaner really sink into the carbon and then we start it up .

Everything is shaken loose , drawn through the intake and burned harmlessly through the exhaust .

Nice .

Wow .

Yeah , because you don't want to wait until something bad happens .

You want to be preventative , correct .

They said carbon cleaning is not a reparative service .

It's preventative .

So this is going to spray the chemical into that .

Yep .

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And it's gonna atomize in the air just like a direct injector .

It actually , it's essentially , it's like installing a port fuel injector with pure cleaning solution into the car .

We're gonna raise this up to 80 .

Lock it in there , fire it up and we'll begin the service .

Right .

And make it a bit cloudy in here .

The pressure initially drops , pressurizing the system .

It only finds back up to 80 and you can hear the process has begun because the idol is already starting to drop below what it normally would be idling at .

See , see , it's pure , pure black to really smoke out .

Getting a lot of smoke .

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I'm just really bad to the right .

This will run for about 10 , 15 minutes .

As I said , we're going to run about 50% of it through the 14 50% to the other .

Not because of cylinder distribution , but just to clean both auto bodies equally .

Once that's run through , we're going to shut it off .

It's going to sit for about 10 , 15 minutes and then we're going to fire it up for a drive .

Oh my God , you spoke to somebody .

Let's spoke it a lot .

In this case , the more the better .

Right ?

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And sat for about 10 minutes , we turned it back on still a lot of smoke coming out , which means carbon is coming out .

It's getting very smoky in here still .

So there's still a lot to go .

How long does it have to run ?

Now ?

We'll run it for about five minutes and we'll take it for a test drive .

So , what do you usually look for on , like a test drive ?

Like when you do this test service bumps noises , uh , check to see if the vehicle is pulling steering wheels straight .

Any shifting issues whatsoever .

It could indicate sync damage or use in the past , right .

Which so far with yours , I haven't seen any of , um , anything that may seem unusual , really smallest things such as a wobble or the steering wheel being offset or anything like that could indicate a bigger problem .

You know , you'll know you have so much experience .

How long have you been doing this for ?

I've been doing it for about 12 years , I'd say .

And you work specifically on Audis and you're specialized in Audi and V W .

We've expanded our range .

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We now cover everything from European to exotic Ferrari , Porsche , Audi , Lamborghini Mercedes .


The majority of your customers are coming from Audi .

But you're expanding that .

Yeah .

So I found them through the Audi True North Forum and I'm like , who are the best guys in Ontario , you know , to work on my baby because I don't want anyone touching my love , my beautiful love without knowing what they're doing , right .

I want to make sure people have gone to them , their experience what they're doing .

They actually care about your car , right .

They're going to give you good service and honestly I've been blown away so far .

They're all right .

So guys , that's another thing , like when you're looking for a service or you're looking for someone to work on your car , you know what , go to the guys that will actually care for your car as much as you care about your car .

That's a big thing , right at this point , like money for this .

Something that I love like this doesn't matter to me as much as me getting a service from a guy that I know that I can trust .

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So all of our guys , they always go above and beyond and they love their guys like they're their own and they , they wouldn't treat it with any less respect than they would their own people .

It means a lot and we've spent a long time building up a good team for it .

Yeah .

And you guys have a lot of repeat customers because we let a room here see what happens .

Oh , it does sound nice .

It sounds nice .

It doesn't even have an exhaust yet .

Correct ?

Yeah .

All these cars are very , very well appointed from the factory .

Oh , yeah .

And you're gonna tell me how much that exhaust is and the paint protection and they're trying to tell me that I got a tune .

Oh , man , that's all to come .

Right .

The tune gives you 40 horsepower almost .

It's a significant for a naturally operating car , it's a significant gain .

Right .

Because usually with t you just turn up the p , I just go nuts out a little bit of boost .

A little bit of timing .

And your shop looks beautiful .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , like I'm taking a lot of videos of the shop , you guys will see the be , it's huge and it's a beautiful clean shop .

Like there's no better place to bring your car when it's like the shop is meticulously clean .

It speaks a lot to the people that are working at the shop .

Right .

Absolutely .

Yeah , just pull it up here , but everything else looks good .

Everything it perfect considering the quality of the suspension , considering , you know that you have a little bit of leaks going on .

Beautiful .

That's exactly what I want to hear .

Let's roll .

All right guys , Audi R A is now up to date with its maintenance .

I want to say a big , big thank you to Bill from garage auto sports .

These guys are phenomenal to work with him and this team super nice , super knowledgeable and these guys are experienced in Audis and in German cars and honestly in anything , I would trust these guys with my car and I wouldn't have to be like paranoid giving it to any other mechanic .

So again , I'm gonna be coming back here for my next maintenance on the R A and we're gonna be doing some other things with these guys and if you guys like this video , make sure you hit that like button , subscribe to the channel and I will see you guys in the next video .


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