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2023-06-14 19:26:10

THE CRAZIEST 2-STEP BATTLE and AWESOME Racing! - Import Face-Off Houston 2020!

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Little race car .

What's going on ?

Guys , cars across Texas here and we are down at Houston Raceway Park here in Baytown Texas for an import face off 2020 .

There's lots of cool cars here .

Lots of J D M stuff .

So again , excuse me , if I don't know what I'm talking about , I do not know J D M cars as well .

The new domestic cars but take a look around .

Let me know what your favorite card that this video is down in the comments below .

Let's get right to it .

The homie Sean's little uh next to Sinclair photos in the supercharged wide body F R s looking very nice .

The this is freaking sick .

I like this .

It's like a Baha bug .

That's awesome .

Got a little collection of uh G T R s here .

We got the R 33 G T R next to the his and her R 35 G T R .

Couple goals right here , man .

Couple goals .

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So we get the lady driven slammed out T C A K A T C on Instagram .

I don't know about you guys , but I think Dell Souls are just totally adorable .

He got his trophies out front .

I , I take it he's been here before or something .

Yeah , I see .

Import face off on there .

Look at that , that V check under the hood brother .

Now , I can appreciate a nice clean old school BMW , nice wheels with the ski rack .

I do like that a whole lot .

Well done , sir .

Possibly my favorite thing here .

This slam shopping cart .

That's amazing .

I love it .

And of course we got the S D R X seven .

Can't go wrong with that either .

Looks like he did it , took it into his own hands to make a custom spray paint job on it , which actually is kind of dope and it looks like he clear coated over it .

I do , I can't approve that .

That is good .

I like it something different .

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My brother , I think you're a little lost in the sea of uh J D M .

We have the old school nice .

You can always tell someone takes pride in their vehicle .

Look how immaculate this engine bay , the Holly E F I High Ram and everything .

All the chrome was perfectly polished .

Beautiful guys .

Should I get a ruckus ?

That's crazy .

It's like a slammed ruckus .

So , so looks like he likes to party a little bit .

Got the V MS racing wheels on here .

No hood gang brother .

Oh my God .

So I don't know why , but I'm a sucker for these like old boxy stylings from like the late eighties , whatever car it is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I really like , it looks like he likes to party a little bit under there .

But any time like an old car like this , like this sort of box there is a and I like it man but like all the old e thirties and stuff like that .

I , I , I tend to enjoy this style a whole lot .

Got a little another one next to it .

Black on gold .

My damn clean man .

I like it .

This little wide body S T I is a very nice , I like this a lot .

These little fender arches fit the car really nice little detail under the hood .

And of course you got like the racing seats with the harnesses in here .

This , this thing is super clean and of course we got the home auto dreams here when it's beautiful , beautiful N S X .

I think the only supercar in this parking lot and we also got the next two team corrupt in the like sort of old vintage cup style I think is cool .

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Gotta show the eclipse and love the four G 63 power baby , underappreciated car for sure .

I believe I haven't seen this guy out in forever man .

This blue has fits his car so well and I like the white wheels .

I typically don't like white wheels .

This guy pulls them off really nicely .

I love it , dude .

We got a cappuccino .

I love it .

There's no way in hell , I'd fit in this car .

I need both seats , but I'll put you in there .

Oh my God .

I love it .

Thanks to the massive Alabama themed truck .

Wow , this is a lot of Alabama , a lot of Crimson Tide or whatever they call their , their football team .

So we got the F D R X seven in a very nice green color .

A K , the Dorito Chip next two .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The Mark five super on some B Bs s with a big ass wing thing is clean though .

At the old school Civic type bar here .

Spoon sports .

That's amazing .

Amen .

Something different .

A wide body Hyundai Veloster , carbon fiber fender arches .

That's kind of cool .

What's going on ?

How are you ?

That's amazing .

So we got a Hellcat here and a little camel livery kind of looks like the Homely Firefly but in Hellcat form .

See , I don't , I don't know a whole lot of J D and stuff , but this old wagon is pretty cool .

Definitely uh seen some use over the years .

But hey man , keep it nice .

Like the bake man , the bikes kind of clean .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

So on the back of this uh rally beetle got the exhaust sticking out like a unicorn horn and then a very insightful sticker .

Nice .

Got a stands out wide body mustang .

That's pretty nice .

I like that .

X two , another F D R seven .

So who needs a headlight when you have a turbo ?

That needs more air .

Just take that out .

This thing looks pretty rowdy .

Oh , wow .

We have the stands out Gucci fiat wrapped in like a rainbow glittery paint with rainbow tent .

He still got the Gucci stripe on the , on the top though .

So we got the double trouble low boys .

The Mustangs .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Of course , we got five point Tampico here , but I didn't know the Homi Koa five oh bag his car .

I haven't seen this car in that long .

Looks good though .

And he got a cow hood .

So we got the infinity here with the big old wing in the back .

And uh , the Pizza Hut thing , of course , we got the Homi Armani .

It is not so import car here at import face off that military green on the bronze and he got the color change in headlights .

One of these things is not like the others got a Mark five super on some R eight s next to two , mark fours .

This one particularly looks like he means some business on the 15 and 12 in the back looks pretty wild .

Oh my gosh .

Look at the puppies .

Oh , yeah .

No vegans here , baby .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's a lot of meat .

So we got an old Mazda R X three that looks like he means some business .

He got the skinny up front and he slicks in the rear .

There's a hole in the hood but I don't know what for , I take it that he's missing something here .

He had a little rotary down there .

She , it's a very clean wide body IBO .

I like that color on it .

Who needs the headlight when you got more air next to the very nice 14 .

Don't hate me , please .

But that color is pretty sick .

It's like baby blue now .

I'm pretty sure this car right here was a sema build wide body supra with the big old wing and you got pure turbo stickers on there .

So I take it , but there is some sort of upgraded turbo system on here .

I like it very nice .

E 46 M three on the slicks all around those auto cross wheel and tire set up .

I like it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then we have a gaggle of Lexuses or Lexi Lexuses .

Do you like the old , like these ?

I do that one .

I like that set up a whole lot , slammed mustang carbon fenders and under the hood .

Got a big old Pro charger .

Wow , that is a lot of color .

That is an interesting look .

It's like blue , purple , green , everything under the sun with purple and pink stripes .

That's a whole lot of color and a whole lot of sparkle .

So this is paint .

What ?

What ?

That's crazy .

It's sorry , J D M guys .

But this is how you make any , any J D M car .

Cool .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You slap a good old fashioned L s in there .

I mean , you also can't go wrong with a good old two J swap with a fat turbo .

This car is probably pretty damn fast .

If I were to guess if I was a betting man , I'd guess I got the bead locks in the back .

That's a pretty clean set up .

The Bellos .

I like those blue accents a lot is , you know what the Hondas mean business when they got big old Mickey Thompson's up front that stick out two inches .

Mhm .

You guys need to move from .

There is a lot of fast little Hondas here today , man .

Look at that of good Lord .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Got another one right over here .

Yeah , that is a lot of turbo .

We got the Beatle race car .

Yes , sir .

So this , this little beetle thing right here sounded smelled and looks very rowdy smell like straight Methanol .

And you got the exhaust that sticks out about a foot and a half .

All right .

So what's , uh , what's done to the beetle ?

The motor is 23 86 .

Ok .

Ok .

And there's that .

So the regular is uh , 1600 .

It sounded pretty rowdy as you rolled by .

Did you run it today on the track ?

What you put down ?

Uh , I taste it because the next week I go to the final in Texas .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know .

Ok .

Awesome , man .

Sweet , sweet .

I like this .

Oh , got another little beetle race car .

Did you break or you're just not trying to start it ?

Oh , man , the shopping cart is driving around up there .

I love it .

All right , guys , from what I'm aware of , uh , we're about to watch some races , but from what I'm aware of , there's a couple eight second cars in the property , a couple seven second cars in the property , but majority of the cars have not been ridiculously quick .

So bear with me .

I'll show a few races .

Probably not too many and , uh , we'll see how it goes .

Looks like we got a little F body Camaro versus AC seven Z 06 to start us off .

I think I've heard the C 706 run a few times and if I'm not mistaken , this car sounds damn near orgasmic .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Eight months that Z six just sat there and roasted his tires off for the first couple , double feet of the track .

2 14 s because nobody gets traction .

There we go pretty fast .

Oh , eight of 78 , 2nd quarter , man , I be at 1 61 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

So we got a Turbo L s new Edge mustang with the go fast drag racing wing on the back .

Is he just test pas he's just doing test hits for eighth mile .

Right .

Ladies and gentlemen , boys and girls .

There's a two step competition going on over yonder and I need that , need that in my life .

We're going build those carbon deposits .

I think he's already started .

21 go one .

I go make sure I got the E break up make sure we're not in gear here .

Let's listen .

Why I can barely hear the V R .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Bring it down , let's bring it down the idol in master of people out there .

My man .

Are you ready ?

Oh my God , brother .

All right .

So just so we can kind of figure out what's going on here .

Let me here for the Mazda .

Hello .

Poor guy in the Subaru .

All right .

So my man in the , so we appreciate you pulling up .

We're going to have you pull forward safely as I , that was the truth or the super .

Who's gonna pull ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , well , that came unexpected and that was freaking awesome .

All right , Maz , you got a little bit of a competition here .

I mean he brought it .

He what do you think , Keegan ?

Alright .

Bring it down , bring it down , hold on , hold on .

Oh my God .

Yeah .

Holy shit here anymore .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , no .

Oh my God .

The freaking hot .

We're gonna start with the challenger .

Let's go stuff on my God .

I know we got a vote to do when you vote .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Put your hands up .

So I can see it as well as hear it ladies .

My models help me out on this because I've screwed things up before .

Let me here for the challenge challenger .

The Honda that being said the master has one .

It is a clown .

Look it out .

You sounded great but it is a trial judge command hard though .

The close Yeah , he's not happy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , let's be real that as it looks .

Are you ready ?

Oh my God .

Super .

321 come out in a three series .

Give it to me in my ears .

Can't hold next .

He doesn't even need to go .

My ears can't take it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't wanna put too much .

Seems louder on the other side .

People who are not a fan of the A five .

What about the smart Mark three J Mark three Super versus the Civic .

Oh my God .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Oh oh Problem .

Once you pay Uber takes it .

No question .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Bring it down .

So .

Mhm oh To do that , I couldn't tell you he was , can't be as close but I got give it to me in three .

Oh my God brother .

Oh my God brother .

I think all those people got moved back a foot and a half against their will .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let me have that 321 , all guys .

If you are subscribed for the panel yet , I can't hear you anymore for the news for you guys .

I love my job .

Help for the challenge .

Yeah .

For the board forward .

Sing it as well .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You keeping a visual on this head to the , this is split down the the R 32 going out .

That's it .

That's OK .

It's a nin thing .

It's fun .

Remember what you heard before ?

Remember that ?

Hit to the chest Four Super .

Are you ready for one more ?

One more ?

King Kong .

Give it to me in 321 .

Who knows ?

Right .

But what do you guys think about this guy in car ?

What about for chest bumper over here ?

No .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my gosh .

All right .

How many models we got ?

Five ?

Looks like you guys get to vote .

Oh , the models are the tiebreaker .

Hold on .

Conceding .

Are you conceding ?

All right .

Hey , give him a round of applause .

Come on , man .

He's driving home , right ?

None of you guys are gonna have to push him out of here .

So say thank you .

Yeah .

Oh good , awesome .

Be proud , be proud .

Congratulations , sir .

How's it feel ?

Right ?

We're gonna take a picture and do all that ladies and gentle much coming up shortly here .

Oh my God .

A little so , you know , it's a rowdy little Honda when there's missing headlights pipes coming up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my gosh .

Look at this puppy .

She was so sweet .

So we're gonna end it off .

A couple of fast cars are going at it .

That little red card is rolling , man .

8 90 8 90 at 1 70 man .

She , that dude was cooking brother .

I think I need one .

Did you get that in Walmart ?

But yeah , hold on .

What's uh what am I looking at ?

Uh an electric Go Kart ?

Pretty much electric Go Kart .

That's , it has a pretty unique body .

But other than that , it's an electric Go Kart .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Nice .

You know what I know much like power it makes probably pretty toy , huh ?

It's a 800 watt .

Ok .

48 volt .

Um , it's about 25 .

I had made the whole Go Kart with like a bunch of cheap stuff and then I upgraded the battery packs to Nissan Leaf and , um , I have to catch up with the motor now .

Ok .

Ok .

So a golf cart motor is in the books .

Ok .

So no reduction though , you know , those golf cart motors like four big dudes golf club beer , you know like , ok , it looks like a couple of the fast guys are rolling up .

I do see the two J Sylvia .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that mean launch hard .

I think that man broke .

That sounds so good .

Oh my God .

Yeah , that's a fast car .

So he let off and that's still a nine second pass .

What the hell had 1 68 ?

Oh good lord brother .

He let off halfway down the track .

That was still in nine oh five .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I could only dream 4000 you and three 12 50 spinning like no other off the line man .

He doesn't have a wheelie bar though .

He let off .

And so in in a 55 .

Not bad brother .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , my God , dude , that white car is rolling 8 34 dude .

1 77 .

Oh my God .

All right , ladies and gentlemen , boys and girls hope you enjoyed the import face off 2020 video that I got lot of fun .

Step from the normal concept .

Another track day also had that two step competition .

I didn't film too much racing because you know , I mean 13 2nd passes are only so entertaining .

But anyways there's a couple of quick cards .

Hope you enjoyed and catch the next video guys .

See you .

So look guys , Mr Sinclair Photos .

Got me a trophy .

Thanks man .

See you later .

I got , I'm the best F R S .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You're oh my God .

I don't think I can .

What , what , so what's the set up you got in here that I have a 320 alternator ?

I have the you need .

Did you get that video ?

I did .

Can I find that video on youtube cars across Texas ?

So I need , oh my God , dude .


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