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uh , the BMW m 41 of my favourite looking M cars .

The F AD m four was released alongside the F ATM three back in 2013 , technically taking after the previous E 92 m three coup .

It was the first M car in that series to have the S 55 twin turbo engine producing 430 p .

S .

Thanks to this engine , it will do 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds leading on to a top unrestricted speed of 100 and 90 miles an hour .

The car with J , we're going to be looking at the 2014 BMW m four .

Now this being a 2014 model is a pre L C I version , so it's not face lifted now .

L c I , in case you're wondering , means life cycle impulse .

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Now we're going to be looking at what you get with this car now that you can buy these for as cheap as £24,000 in 2020 .

OK , so I'm going to do a quick walk around this m four because , as you can see , it's not a stock m four .

The power that's running is completely stock , but the rest of the car has a few cosmetic modifications , which are all genuine and performance parts .

So the front kidney grills on this car are from the competition .

So that's a fairly cheap enough mod to do .

But I have a mod I would recommend doing .

It just gets rid of the chrome on the outside , and it really complements the rest of this car with AD .

Now I personally would go for a black BMW badge still with the blue .

But just with the exterior chrome done in black and the BMW is still in chrome as well , just to give it that kind of offset behind the kidney grills .

I'm not sure if you can see , but there is some secure orange painted accents on the radiator support , which is really , really nice .

Nice little touch for the car .

But overall , you can see the car looks really aggressive , and especially with that front splitter , it just looks really , really nice .

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And I think one thing that's really important about the M four is it looks it is one of the best looking cars BMW have ever made .

In my opinion , we've got the non L C I lights .

That's the only downside I really have with this .

The styling of this car , the L C I lights look so much better , in my opinion .

But they're very , very expensive , which I'll get on to later .

You've got these nice m four badges here which are in gloss black .

The rest of the car has AD chrome as well , going off to the back this nice carbon lip spoiler which I really do think complements the rear because without that spoiler , it looks a bit flat .

And this lovely , aggressive rear diffuser which you can see here .

So I think the styling on this car is absolutely superb .

I would just recommend changing the lights to the L C I lights , But again , they're like £1000 just for the rear and £1000 for the front even more .

And with parts of this car getting stolen , and I wouldn't be surprised if they're probably nicked inside the M four cabin .

Now , what do you actually get for your money ?

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Well , you get these glorious bucket seats that really do support you and driving .

Although they're leather now with this car being more of a luxury , upmarket , everyday kind of car .

I wouldn't imagine using this just on weekends .

Leather is a really nice touch , however , for spirited driving .

I do prefer cloth seats or a cantara seats because it just gives you that little bit of grip , especially if you're skinny like me now from BMW SI .

Don't know if you would agree with me .

The top half of the dashboard always looks the best .

Everything below that kind of looks a bit boring and kind of an afterthought .

Take these air conditioning and radio controls , for example , In a car this expensive , you'd expect some a nicer design , like these big , chunky buttons .

It kind of reminds me of Alexis or one of those phones that old people use to call their grandchildren .

So I can't imagine using this armrest when I'm driving like this because , as you can see , I'm my elbow is kind of falling off of it .

So that doesn't work so great .

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And what's interesting about this car is we've got a hand brake now , which I think is really pointless in the M four , and you're probably thinking , Oh , you know , hand brakes are cool .

You know , automatic hand brakes are a pain in the arse .

Well , the problem with this handbrake is you've got an automatic gearbox like there's really nothing you're going to do that warrants pulling this handbrake up .

So and the other annoyance is when you drive off in a hurry , you forget to put it down .

It's easily done because it kind of blends into the whole interior .

I love the analogue dials on this , and I like how they've put a little display in the bottom right hand corner .

It's just traditional M car .

It's just so nice , and it's always something nice to watch and steering wheel adjustment .

It does come out towards you .

I prefer to have it on the furthest outs setting , but you do have a range of adjustment up , down and towards you , which is very important , I think , when looking for a car , because some cars don't do that .

In terms of pedal placement , the pedals are offset slightly to the right hand side .

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They haven't increased the width of the brake pedal , which I've noticed with some automatics , but I do think the brake pedal could be a little bit bigger and just a little bit bigger .

There's so much space down there , so there's no reason why .

And with this one , you have the added benefit of a sun roof .

Give it time .

The interior of the M four is actually a rather nice place to be a few things to note .

I think the home and car and sound system is a fantastic audio system , and you should aim to get one .

If you do not plan a stereo upgrade .

The M BT system isn't that outdated .

The only real difference in the newer L .

C I .

M fours is that you get a touch screen and software giving you new menu layouts and animations .

Down in the centre console , there is multiple buttons to adjust .

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The way the car drives heads up display is a bonus on this car , as it does provide quite useful when you're gunning it through the country lanes or when on track , the steering wheel is an aftermarket option , which is finished in a gorgeous perforated leather and al Tara I think the carbon really does finish off the interior , although this is not common in all the four models and extended leather would have been a nice option on the dashboard , too .

So the part you've all been waiting for ?

What is this car like to drive now when you start the car up in drive on the M four as standard , it comes with efficient sports and sports , So that's sport and suspension sport on the steering wheel .

Now I like this car in M one mode , but for the time being , I'm going to start off in comfort across the board .

So let's see what this car is actually like to drive .

And already it feels really normal .

Just like fooling around all of these country lanes and stuff like that .

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I don't feel like I'm in something really powerful .

I'm not in a 430 brake horse power rear wheel drive M car .

I'm in just a BMW , and I think that's what one of these things with these cars is .

They're definitely daily drivers like I couldn't imagine buying one of these and only using it on the weekend because it just doesn't feel as special as , say , a Porsche .

For example , the experience that Porsche gives you is from my experience , one of the best driving experiences you could ever have .

Now this is different .

This is outright performance .

This is .

Put your foot down , head to the back of the seat , Turbo charged .

You know it's lay the exhaust , crackles and pops .

Speaking of exhaust , let's have a listen to what the M four sounds like .

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Acceleration is brutal .

The whole everything about this car is like outlandish .

And that's kind of what it's really good at being .

You know , the rear end steps out the way it looks is just incredible compared to like an equivalent Porsche for the same money .

And you see lots of these cars modified online and people have done some crazy things with this , even like a satin black wrap just makes the car look so aggressive .

And it is , as I said earlier , one of the best looking BMW M cars that they've ever produced .

It just looks perfect on every single angle .

I don't think there's an angle that this card doesn't look good in .

If you disagree with me , please put it in the comment section below .

Now everything changes when we press this M one button so immediately it doesn't downshift , but I've noticed a slight weight change in the steering wheel .

The suspension feels a bit firmer , and the throttle response is a bit more responsive .

So that's nice .

It's It's smart , it's intelligent .

I hate automatic systems .

Bearing in mind .

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This is dual clutch .

It's not a to converter .

I hate automatic systems where they just don't know what you want to do .

You know , they they're struggling , and I feel like that this car is like that in comfort mode .

But second , you press M one .

It's absolutely phenomenal .

I'm the type of person that prefers cars where there is only one drive setting and you either like it or you don't has a multitude of options .

But comfort for me just doesn't cut it .

It lacks that responsiveness in all departments and really nullify the driving experience .

Sport , however , is superb .

It sharpens throttle response , increases the weight in the steering wheel and makes the car feel sharper and more agile .

Now we're in sport , plus so pressing the M two button we've gone to sport .

Plus , now we've got sport plus across our throttle response , our suspension and our steering .

I'm going to put my foot down .

Let's see what happens .

So without even worrying about it , the car picks up to national speed limit like I barely hit fourth and we're already up there and we didn't even make use of the full REV range .

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We're hitting 5000 r PM .

I know it's on this road because of the car set up .

It does follow the road a lot , and in some ways it feels a bit .

You have to be very on the ball with the car .

It's following the camera and undulations of the road , and I don't know if that's because of the wheel set up , but it feels a bit like you really have to You just the M four overall doesn't feel like a traditional sports car , but more like a fast business executive car .

It's a nice place to be , and the gear ratios really compliment spirited day to day driving without compromising long motorway journeys , the power curve and the first generation M four is quite spiky , making the rear easily excitable .

A re map will sort this out and you don't have to always increase the power , but I'm throwing this car about like I would my Clio and Actually , it feels really good .

It feels really compliant .

Not at one point in my brain .

I'm thinking , Wow , I've got 440 brake horsepower in sport , plus to the rear wheels .

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It's it's going good .

What you don't get is the same feeling you do in a super car , a mid engine super car where you low down to the ground and you have a lot more confidence going into the corners .

You do sit fairly high in this car .

That's kind of my only gripe .

Seats feel really firm .

The bolster adjustment keeps us from sliding around into the seats and stuff , but I will say in sport Plus , on these roads it's still very , very bumpy .

So I reverted it back to my favourite setting , which is M one M one and M two are configurable by the user .

And in this particular case , M one is sport across all the different settings .

And one thing I've noticed when driving this car is the gear ratios you cannot even hit past fourth gear and you're already breaking the speed limit .

So for the enjoyment factor , yeah , you only need to really downshift and upshift one or two gears going around the country lanes as well .

You don't really want to be going through so many gears , but it feels enjoyable like you're not .

It hasn't really come across my mind like the gears need to be shorter .

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The car picks up pace very quickly .

That's all helped to that .

To win Turbo .

Now , despite having 500 Newton metres of torque , the way it puts its power down is really confidence inspiring .

It doesn't feel like it's going to break out on you now , obviously , going around the corner in sport class , traction eased off .

It's going to snap the back end out .

That's to be expected , but the way it puts its foot down normally , even on a really bumpy road like this , it's just It's instant .

It's so nice .

Now .

The gearbox isn't as fast as like a P D K gearbox , so it does take a while to change down .

So you really have to be on the board with when you want to change down a gear .

Enough about the performance .

Let's talk about the boring stuff .

You can expect 28 MPG on the motorway 16 around town which making an average of around 20 MPG in today's climate , the car will cost around £75 to fill up a full tank .

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With these cars , there is no scheduled maintenance like you would find with other cars .

The car is clever enough to know what service it needs and when it needs it .

Now , around 35 K or 50 k miles , you may find that it will need a major service , so I would recommend buying one with it .

But if you need to do it , you can expect a cost of around 253 £100 for a minor service , which we just talking oil , philtres oil and the pollen philtre and a major service around £800 which that and a lot more .

If you need additional fluids such as brake fluid or differential fluid , you were talking about an extra 102 £100 .

On top of that price , brake fluids will need doing every two years mind .

A set of four Michelin pilot sport tyres will cost you around £713 plus fitting brake discs and pads will cost you around £2050 with the disc making up 80% of that cost .

Now that doesn't include fitting , either .

So overall , what do I like about this car then ?

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So the interior is great like , Yeah , it's a bit boring , but it really fills up market and professional .

The styling of this car is absolutely gorgeous , and I love these cars , especially the later generation LCI models 67 plate and above .

They look absolutely amazing .

But if you can get a 17 plate version of this car , a late 17 plate , not a 67 you avoid paying the premium car tax and the car just looks gorgeous .

You get the updated systems .

Everything about it is just so nice .

Thank you for watching my review on the BMW m four .

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