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2023-06-14 19:25:32

My Turkish Kitchen Tour With Dining Balcony In Istanbul

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food and travel .

I'm very excited to make a kitchen tour .

You want it from me for a long time ?

So here we are .

Before we begin , I wanna tell you a couple of things .

I spent most of the time in a day in my kitchen .

As you probably all know , we have a balcony and uh mixed with like a living room kind of .

So we do spend a lot of time there too .

Sometimes I rush to film before , usually in the winter time before the sun sets the to have the light .

So things can get very mixed up my drawers and the cabos are not always very neat .

It's normal I think , but I wanted to make it as natural as possible before I begin to feel , wanted to organize the things that I already have with some little changes .

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I'm also going to talk about the ingredients .

I have a little bit about the Turkish cuisine , what we use most .

So let's begin here .

I have my little pantry and my leg is the rice .

I have some more here on the back and these are I use them .

Uh From here I have red lentils .

This is the ancient one from , this is b red pepper paste .

From last year I shared the recipe with you .

You can uh make it think of it a simple home version .

You can enjoy year long adding to your dishes and it gives really nice taste and color .

This is mix of tomato and red pepper paste .

This one , this is only tomato here .

Some uh coffee herbs .

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I have some uh buffers here , natural mineral water and uh my pastas and here I have my pants trays , my cake pan , different size .

This is very old to make baguettes .

I have in different sizes of rectangular pans that I use for uh making bread , round pans in different sizes .

I use them a lot .

I think they usually don't have it in Europe .

They have a in rectangular , but these are very good , especially when you make oven dishes .

I shared like many recipes with it on the uh lower shelf .

I have again the rectangular baking pans .

And when you continue from there , I have my good old refrigerator .

I had some trouble in the last weeks .

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Uh Thankfully , after changing one part , it is working now , I have some mineral water .

The leftover dishes , I have green lentil soup and some Turkish cur potato and rice dish .

And here I have fresh parsley and mint .

I keep it in here and I have my um cucumbers for the breakfast .

Some peppers , eggplants , lemons and some tomatoes .

Here here are my jams , the strawberry Queens orange rose .

And uh I have a little bit of yogurt left homemade .

These are vinegar .

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I mix it with water like one tablespoon vinegar with one cup of water .

One hour before the breakfast .

That's it .

And here is my oven .

I have a kettle here since it is uh very white .

It gets the heat better .

My tray here , uh on the back , I have uh these machines for uh waffle .

The other one makes mini doughnuts .

Uh This is for ice cream .

I'm planning to make the ice cream Turkish very soon .

And hopefully I'm gonna share with you .

And here I have these are usually I use for serving , uh , there .

Uh I use them to make soup large rice pudding on this site .

I have my coffee machine and I bought these jars .

These are new .

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I put tea , flour , sugar , earl gray tea and coffee in them .

Uh , they look very pretty and I'm also planning to use the sugar and flour when I feel .

So they will be handy here .

I think I put my cups in here .

Here .

I have my seasonings , a black pepper , red pepper flakes , oregano , mint and salt pepper .

The salt pepper has a more dense flavor and the smoky kind of flavor .

It's very smell , yummy .

I use it for here I have my utensils .

This is these are wood .

Um This is uh to carve a egg plant or a zucchini .

When you are making , this is to uh cut chestnut .

It is very useful .

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This is also for the stuffed pepper to make uh uh to take out the stamp part of the paper .

This is another uh gadget very handy .

Many of you asked me uh where I bought it from , this is from IKEA , but I don't think they sell it anymore .

And here I have another drawer .

These uh cutlery are for guests .

You don't use it daily .

And here I have baking papers , aluminum foils bags .

And these are the wooden molds for the cookies .

I make , I have different designs .

I have , I shared the recipe with you before .

These are for the uh picnic .

Hopefully we do it in the summer .

I have my here in different sizes and this is my silicon mat .

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The next thing here I use this part a lot .

I have my tea glasses .

This is the one I use the most and let me quickly show you how we use it .

We have these uh little saucers .

You put the glass here and serve it like this .

And when you drink , you drink it , you hold it from top .

Uh We don't put the tea all the way up and this is how you drink it .

I use this again when I'm filming , I like the colors and this is the top and here the one , we mostly use the glasses .

These are daily ones , we have different kinds of glasses and here on up , uh I have again glasses but uh I don't use them often .

I keep it for the guests because uh over the time they can get scratches uh in the dishwasher .

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So I keep them uh separate the and I don't use it daily .

They are coming to the part that you usually see when I'm filming because we are closer to the top .

I really like this part .

I keep my spatulas , the sifter .

I have uh this vis in different sizes and shapes and my copper , a small pan , they use it special for then you make a butter sauce with red pepper .

A be be pour over the uh soups before serving .

So uh I , I bought this one because it looks very pretty and the traditional one and this is the , and this is traditional to uh serve iron yogurt drink with it .

This is also new and very handy .

I really liked it because it is full glass .

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Even the top part , it is easy to clean my is glass .

It is not easy to take care of .

Uh after you clean it , you have to dry it with this cloth in this shelf .

It is the closest one to my uh before I had my teas and coffee .

But I decided to put my other seasonings as well as the yeast and the or the pasta and salad pasta .

I use it a lot for soups and rice .

My baking soda and this is solid .

It is the main ingredient for the Turkish ice cream as well as the milk drink .

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We made salad and on top , I have more double pots and more peel the parts for the hand blender .

Sometimes we do need more teapots than , especially when we have guests .

This is another part I use daily all the time .

It is very close to the uh table where we eat .

So I put the , the my plates that I use .

Mostly these are very sturdy and very light .

So I use them .

These are are my regular cutlery .

I put this kitchen towel because when you work , when you grab something , it can get dirty , you know .

So it is uh useful to uh cover it .

And here are my bows .

I use them a lot and I also have my food processor .

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This is very uh handy as you can see it's light and these are for the washing the rice and uh other like OK , I have this magnetic thing for my knives .

It is really useful to keep them here and take it out .

I really like it .

And we came to another pantry , I can say here it is .

Don't look at this .

I keep my dried fruits and nuts .

We usually eat with tea on the up .

I have cereal , the famous uh Tahini sesame paste and honey .

These are uh , I have cocoa powder , uh , corn , flour and corn starch or wheat starch in uh three of them .

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Here , I keep my baking powder and the vanilla in turkey .

We usually have these jars and then you buy honey or molasses .

This is like the traditional one we get .

So , uh , I have lots of them .

Uh That's why I didn't want to buy another uh jars to make it more like pretty .

So I wanted to still use them but to reorganize it to make it look pretty .

I just bought these lids in same colors .

I have also these smaller ones .

These are also old , very old from United States .

I really like the design .

It's very classic and I'm still using them .

Uh This is dried powder .

Uh You make soup with it .

The first really ancient uh soup , I can say I have shared the recipe , make sure to uh check down from the links .

It is also fermented .

So uh good for health .

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Uh you dry out and uh keep uh use it year long to make soup .

This is the tea brand I'm using mostly the favorite one is the chai teriyaki .

You always ask me again .

I want to mention that my cupboard doesn't always look like this .

Sometimes you buy many things from sale , for example .

So it doesn't look very me like this .

It's normal , I think since it's a living kitchen , I try to reorganize like once in a month and check my shelves .

What I have what I don't have what I need to finish before I buy something else .

So nothing is wasted .

I have my pants .

This is my bread machine .

This one is a power source .

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It , it changes the power from 2 20 to 110 because my mixer is from the United States and this is also very handy .

Uh I can place it like this .

I bought this also from IKEA .

OK .

Across to that bowl .

I just show this is my island .

I have another shelf here .

I have some serving plate here in the corner .

I have my uh onions , some walnuts , the hazelnuts are from Zone City .

It's been three years , I think I didn't go there .

So we are planning to go this year hopefully and show you .

Of course , it's really beautiful uh city .

It is really hard to collect hazelnuts by the way .

Uh Here is my kitchen island .

I don't usually put on here .

This is for you guys and I have some guests at home .

On top shelf .

I have in four different sizes of containers .

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Here , I have a rice , whole wheat flour and a sugar in them .

Uh Since I use a lot , I like to put them into this container .

I have my cast iron pans .

I use them daily almost .

I have my flour here .

It doesn't look very fancy but it is very useful because I use the flower a lot .

Since I make my bread at home , you can just put it right at the 10 kg of flour at once .

So I , I like to keep it here after the kitchen .

You come to the balcony , which is kind of a dining area .

Uh We have our TV .

Uh I keep uh some of the utensils that I don't use it or if I have the double ones and let me show you here that um I , I keep my table clothes here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is another small island .

I have , I use it when I film here in this area .

It is kind of small but sometimes I can still manage .

I have more spices here and this one is also covered , you can clean it if it's very common to ingredients from the kitchen .

If you know , you can write down in the comment section .

And here I have my kitchen towels .

These are the ones that I use most .

So they are on top .

And here I have uh some part of the a collection and this is the famous dining area we eat here .

And I also used to make my menus in here .

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I tried my best to show my kitchen and my utan seals a little bit .

I have lots of places to put , even though inside the cupboards can be updated for easy using , hopefully , I might need it later .

But so far I really love my kitchen .

It's a bit part time and I film because I'm all over the kitchen island and I back to the store filming with my camera going everywhere with the light and everything .

Feel it a bit squeezy because of the filming .

Otherwise I think it is reasonably big enough for a small family and that's it .

I really love my view if you have any questions , uh , you can ask me .

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I'm on my way with new recipes from this kitchen as well as uh planning new , excited trips to the Black Sea region to discover more new cities .

I'm very excited .

I can't wait to begin our trip .

They are also in a kind of a big moment for my daughter because she's gonna take an exam for the university this Sunday .

Please do pray for her .

Uh I hope she's not gonna hear it .

I think she would watch watch later because she's still studying .

It's really a big test for two days .

There are like millions of teenagers wanting to go to the university .

She did her best .

Uh I'm very proud of her and so that's it .

This is from me for now .

Stay tuned for the ice cream recipe and more so .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel vlogs .

Bye .


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