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2023-06-14 19:25:00

My Super Gross Stay at Excalibur in Las Vegas 🤮

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That .

All right .

Here we go .

Yeah , like and subscribe , right .

The room was ready .

All right , we just got to the castle .

Ok .

I made a video a little while back of things that I thought were underrated in Las Vegas .

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And I said the Excalibur was underrated .

I specifically meant the casino part and like gambling and stuff .

I've never actually stayed here .

So I decided to book a night here just to see how it goes .

Not a great first impression .

Uh It's a little crusty in here .

Check out a this situation .

Get brain .

What is that ?

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So standard core products that you get at M G M resorts .

But apparently you don't even get a conditioner if you stay here .

I leave the hair silky and smooth .

So , so far I don't think that the green ranger would approve at last .

We agree on one thing .

I think our room could , needs to be cleaned again .

It's actually really , really dirty and the safe is broken .

Is there any way for us to just switch rooms possibly ?

Ok .

Change a plan and change of room guys .

It was so bad .

It was comical .

It was so dirty .

It was actually hysterical .

It , it looked like Linda Blair was staying in there .

I don't know what happened .

I called down .

They were super , super nice and apologetic .

We got a new room .

We lost our view but I walked in here and smelled the chlorine immediately .

The last one smelled like something .

It shouldn't have smelled like this is a lot better .

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Still a little beat up .

Now we're gonna go down maybe do a little gambling , explore the whole hotel and then hit the pool .

No , no elevator .

No .

Ok .

So after that adventure , we needed a cocktail .

I'm actually using a my Vegas reward for two for one cocktail .

So we're gonna save 14 bucks and just grab a quick drink to wash away the memories .

So this is Dick's last resort .

It's where you go to eat and they insult you while you do it .

Not my thing .

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But if you're into that kind of stuff , it's right over here .

The Guardian of Scaur stop looking at me .

Swan .

Ok .

So we got to the food court for lunch .

There are tons of options , particularly for breakfast .

I'm just enjoying some pick up sticks because I've never had it before .

We're going to eat all these sandwiches and then we're gonna go over to the pool .

Ok , we just got down to the Excalibur pool area .

There are actually four pools here .

However , only one is running right now just because it's really early in the season and they aren't fully staffed yet .

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It's also a Tuesday , but that being said there is one over there that has a water slide and that looks amazing .

So we're probably just gonna go take a dip my heart .

You will stay , baby , baby .

Ok .

So the pool here is about 95% little kids and the water is looking a little cloudy .

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Hello , Sarah .

Yes .

All right .

Just checking in .

So we got back from the pool , got ready .

Made a quick stop at H and M .

If you ever need like some fresh stuff , I needed some new socks and a sweatshirt .

Go over to the Miracle Mile shops or in Caesars .

They also have an H and M and now we are just waiting for our reservation at Nacho Daddy .

So let's go .

Perfect , I guess .

Ok , guys , we made it into Nacho daddy .

We ordered a huge plate of nachos .

Apparently never a dried chip here .

Also , I got a spicy cucumber margarita .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Supposedly they have the best margarita like six years running in Las Vegas and I even got a special surprise .

Ok , food just arrived .

Holy cow .

You can totally split this .

This is terrible food for a shark .

We just got the classic chicken nachos .

Ok .

I ordered a scorpion shot with an actual bug in it and I fished him out of there to put him on the lime .

All cute .

And it's crunchier than I thought .

It was gonna be all right .

Here we go .

Yeah , like and subscribe .

I didn't get you film it .

I didn't get you taking the shot .

Are you kidding ?

Are you kidding ?

I'll just give you .

Ok .

We just finished dinner at Nacho Daddy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Everything was really good .

The margarita was like that perfect blend where you could taste the alcohol but it wasn't like overpowering .

It was kind of sweet , kind of sour .

Um That bug shot was actually not as bad as I thought it was gonna be .

It was like a huge shot of tequila , but it was like a really high and super smooth tequila .

So besides being able to feel the bug go down your throat , it was actually ok , not to mention they give you the shot glass to go with it .

Overall really good .

The nacho plate was like 20 bucks .

You could easily split that for two people .

Now it is time to head back to Excalibur and we're going to do a little rambling .

All right , good morning everybody .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We woke up , grabbed some coffee , we're on our way to get a cheap breakfast , then we will head back and I will give you guys all my thoughts on the Excalibur time .

Yeah .

Ok .

Well , that was ridiculous .

We were just coming back from breakfast and it turned out they were filming a commercial for the 2020 Super and they shut down the strip .

So we got some really awesome shots of it .

You never know what you're going to see in Las Vegas guys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , you guys , let's give my OK , you guys time for me to give you my final thoughts on Excalibur .

So let's get the room out of the way you guys saw my first room , but I called down explained the situation .

They were incredibly nice .

They actually just switched our keys over .

So we didn't even have to go down to the desk and we got a new room and this one's fine .

It's fine .

It smells clean .

I mean , the TV , and the furniture really need to be replaced .

But overall , I mean , for the price point , if you're in a really tight budget or you're never in your room , it's fine .

Uh Location wise , you're in a pretty good spot .

You are able to walk right from a little walkway over to New York , New York .

You're also connected on the inside to the Luxor food options , tons of cheap eats in this place .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh There's two Starbucks , there's one on the casino floor that's open early if you need to get a coffee and I stand by what I said before where I really like the outside of this hotel .

I like the aesthetic , especially at night .

It looks really cool and it smells really clean on the casino floor .

It smells like lemons and I still really like the casino here .

There are a lot of games .

It's fun .

To play .

Stay here .

We usually do pretty well .

So while I will be back here to play , I don't think I'm going to stay here again .

So those are my thoughts on the Excalibur .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

If you did give it a thumbs up hit , subscribe , I will see you guys all in my next one .

Bye .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You didn't see me but here I am .

Be smashed to 64 again .


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