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2023-06-14 19:24:57

Ramadan Iftar 3 - Turkish Kofte Soup & One Bowl Easy Revani Dessert & More

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish Food and travel .

I'm excited to share a new Turkish dinner or if our menu with you with two new recipes to share .

The first one is a light dessert that you can put the ingredients together in two minutes and has a milk syrup that doesn't require boiling so easy and delicious .

The second one traditional Turkish egg chili .

It's easy to make one pot dish with the meatballs , vegetables and yogurt , lemon sauce packed in flavor and full of vitamins .

Let's get started .

I'm gonna double the amount of and freeze the half of it .

So I'm gonna give you the amount like this 500 g ground beef , one big size onion , six tablespoons rice .

This is pi , it's like broken rice .

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We have to use for uh making sweet large rice pudding or this kind of dishes .

But it's optional .

You can use regular rice , salt , pepper , egg for the cactus and some flour .

And these are the veggies for the second part .

I have some carrots , potatoes , lemon for the sauce and also some yogurt for the sauce .

We're gonna garnish it with parsley .

Of course , we're gonna use uh some olive oil and butter later .

So let's begin first .

I'm going to make my curve balls as always , I'm using my food processor , but you can also finely chop it by hand or grate the onions , which would be even better .

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After processing the onions , I'm gonna add my ground beef , rice , salt and black pepper in this recipe .

We are also going to use one egg to bind everything .

Don't worry , I did get the piece of egg shell out and process again .

It is always better to scrape down .

I just use my hand and my mixture is ready .

We just gonna make a small bowls .

Uh , actually , uh , you can also make it bigger .

It doesn't have to be very small even .

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Uh , traditionally , some people prefer to make it bigger , just Sprinkle some flour on top so they don't stick , you can shake it a little bit and continue to shape .

And with half of the mixture , I got lots of curve balls .

I'm gonna do the same to other half and freeze it .

I'm gonna keep my curers in the fridge until I use it .

Next .

I'm making my dessert .

If it's mixed syrup , it is also popular with which means three spoon from everything .

You just grab two eggs and add three spoon , granulated sugar .

Give it a mix .

Not too much .

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It's a one bowl dessert that you don't need to make too much steps or use mixer and to that .

I'm gonna add three tablespoon Selina .

You always ask me if it's the team or course one .

Uh I just wanted to show you closer because if you have only one type , it is probably course I also edit three heaped tablespoons , flour , three tablespoons , milk and olive oil .

You can also use vegetable oil .

Just give it the mix again .

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Actually , I forgot to add my baking powder and you can add it before mixing the dry ingredients and that's it .

Our batter is ready .

Use a small a baking pan for this .

Just oil the bottom .

Since our batter is not too much , it is better to use a medium size and bacon preheated 170 Celsius degree oven until you have nice golden color on top and bottom for the the syrup .

We use only one cup sugar and two cups of milk and whisk until the sugar is dissolved .

Since I had syrup left at home in the fridge .

I used the less sugar and use my syrup .

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As you can see , we didn't cook the syrup .

It's very light .

Our batter is cooked nice in golden color .

Just wait about five minutes until it is a bit cooled down and pour the syrup over it .

It sucks in no time .

Don't worry and pour all over it for me .

The best way to serve this kind of dessert is to Sprinkle good amount of unsweetened coconut flakes and it's ready .

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Let me show you my frozen balls for the next time I'm gonna use in , I put them on a plate in two layers , placing plastic bag between the layers so they don't stick and transfer it in a freezer bag after it is set before I continue my , I wanted to cook my side dish .

Our favorite one with pasta .

It's a traditional side dish in Turkish cuisine .

We eat with every dish I can say I have the detailed recipe .

Make sure to watch it if you want to try .

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I usually prefer to make it with pasta , but it can also be only with rice .

Both ways are delicious .

Now , let's get back to and cook it .

My balls are ready from the fridge .

I peeled my potatoes and carrots , guys , the carrots first in medium size about one centimeter or more .

And I have big white pan , melted some butter and going to saute my carrots first for about 34 minutes .

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And while I'm them , I'm gonna cut my potatoes again in the same size or a little bit bigger because they cook faster than the carrots .

Adding about four tablespoons , olive oil and the potatoes make sure the carrots are about uh cooked like four minutes before adding the potatoes .

So it will be more flavorful and continue to saute for a couple of more minutes after that .

I added one liter of hot water .

Sorry , I thought I was recording here but looks like I didn't .

And now it's time to add the meatballs , just scatter it around .

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So they don't stick to each other and gently give it a steer , season it with some salt about a teaspoon leveled .

I added and cook simmering until the potatoes and carrots are soft .

Meanwhile , I'm going to prepare the sauce for the , which we call the name means sour and the sour comes from the , it is one cup yogurt about two tablespoons , all purpose flour along with half to one juice of lemon .

Give it a good mix .

And before we pour the mixture to our , we need to heat it up a little bit .

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So I'm gonna get some hot water from the soup and pour it to my yogurt mixture while mixing before I pour my sauce , I'm checking the veggies if they are done , they are nice and soft .

Just wanted to add one more to make sure it's hot and now pour it slowly while mixing the soup .

These steps are important .

Otherwise , the sauce can curdle so it won't be like a smooth mixture after the sauce .

I simmer it again to see .

It's bubbling and my is ready .

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Final touches for my table with a small plate of breakfast items to break our fast .

I have two types of dates , some cash cheese , olives and white cheese to serve it .

My menu .

I decided to make lettuce salad with some tomatoes and cucumbers along with lettuce .

I also chopped some parsley .

I placed my lettuce into two plates and scattered diced cucumbers and tomatoes over it .

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I remember from my childhood sometimes we scattered all these on top .

So I wanted to do that here too .

Drizzling good amount of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and some it's optional and it's ready .

I can't skip without mentioning it that the plates are from Germany from my mother , probably from 19 seventies and the time we were living there .

So it's very valuable for me .

I wanted to serve my in my new copper soup pot .

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The combination of meatballs , vegetables and sour lemony yogurt sauce makes it a hearty dish full of vitamins and flavors .

I called it a soup but it's more of a one pot main dish .

If you want a more richer menu , you can also eat it like grilled chicken to serve with the .

But since we had our dessert and some on the table , it was more than enough .

So give it a try and share your comments .

If we have similar recipes in your culture , I would be happy to hear them in the comments as well .

The also became our favorite .

It was finished in two days .

Give it a try .

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It's very easy to make to see my other menu ideas for if or dinner time , check the links and don't forget to follow my channel .

More menus are on the way .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel blogs .


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