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2023-06-14 19:24:40

ANGRY KAREN COP Tries to Bust Car Meet but FAILS!!

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Got the crystal red C six Z R one rolling up .

My hand is in a super weird position right now , but we are here at some car meets here .

It's the first one .

It's hosted by my buddy with the G T R .

Just a comment , I'll leave his Instagram link down below .

There's already some pretty good cars here .

We got the H BC vet out here and kind of like exotics and other modified cars and stuff .

So without further ado , let's go looking around real quick .

Let me know what your favorite car is in today's video and let's get right to it .

Possibly my favorite car here at the moment .

The Napier green 5 70 s , this color is very , very nice in person .

It's like green with a gold flake .

I'm not sure if my camera is doing that much justice but very nice .

Oh my gosh , I'm telling you , it's not my video if there's no puppies in it .

What do y'all think about a dog compilation at the end of the year ?

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We got the mega raptor .

Oh my goodness .

Absolutely crazy .

Look at that wheel and tire set up the bead locks , right ?

So we got a turbo S S here .

A turbo 01 .

Excuse me .

Pardon ?

My French smells lovely .

Well , look at you Mr Fast guy .

We got the high ram on the C six .

So we got the torch red C eight pulling up here .

Super , super nice .

We got all the new muscle cars pulling out .

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So , Torre C eight here and then we have the brand new G T 500 pulling up here .

Fun fact for you guys in the team .

Savage video .

The Shelby Truck that was kind of racing in that C eight was also his , we got more puppies here .

You .

Oh my goodness .

Oh , so we got the Z 01 here , the L A blower delete the twin Turbos .

I mean that's wild .

What the hell you think ?

So , this is the event organizer car right here .

The red G T R chrome , blue G T R , black G T R , white G T R A camo G T R over there .

No shortage of the G T R s here .

That's for sure .

We got pulling up in the crazy fast Vortex built motor Mustang , man .

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That sounds crazy .

Got the super , super nice old school Mustang .

Rolling up .

Look at that .

What a beauty .

That's wild .

You got the 5 70 year rolling out too , rolling out all the Mustang is rolling out the wide body Mustang with the big old wing , of course , Grant in the upgraded turbo Eco boost .

Yeah , I got a couple more yellow vets rolling in yellow C six Z .

Is that a yellow Z or ?

No ?

It's another yellow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

229.41 --> 316.13

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Good little line up .

Rolling out .

That man is so close to bottoming out .

Yeah .

Damn .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Hold on , let me get behind you .

Bye .

Oh my God , Jesus .

Good Lord .

Almighty .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

447.01 --> 519.09

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK .

So um we got a couple mustangs here .

A G T 500 a boost of 3000 .

I'm here for it .

So I'll leave it up to you guys .

Leave me a comment down below .

Do you like the wine or do you like the woosh ?

So I don't know what this dude's got up his ass but he's just been sitting here with a siren on .

We have permission to be here .

I don't know what's going on .

So I got super nice muling rolling out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This dude is like like I mean I'm all for the police like I am like I support the cops like I'm not one of the dudes that sits here and goes f 12 , 12 , 12 .

But don't be dumb like what are you doing ?

And so when I tried talking to him , he knows he's wrong .

So he just rolls up his window and doesn't talk to me .

So he's super cool .

We went and talked to him and he's like he's like , yeah , you're on private property .

I , I can't really do anything .

The other dude is , has a stick up his ass or something .

Twin turbo 01 rolling up .

Hey , how much power does this thing make ?

1200 ?

Not bad .

That's pretty sick , man .

So we got a Karen cop that's probably gonna be a title .

Karen cop .

An noise car .

Me , here we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So tricking is about to , about to do a flip in front of the .

Oh that's funny .

So I don't know what the cool cops are going to do .

They're nice .

I like them homie over there is the douche bag though .

So I missed my car .

I got a couple of C seven Z S pulled up in the front making me miss my car just that much more .

Oh , there's another cop .

Yeah .

So he brought his buddy in and she's just going to block the thing too .

Cool .

Cup .

Karen cup .

The other dude over there is a cool cop and the chick just pulled up .

So I don't know if she's cool or not but Karen over there .

So we got an L M R carbon 65 vette .

Oh yeah , dude .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we got the homie and the super , super clean R 32 right hand drive .

Got the roll cage in the back .

Yes sir .

Super , super nice man .

Look at this .

So we got the homie .

What P G here ?

The super charger .

The sides of my head .

That's crazy .

Right .

Guys , on that note , I'm going to leave this meat .

There's one more meat happening today .

I'm going to see if that's worth anything and then head home .

You boys got some homework to do but hopefully enjoy this video .

We had the Karen cop who had a bunch of cool cars here .

So there's that I'm going to trade your car in .

Today's video was down in the comments below and I'll see you in the next one .


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