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2023-06-14 19:24:21

How to PROPERLY Fix Damaged & Bent Rims with Union Rim Repair!

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What is up guys ?

So Canadian writer here , I'm with John from Union Rim .

Today we're gonna be showing you how to professionally get your ribs fixed from any bend or cracker .

You might have John's been at Union for , for how long John ?

Uh right now we've been in business for about 10 years .

Uh It's actually a father some shop .

Ok .

Sorry , I was very , very small .

We start slowly , started to do some power recording .

The last thing we uh washy graphics actually and we started uh right .

So you guys saw in my R A that I had the rim finished and there was some markings and scratches and it was probably two bends .

When I got the tires this , you can see the video up here .

I got the Michelin pilot four tires installed and the guy was like there could be some beds here because it was just a little bit off balance .

So today we're gonna show you how he's going to inspect all that .

And I was looking for like the best shop in Toronto and obviously I found Union Rim .

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So he's gonna walk us through all those kind of steps what to look for and why it's important to actually make sure your rims are correctly balanced and they straight because it can affect a lot of parts in your car for sure .

So we're gonna walk you through that process right now .

Here's your wheels .

You just can't take on the balance machine here .

So now we're just gonna visually inspect them where we see if there's any wobbles .

We're just gonna look here .

I don't care about the tires .

I'm looking at the rim if it's spinning and it has a wobble , that means this rim is better and usually they're on the inside more than the face .

The face is supported by spokes , right ?

So , as you can see this one's bent .

Yep .

And we'll do that for all four rear .

We just check them out first , make sure , uh , you know , check them out and then , so you guys can see that Womble right there wobbling .

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Now , sometimes you don't just because it's not curve rash doesn't mean that it's not bent .

Sometimes the is curved but it's not bent .

It has nothing to do with .

This is strictly pothole damage , right ?

So , and I , I like 10 .

How bad is this on an average five out of 10 ?

It's a lot worse .

Ok .

So this is what's causing the vibrations I was feeling on the highway .

This is the rare one with the curve rash , right .

Yeah , right here about .

So this is , uh , the rear .

You see a little , there's a little hop in it , a little .

Not as bad as the other one .

Typically these will be on the same side of the car .

Not always , but this , this one and the other one it might have been on .

I'm not sure .

But you might know this , it's on the same side of the car .

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This is a sensor , lets try to avoid you out of the entire pressure monitor .

Just take it off .

Now comes out just like that .

Yeah , there it is .

Sometimes these , here they start corroding like the rubber seal right here .

It has to be replaced forever leak from there .

Ok .

Is it possible to damage that sensor ?

Of course .

Yeah .

If you're , if you're not , if you're not like paying attention for sure you can break it and they range anywhere between 50 to 300 .

It's a Lamborghini .

You .

All right .

Your kids .

Yeah .

Yeah , that would suck to pay $300 for a sensor each on four wheels .

All right .

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So was a sensor in the fire .

So essentially we just want to mark the sensors from where they came off of whether the right front , left rear , right rear , right front and so it goes back to the same place .

So the car doesn't get confused .

Sometimes some cars will reprogram themselves .

Sometimes you just got to make sure you do that with the sensors .

So without even putting that dial indicator on and see how it works .

Right .

Um I think so .

As you see , it's supposed to be within plus minus 12,000 plus minus .

Right ?

So now this is going , this is the big bed right here .

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It's almost 30,000 off .

Actually , there's two beds into this one .

There's one here , number one , three , there , three , back in this river here that one , 21 .

So this is uh say 12 , three , three bands .

Now we uh we heat it up and fix it and pull it essentially .

It's actually that skill .

That's the secret for Union Rim .

And that's why it's so important for them .

They perfected this over 10 years , 15 years of experience in using the right heat for the right type of wheel and managing to pull out the dent essentially out of the wheel appropriately without putting too much heat .

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That's gonna stress the rim and fatigue the alloy , whatever where the alloy may be and lead to a crack .

But also you don't want to burn it .

You just want just enough heat , heat up the rim to what you need to do and then massage out the dent .

Um So this process , I watch it very painstaking .

You have to be very diligent in exactly how you're doing this so that you're not impacting the integrity of the rim .

So what we're doing now , we're just uh as you can see the bend here , right ?

What we're doing is we need to heat the aluminum up a little bit just to make it some flexibility .

And then we literally bend it back in place with this machine .

It's essentially a hydraulic press .

And obviously , it's also again measured by a dial indicator and bring it with inspector , right .

So we're going to do the same , the dial indicator on the and I'm gonna see this one , you can tell like three here during the entire repair process .

The entire goal is to get the run out , which is basically the deviations from perfect circular in the rim to something along the tolerance of 30 thousands .

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That's typically what's deemed as acceptable tolerance or run out .

So the entire goal here is that you're never gonna get the rim perfect exactly circular , but you're going to get it within that tolerance that's acceptable .

So you don't actually feel any harmonic vibrations and everything else could be pretty much balanced out with the road force balancer and where to strategically place those wheel weights , the spec of plus minus like 7000 .

So jump over there , it will be corrected by machining it down if needed .

All right guys , that's how you properly fix your rims from a bend or some kind of crack .

You need to make sure you do it by a professional .

So that's why I went and found John from rim and showed me the step by step process on how to properly do this .

It's especially important , different type of metals , different type of alloys , you got to work the metal in a specific way , so you don't crack it or cause more damage or weaken the rim .

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So really thankful again from John for doing this , the next step in process now that the rims are straight in is powder coating and fixing the scuffs and the scratches that were on the base of the rim and getting a new color .

I wanted a toy with a few different colors and actually John went ahead and he showed me on a little test panel here , what a similar color would look like , you know , a little bit darker .

I'm thinking I keep the same color scheme but you know what , I'm open to options .

I've been looking at some other stuff too , the powder coating colors , let me know if in the comments down below should to keep a similar color to this .

Should I go with something else up here at thoughts ?

Make sure you guys like this video .

The next step John's going to walk us through how to properly , how to coat your rims .

So you have the perfect finish that will actually last for the life of the car .

Make sure you guys like this video .

Subscribe to the channel if you haven't already checked out , check out John from Union Ram .

If you got some curb rash or you need a wheel that's been fixed , check him out and I'll see you guys in the next video .


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