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2023-06-14 19:24:16

My 3 Night Stay at Resorts World Grand Opening in Las Vegas! 😲

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Cain Resort .

It's I A brand new era on Las Vegas .

Welcome to Resorts World .

We are here on the first ever night .

This Friday is the first night that they are open and nobody has been in this room but us we are here at the comrade today and uh we got a strip view king room sold .

Let me give you a quick room tour .

Right when you walk into the foyer , you have this huge mirror .

Your wet bar is here and there is a mini bar , but there's also a tiny little fridge here to put your drinks and things , which is great .

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And then they have a closet right near the doors and you get slippers and robes .

I love that first impressions .

I mean everything in here is brand new .

It does feel very spacious and very modern .

So right when you walk in through the foyer , you have your beautiful king size bed with a little bench at the end to sit and your end table .

I bet this is gonna be so comfortable .

I can't wait brand new mattress .

There's this really lovely seating area here with a nice sized table and then you have your dresser kind of underneath the television , which is huge and there is also a little bench there .

So lots of like little seating spots .

Our view is of the pool and oh my gosh , the pool looks amazing .

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Things got a little interesting .

This morning , we pulled into the VIP area to check into the Crockford .

You can't even pull in there .

A man is standing at the gate with like an earpiece and he's like checking your party name and it was all very like bond .

We get up to the desk and she tells us none of the Crockford rooms are ready .

None of them .

No one can stay in the Crockford on opening day .

Well , this was like awful news for us .

We were really upset because we wanted to show you guys all three towers and no one had told us that the rooms were not ready , but we are still going to be staying at Conrad and Hilton in this video .

I will be showing you price comparisons and talk about the resort as a whole .

Now we are starving .

So let's go get suns out buns out .

I'm hungry , got down for breakfast and we're here at suns out buns out , which is basically their casual breakfast .

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They do like breakfast sandwiches here and it's kind of like egg slut .

But Resorts World style , it's a really good sized sandwich .

I got the soft scramble .

So it's like scrambled eggs .

With chives .

There's a spicy mayo and cheese on a brioche .

I'm going to give it a try .

It looks so good .

I'm so hungry .

The spicy mayonnaise is so , so good with the eggs .

The eggs are creamy .

The brio is toasting a really good sandwich .

Just finished that suns out , buns out .

I really liked my sandwich .

I thought it was really good .

There were actually like onions in there that were caramelized and they were really good with the scrambled egg .

Uh The sandwiches were about 9 to $12 depending on which one you got .

Not a terrible price .

They also had like a little section that had mini doughnuts , fresh squeezed orange juice here .

Kind of a fun , casual fast spot .

But now I think we really need to go and check out the pool .

We are here at the Resorts World Pool Complex .

This is exactly what it feels like a complex .

There are five pools , but it's technically nine separate bodies of water .

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And my first impressions there is a ton of shade , lots of umbrellas .

The pool chairs are lux and delicious and amazing .

And there is actually a VIP pool area that we happen to be in and we are going to show you that as well .

Right behind me is sort of the main pool area .

It's a very long strip of two pools and ends in kind of a wrap around pool area back that way .

Very beautiful .

Most incredible .

And this pool area here is an exclusive perk for Crawford guests .

All of these chairs are paid chairs unless you are staying at Crawford's .

In which case , these are free for you to just reserve for yourself .

They also have Vannas here that you can rent .

Those will be $1000 and half of that will go towards food and beverage .

Yet another pool and bar area .

This is the mini bar and this one is focused on like gaming .

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There's a whole lawn here , tons of seating , kind of a place for people to game and relax and hang out behind me is the family pool or what I call the baby pool .

You see those like little splash pad areas .

It's really cute .

This is good for families and there's also a little bike snack bar right next door .

We are in the VIP pool area .

You do need to buy a chair , a day bed or a cabana in order to be in this area .

This is where you will find the very beautiful infinity pool area .

There's also a really lovely bar , really luxe area .

It's 21 up only .

So this is kind of a private area inside of the Resorts World Pool .

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We , we just got back from the pool .

We had such a wonderful time .

We met really nice people where we were relaxed .

It was amazing .

It's time to get changed and we're gonna explore a bunch of the food options .

We are at famous food Street eats , looking at all the amazing choices .

It was hard to decide when we noticed these kiosks here where you can actually just order whatever you want from any of these stalls .

So we can each get our own things and not have to wait in two lines .

So let's see what we get .

We decided to try three places .

First is Gale claypot rice and we also ordered from the Nori bar .

And lastly , we're going to eat a spring leaf prat place .

We are going to wait for our food to get called and then we're going to try all three .

OK .

So from spring leaf prat place , I ordered the Nazi Lama .

If you don't know what that is , it's actually like Malaysia's signature dish .

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It's really like their national dish and typically it's for breakfast , but you have a fried egg over coconut rice with peanuts and curry .

Let's give it a shot .

Super , super delicious .

You guys , the egg is runny and yummy and the curry is like spicy and has a great pig .

This is really good and I don't see this in a lot of places .

So from the Nori bar , I ordered a hand roll , they're hand rolls for only six bucks , which I think is a pretty good price if you just want a little snack .

So I got the salmon hand roll and it comes with dipping .

I got my soy sauce you get .

I love sushi .

This is good .

Mr Ruby also ordered from here .

We've been just eating and sharing off each other's food and this is from claypot rice bowl and we are having the chicken rice bowl because they ran all out of beef .

Supposedly , this is the best stall in here .

So let's see what the deal is .

We had to wait a long time for this one to get a piece of chicken .

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No , that's really good kids like fried rice .

I like my nazi la better .

A great perk to being a Crockford guest is that you have access to the Crockford gaming and lobby .

So you will have the gaming area here , which is high limit and there's also a private bar just for these guests .

Typically in the casino , the center bar is just a place you end up waiting for your room to be ready .

But here in Resorts World it's actually a really awesome spot and somewhere you kind of want to come and hang out and get a drink .

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You so Mr Oh , ok .

So a very fun kind of strange check-in day .

We got a ton of sun .

We ate some yummy food and I think we're gonna call it a night pretty early here .

But don't worry , we have two more days at Resorts World because we barely scratched the surface and we have a ton more to show you .

So I'll see you in the morning .

Good morning , everybody .

It was so nice to actually be able to relax in a room for once .

Staying here a couple of days is definitely nice .

We heard that the Conrad is offering an all you can eat , serve yourself continental style breakfast .

It's supposed to be in the lobby of the Conrad , but they told us that they're serving it out of the kitchen .

Currently , it's gonna be probably as close as you can get to a breakfast buffet here at Resorts World .

So we're gonna go check it out and see how it is .

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This is the all you can eat breakfast area and they do Southern comfort food with like a classy twist on it .

You have a whole range of hot plates , like biscuits and gravy , bacon sausage , breakfast , potatoes , hash .

And then on the other side , you have like your cool bar , which has fruits and pudding and oatmeal .

So we're going to grab a bunch of stuff .

First couple of bites are really , really awesome .

And I've never seen Dragon Fruit on a buffet .

I actually got , so I'm really excited to eat everything .

It looks really good .

Just finished our breakfast at the kitchen .

I know they're calling it a continental because it doesn't have a huge variety , but it was all you can eat at home .

Honestly , $25 for the hotel guests is such a great deal .

I really think this is such a nice option for people staying at the hotel to just come and get a breakfast for $25 and get really full .

Do keep in mind that drinks are not included in that .

Just so you're aware .

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So we really want to explore all of Resorts World and it's really large .

But I was going to start with talking about the hotels in case you aren't aware , Resorts World is made up of three separate towers , the Crockford , the Conrad and the Hilton Tower , they all have their own separate lobbies .

So let's go show you those the first lobby to check out would be the Hilton lobby .

You will know you're in here when you see a dog kissing a rabbit on top of a hippo .

This is the lobby for Hilton guest and it's usually the busiest same with .

So this is the Conrad lobby here .

You're going to find the iconic Liberace's piano as well as works of fine art that they're actually doing in here live .

And they also have a separate bar here just for Conrad gas .

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I wanted to show you guys the Crockford lobby , they have a private valet entrance where no one can come in unless you are staying in this hotel offer complimentary beverages here .

It's really , really beautiful .

It also has access right to the casino in the high limit area .

It's connected also to the Conrad and the Hilton lobbies .

When you come across from the Marigold restaurant by the cars here , you're going to get to the dog house .

This is their sports book in saloon .

They play live music here really often .

There's a decent sized sports book in the front and they also have a grilled cheese food truck called The Mouse House .

As you guys saw yesterday , we did eat at Famous Foods , which is right across from the dog house .

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There's an entrance here and we've eaten at like five of the stalls so far .

Everything's been really delicious .

Let's go walk through and take another peek in the center of the famous street foods .

You have a bar and this isn't just any bar .

You will go up to the bartender and order a pour card .

They will take your credit card information .

You then put this card on any of the beers you would like and it will pour you beer .

You can just keep coming back up to the stall and whenever you like as many times as you like , keep pouring beers for yourself and it will just charge your card .

So you don't have to keep going up to the bar to get your drinks here in the back end of the casino behind Gatsby's .

You have a restaurant row .

Viva Barey Garcia is here , Wally's which has like a cheese and wine .

There's also going to be fu which will open back here .

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A lot of cool options in this area of the restaurant row .

All right , we just had an amazing cocktail .

And here , kitty kitty , I got the Chun Lee which was like a smoother creamier version of a blue Hawaii to find here kitty kitty Secret Den .

You are going to come in the famous food hall and look around .

I'm not going to tell you where it is .

You have to find it for yourself , but I'll give you a hint .

I'm really close .

Good morning .

You guys last night was so much fun .

The Vice Den was awesome and then we ended up having some sushi at like midnight this morning , we are checking out of the Conrad room .

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I'm gonna wait to give you guys my final thoughts on it because I want to compare it to the next room we're staying in .

We are checking into the Hilton Tower , which is a little less expensive than this room .

So let's go and check that one out here .

We are at the Hilton first impression .

I'm kind of liking like Decor a little better .

Let's take a look around .

This room is 450 square feet .

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So that was our room tour .

Now we are gonna go downstairs .

We want to have an early dinner and then there's some cocktails that we want to go check out and we made it to Gatsby's .

We're having a pre dinner cocktail .

I had the Gatsby sour at their opening and it was so so good .

They also have a really impressive list of champagne and they have a secret menu .

It's not ready yet .

Unfortunately , for me to show you , our server did tell us about it though .

And it sounds amazing .

You're going to have to just come here to find it out for yourself .

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We are at Wally's here at Resorts World who have a few very exclusive locations .

I've heard only good things and been recommended here about six times .

They take no reservations and you have to wait in the line and I think it's going to be worth it because man , shark fruit boards are my favorite thing ever .

They have Wisconsin Hooks 10 year cheddar , which you never see anywhere .

And the Somali has recommended me a very delicious champagne .

So we are going to enjoy this before we go to our main , we got our main , I am trying the Truffle Caesar , which is apparently they like very popular salad .

They said this caesar is not made with any ancho , which is the thing that kind of draws me away from Caesar .

So I'm very excited to try it .

And Mr Ruby has gotten a waggy burger with truffle fries and truffle is like the main seller of this menu .

There is like , I swear so much money worth of truffles on top of the fries .

We're so excited .

We just finished our meal at Wally's .

I'm incredibly impressed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Wally's has three locations , Santa Monica , Beverly Hills and right here in Resorts World , the place looks very unpretentious from the front , but they have 2000 different wines and they were hoping to have about 8000 by the fall , which is incredible .

Our food was delicious .

Everything comes with truffle , just pile truffle on literally everything .

We loved our food at least come here for meat and cheese and talk to Somali and get some wine .

You will not be disappointed .

Thank you to Angel and Michelle .

You guys were amazing and now we are finished .

I'm going to head out for the night .

That's a difficult question because I didn't know we were in the information society .

This may be the longest final thoughts ever .

So I'm gonna try really hard not to go crazy and ramble .

I'll keep it as succinct as possible .

But you guys like how thorough I am and I'm going to be very thorough because this is a brand new hotel .

The first thing I wanna talk about would be the casino .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So when you first walk into the casino , it's , it's designed really smart .

I like the layout as a whole of the hotel .

The casino is just one long strip in the middle of the hotel with food and other things on the other side as well as the hotel rooms .

You're never really like in the casino .

Like , oh gosh , you gotta go all the way this way or all the way that way .

Even though this is a big resort , you can like easily get to where you need to go .

We loved the variety of the games .

They were all like brand new cabinets and some of them are really fun .

I also liked that they actually have beer cart girls in the casino .

This was really cool .

And we asked if this was gonna be a permanent thing .

And they told us , yes , girls are walking around pushing carts that have beers and waters and you can just grab them .

They will open it for you .

Hand it to you .

Please tip please .

Now the pool .

So I loved this pool .

We loved the pool .

I like that .

It was smaller pools .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I wasn't sure if that meant it was going to feel more crowded , but because there are so many separate areas to hang out , people spread out a lot amongst the pool areas .

So there were like an area with like middle aged couples hanging out .

There was an area where there were a lot of like teens over there chilling and then there's a family pool , the baby pool as I call it , which was genius because all the families with little , little kids were over in that area .

So you had kind of your own separate places .

They do have a VIP pool area and man , it's incredible .

It's beautiful .

The bar is amazing .

It's 21 enough only .

So it's kind of like more of a clubby atmosphere and the infinity pool was amazing .

That was obviously my favorite part .

But you have to pay to go in there .

And I don't know that that's necessary to come and enjoy the pool area because there are free chairs really close to the edges of the pools .

You don't have to pay to get a prime spot in the regular pool area and there's ample shade that you don't have to pay for some places you have to pay for umbrellas .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You don't have to pay for that here .

The pool area is luxurious and I loved it .

It was probably my favorite part of this hotel .

Let's call a spade , a spade .

The shopping and dining isn't finished here yet .

I think the hotel was finished enough to open , especially because this is sort of their soft opening and they started saying that more and more , the more we are here because I do think Fourth of July is meant to be their real opening .

The dining in here was fabulous .

The places that are open .

Fabulous .

The problems that occurred were the P OS system .

So the famous food hall , all those little stalls are entirely cashless .

They don't have registers at all in them .

You have to pay on a kiosk and you're just gonna get a text on your phone and you just walk up to the window and grab it except it was glitchy .

It wasn't working to the standard that it should have been yet .

And it's a shame because every single stall that I ate in there was incredible .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The food in there was top notch and they're unique dishes that you don't see everywhere .

I think the food is worth the hassle of the glitchy system .

And I'm just really hoping that they get that fixed soon for you guys .

When you come , they have cool bars and lounges in here .

Gatsby's is really cool and they hear kitty kitty vice that you guys have to go find that was really fun .

They don't have Starlet on 60 open yet , but when they do , it sounds like it's gonna be really awesome .

I'm really excited about the night life .

Obviously , they need to get the day club and nightclub open too .

And I think that will be fabulous location wise .

This is not the best location , same situation as like with Mandalay Bay where you're on the very far end , pretty much beside Circus Circus and like Sahara , we did a test .

It took about 30 minutes to walk to center strip and we're pretty speedy walkers .

Ok .

Now I'm gonna attempt to do the room comparisons and like give you my thoughts on the room .

First of all , let's address the Crawford situation .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Apparently , I ended up in the Las Vegas review journal and I also ended up on T M Z screaming free F and Brittany , which I'm super proud of but sorry , I swore mom , it was the champagne .

I swear the Crockford staff did everything in their power to apologize .

To us for the fact that the rooms were not ready and this wasn't a fault of the staff there .

Full disclosure .

We ended up being refunded for all three of our nights .

So I do think the staff made that right .

I think that they are trying really hard to leave a good impression despite the fact that the room wasn't ready when they are ready .

I am definitely gonna come back and give you guys a review .

Let me talk about the Conrad .

We originally paid $561 for our night .

Obviously , that's absurd , but it was opening day .

Uh We looked at what the prices are gonna be in the near future and it's about $300 a night .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The room was very nice .

The little touches inside made it feel very lux .

I remember in one review I said that I felt more comfortable here than in my house and I felt the same way about this room at the Conrad .

The towels were so plush and cozy and the robe was like super thick and wonderful and they give you slippers .

I love when they do things like that , having a fridge for your beverages .

I liked that room a lot at the Conrad comparing it to here at the Hilton Rooms .

I like the design in here almost a little bit better , but it is a little darker .

The lighting is not as intense because the ceilings are not as tall .

This is also just a smaller room .

The room is a little smaller .

The shower is smaller .

You don't have the water closet .

Both rooms had amazing toiletries .

My hair feels amazing .

That bottle of lotion .

I looked it up and it's a $65 bottle of lotion .

So you're getting top notch products .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love little details like that .

We paid for the Hilton room like $387 total .

Again , super expensive , but it's opening weekend .

I looked up the prices here and the rooms here , it seemed like between 250 to 2 75 they fluctuated a lot on the website from month to month that I was looking at .

What I'm gonna say is that I think because this hotel is just opened , I don't know that these are going to be the prices going forward circa and the virgin also had really high price rates for a while before they dropped down .

Here's the one thing I really want to point out to you guys before I kind of give you a should you stay here ?

Moment is that the customer service here has literally blown me away .

And I don't just mean at the desk or the people that comped us for the mistake .

Every human being that we spoke to in here was the nicest employee I've ever talked to .

They were going above and beyond and it's things that were little things that add up .

They are trying to make a mark here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think they're trying to say yes , we're here .

We feel so grateful that we got to come , stay in a grand opening weekend .

That is just so cool and it's not an opportunity that comes around a lot , a lot of the negatives that I'm saying are the growing pains and the hiccups from them trying to get open and I understand that , but I absolutely think anyone who's coming to Vegas in the near future should come and check it out in here .

As for me , I'm excited to come back .

I can't wait to review the Crockford for you guys and show Starlight on 66 .

And I also want to see if they worked out a lot of the kinks when I do come back in a few weeks time .

So that's my review , in my opinion .

I hope that I showed you guys everything so that you can make a decision for yourself .

Thank you guys for watching this one .

I really want to hear a dialogue in the comments about your guys's thoughts .

Would you stay ?

Are you gonna wait ?

What do you think ?

Thank you all so much .

I'm gonna see you all in my next one .


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