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2023-06-14 19:24:11

The BEST Cheap Eats in Las Vegas Under $10! 🍕🌮

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Hi guys .

It's Ruby back again with another Vegas food video .

We've already done the best cheap breakfast on the trip , but all your comments came rolling in .

What about all the other cheap eats ?

So today I'm going to be taking you all the way from the South Strip to the North Strip to show you the best cheap food for lunch , dinner and every meal in between come along and let's get started .

First up on our list of cheap eats is located here between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay inside the Mandalay Bay place shops and this is slice of Vegas here .

You can get a slice of cheese pizza for 4 95 .

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You can get a slice of pepperoni pizza for 5 45 garlic knots for a side of three is $3 or you can get six .

And then they also do whole pies that are a really reasonable price .

So this is a really great option .

If you are our next stop on our tour of cheap eats is right in between New York , New York and Park M G M , you are going to go to shake shack here .

They have really high quality food .

We're talking burgers , chicken , all kinds of delicious stuff .

Let's go on in and get something to eat .

Ok .

We got our food at Shake Shack .

Everything here is pretty much under $10 .

We decided to get the Shake Burger which was 6 19 .

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The Chicken Shack , which was 7 50 cheese fries , which were 4 15 .

They also had like a hot dog for four bucks , chicken nuggets for $5 .

So there's a little something for everybody and everything is pretty reasonably priced .

So let's dig in this .

It would not be a cheap eats video .

If we didn't mention the miracle mile , it is the promised land of cheap food .

Obviously , you agree with the chick fil A right out front .

If you don't feel like going in inside though , tons more cheap eats options .

Let's go .

I mentioned Earl of Sandwich in my best cheap breakfast video , but cheap lunches are also here and they are awesome .

You can get a sandwich here for about seven or eight bucks .

It's a fantastic place to come and get something light .

I really like the Thai chicken wrap because it feels more fresh .

It's got some veggies .

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So if you've been eating a lot of junk food , earl of sandwich is such a great choice .

A sit down option that I also featured in the cheap breakfast video is Ocean One bar and grill .

$5 for every lunch item .

Everything is $5 .

Beers are $3 cocktails , three for $10 .

That's one person gets three as you can see , this is the line so prepare to wait a little while .

Mhm .

This another awesome miracle mile option is ketchup burger from 11 o'clock to three PM Monday through Friday .

You can get the classic ketchup burger .

There are also other really good deals like two for one hot dog , Tuesdays and two for one chicken tender , Wednesdays .

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So this is a great option for some lunch .

The next step on our list of cheap eats is secret pizza inside the Cosmopolitan on the third floor .

Next to blue ribbon , you're going to find an unmarked hallway with a bunch of records on it .

Go in here to find some cheap good pizza .

Ok , we got our pizza from secret pizza for 5 25 .

You get a slice of cheese and all toppings are an additional 50 cents .

Sodas are four bucks , but you get a free refill .

So two sodas for two bucks each .

Not bad .

Let's see how it is .

Secret Pizza is probably one of the busiest places on this list .

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And for good reason , it's probably the best pizza we'll mention today .

The cheese is amazing .

And for a really upscale resort like the cosmo , this is a really cheap good find the next stop on our tour of cheap eats on the Las Vegas strip will take you to Bali and the Grand bazaar shops right out front .

There are a variety of cheap eats options here .

A favorite was Blue ribbon chicken .

However , we just found out they are closing permanently .

Don't worry , there are some other good cheap eats options and we're going to take you along .

Let's go .

So , one of my favorite places to stop in the Grand Mazar shops is pizza , pizza .

You can get a 5 50 slice of cheese .

They have a lot of cheap options .

They've got pretzels , pizza dogs , garlic nuts , all of it really reasonable .

A lot of it is under 10 bucks , a quick place to stop .

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There's also a really great ramen place that's got ramen for about 15 bucks .

So a couple of options here in the Grand Mazar shops for you guys .

Ok .

Next up on our list of cheap eats , we have made it to stage door .

This is a teeny tiny casino next to Bally's behind the flamingo .

If you go around the pool area here , they serve a quarter pound all beef hot dog and a beer for three bucks or you can just get yourself a beer for a dollar .

So let's go in and get one .

Ok , we got our hot dog and our beer .

This is a better deal than Casino Royal's hot dog .

But let's see how it stacks up because those are some of our favorite .

I'm gonna try it .

Just put mustard on it this time .

It's a nice thick juicy hot dog .

This is such a good deal tucked back a little ways , but it's a small little place .

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There's not a lot of people in here , come in here , get dollar beers , get yourself a hot dog deal .

Next on our list .

Probably our favorite is going to be in and out burger .

This may not be a huge deal to you who live on the west coast but us huge deal .

These burgers are top notch .

A cheeseburger .

Regular cheeseburger is about $3.55 A is going to run you like $8 to $9 for a double , double .

And you have to get the animal sauce for your fries .

You can order these animal style as well and you're going to get grilled onions and cheese .

Super , super good .

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We love eating here and it's time to smash inside Jara's .

You will find pizza cake where they have $6 slices of cheese and $7 slices of pepperoni pizza .

So a really decent cheese eats pizza option .

Next stop on our cheap eats journey is probably my absolute favorite cheap eats on this list right next to Jara's right across from the Mirage is Casino Rael and we are going to go inside and get a hot dog .

So let's go .

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So a lot of people on their cheap eats list will mention tacos , El Gordo because they have good cheap tacos .

I'm gonna tell you not to go there because the line is always insane and instead hop over here to tacos store , the line moves faster .

Tacos are about the same price and we think they're pretty good .

Ok .

We got our food within five minutes .

It would have been an hour .

Wait over at El Gordo .

These tacos are 20 cents more a piece .

But we think they taste super comparable .

You guys let me know in the comments if you tried both and which one you prefer .

But to us this place saves time and it's a really good she eats pastor also has outside seating which El Gordo does not .

Both of them are like within a block of each other .

And it's located directly across from resorts .

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Our next stop for cheap eats is perfect for a late lunch or an early dinner .

We were at the Pepper Mill , one of my favorite places that I mentioned in my bars and lounges .

But here in the restaurant , they do have a happy hour that has really good deals on food today .

What we are going to have is chicken fingers and fries for happy hour , which is from 3 to 6 every day .

Chicken fingers and fries are $9 .

So as you can see the food is here , this was $9 for happy hour .

It's like whole chicken breast .

These are huge .

So just ask for an extra plate , split it between two people , their food's reasonable even when it's not happy hour time .

And everything is so gigantic that if you split it , you're gonna save a lot of money .

So there you have it .

That is my list of our favorite cheap eats on the Las Vegas Strip .

Obviously , there are tons more .

There are food courts and places for you to go .

Comment down below on the ones we missed .

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Is there something else I should try .

What are your favorite cheap eats here in Las Vegas ?

If you enjoyed this video ?

Give it a thumbs up .

Thank you so much for being here and we will see you guys all in our next Vegas food video .


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