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2023-06-14 19:24:02

My Disappointing Stay at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.. 😒

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It's having a mimosa while we wait for our room .

Hey guys , it's Ruby .

Welcome to the iconic Caesars Palace .

Today we are in a one king room in the Octavius Tower .

Let me give you guys a tour .

Sweet .

Ok .

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First off you guys walking to the elevators from the lobby to get to this tower smelled like a straight sewer .

It was horrendous .

Other people were plugging their nose and everything .

It was crazy .

We were originally planning to book the cheapest room in the forum tower .

But when we got to the desk , she told us early check-in would be $45 and she would put it toward an upgrade .

And she literally said , you don't want to stay in the forum tower that does not bode super well for those rooms .

And honestly , this is the upgraded room and there's some things I'm not very happy about .

So we have stayed at Caesars before but upon checking in , I'm kind of surprised it's looking really worn in this room .

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Our headboard is really scratched , the couch looks very worn and there's just scuffs and dings and scratches like all over everything .

I think that's really disappointing for this price point .

Yeah , we have an absolutely incredible view of the best part of Caesars Palace , which is this pool we are like right above the circle Apollo pool area .

It's gorgeous and it also helps us to see if there's free chairs available for what we don't want to go downstairs .

I can't say too much bad about this bathroom though .

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There are some dings along the sink area , but huge beautiful tub , huge shower , separate water closet , like these bathrooms , very high end and very luxury and nice , sweet .

So that was the room tour .

Now , I will say for standard rooms , Caesars rooms are absolutely gigantic .

It's been a long time since we stayed here .

I really want to hit up some shopping .

There's some dining , we want to check out , but most importantly , it's 100 and 10 degrees outside .

We want to go to the pool .

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So no question about it .

Caesars Palace Pool is absolutely beautiful .

It's one of the prettiest in Las Vegas right now , the largest pool and another pool are reservation only meaning you have to buy a day bed or a cabana .

The day beds right now are $300 .

So for the rest of us , you don't want to pay extra .

You have this smaller corner pool called the Apollo pool or the cool fountain pool .

However , the fountain pool is freezing .

I don't understand how you're making .

People pay a resort fee for pools and then you're not letting them access all of them .

That huge amazing pool is just like empty .

I'm kind of blown away right now .

You guys .

So we got back from the pool .

We made the best of it .

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We were joking , we were in the peasants pool , but we have to go check out this property .

It is huge .

So we are gonna head out our way .

Caesars Casino is humongous .

It's gigantic .

There is no shortage of slot machines .

They have everything you could think of .

They do have one of the best sports books in Vegas and one of the best poker rooms in Las Vegas .

So they definitely have a nail when it comes to the casino .

It is a place to come and play .

So , Caesars was just doing a ton of renovations to their port crochet and main entrance and they're finally pretty much done .

They're still building a whole another lobby bar and doing some more work by the table games .

But they've added this whole new front area .

It's pretty , it kind of looks like it was always here .

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But I guess that's pretty much the point .

It looks nice .

You are a child shopping is always a big part of a lot of people's Las Vegas trips and I have to say Caesars for shops is probably my favorite .

It's just beautiful .

It's a beautiful mall to shop through and look around and we never really do a lot of shopping .

But when at Caesars .

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All right , what do we think Leo Seasons definitely did some damage in the forum shops .

I could not decide between sunglasses .

Which do you like better ?

Now , normally our favorite bar is the Stadia bar .

It's like a little sports bar , but they're doing some work on it .

So it's not open right now .

So we had to go out of our comfort zone .

We are at vista cocktail lounge .

This is really pretty .

They have like led screens around and a really big cocktail menu .

So I'm gonna see what we're gonna get .

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So as far as dining at Caesars , we actually had a hard time choosing a restaurant .

They have so many good options .

Last time we stayed here , we had a pretty infamous experience at Hell's Kitchen and I do not want to make an enemy of Gordon Ramsey .

He scares me .

So we are gonna eat at Gordon Ramsey's pub and grill and hopefully it's going to be a way better dining experience .

Ok .

So I started with the French onion soup .

It was delicious .

I liked that it was easy to eat .

Sometimes the cheese is like way too messy .

This was perfect .

Super savory and flavorful .

I loved it .

We got the mains , Ruby went with the Tikka Masala and then I of course got the Wellington .

We are going to see how this does .

It was really good at Hell's kitchen .

It looks excellent .

They make you get it medium rare .

You cannot order it any other way .

It is .

The puff pastry is so crispy , so crunchy and then the steak is a really quality cut of meat .

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It just falls apart in your mouth , so tender .

Alright .

Finishing off our meal with a sticky toffee pudding for dessert .

Let's try brown sugary family creamy , hot and cold .

All very , very good , good things .

I like that place so much more than hell's kitchen .

The service was great .

The food was perfect .

So $80 for a three course meal is pretty darn good .

You guys , I think we're going to end the night here because we really want to go and do some gambling .

So we'll see you guys all in the morning , all you need .

Ok , good morning .

You guys , we slept good .

The bed was very comfortable this morning .

We want to get some breakfast and some coffee .

They have that place down there that I'm curious about it .

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So I think we might check that out .

I need to the hardest word to ever .

Ok .

So two small coffees , a blueberry muffin and a breakfast sandwich .

35 bucks .

That's a delicious $9 muffin .

Hm .

Ok .

You guys , let me try to put together my final thoughts here on Caesars Palace .

So we'll start with the room because I feel like I was being a little nitpicky , but I want you to try to understand where I'm coming from with that don't get me wrong .

This is a really nice room .

It's huge .

It just really depends on what you paid .

If you're not using like a Caesars gold card and you're not using any sort of rewards or anything like that .

These rooms are anywhere between like 200 to $300 a night .

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That is high end top tier price category for Vegas for that price .

I expect a lot .

I expect a lot about keeping the rooms , a mini fridge would be nice .

Just things to make you feel like you spent that money and you're getting that luxury .

I also feel like if I spent 200 to $300 a night , I want to be able to use your biggest pool .

That is probably to me the thing that's like irking me the most .

I don't understand why that big pool is reservation only otherwise like Caesars itself is a fantastic property .

Don't get me wrong .

It's humongous .

It's got all these different dining options .

Although I will say cheap dining here is not really a thing .

I feel like most of the fast casual restaurants are more expensive than you're gonna see anywhere else on strip .

Like a slice of pizza here is $10 .

That's super high .

That's expensive .

I absolutely recommend you come through here and like come and visit here .

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But especially those of you .

If this is your first video of mine that you're seeing or this is gonna be your first time in Vegas .

I would not pay this high a price point to stay in these rooms when there are other luxury properties that you can get more for that money .

Uh This may be kind of just personal opinion , although I did meet two different subscribers downstairs and I talked to them and they weren't super happy with their rooms either for what they paid .

So it's not just me feeling that way .

I hope you guys enjoyed the video .

I hope it was helpful and make sure you're subscribed .

I'll see you guys all in my next one .


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