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2023-06-14 19:23:46

I DROVE my friend's BMW E34 M5 and it changed EVERYTHING! [Owner Story]

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I feel that this drive is gonna be very expensive because I'm gonna have to buy one .

What's up everyone ?

Welcome back to Cartoon .

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Now , back to the video .

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So Thomas finally , after 1.5 years since I contacted you , we finally meet .

Yeah , and I wanna thank you for taking the time to do this , really appreciate it , especially since I guess , you know , by now that this is my dream car .

So before we begin talking about this one , tell me a bit about how your BMW obsession came about .

I think it's about about uh 2011 , 2010 when I bought my first E 34 I have owned before , but I don't know , it was something special when I get my first E 34 their own , the addiction took off .

Really ?

Then 2013 I bought this car .

I was actually looking for M five interior to my 5 30 .

I have no luck when I searched for the , the M five interior .

So , uh I saw a on this M five and yeah , it's ended up with the car .

So I get my M five interior in the end .

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What is it with E 34 S because you have for people that , no , no , you have three in the first place .

It was just the coincidence that I bought the four .

But you read a lot about the cars and you see other cars , cars that inspires you and you over the years , you develop a passion interest for mode that you like .

And now it's pretty hard to say to put words on why you like a car .

Well , tell me , ok , you have three , right ?

The 5 20 I the M five and 5 25 I two , right ?

Yes , tell me which one you use for ?

What occasions ?

The touring is not the same condition as the M five and 5 20 .

But I use the , the tour like a daily year round and the 5 20 is the car I drive when I go to , to meet this and the M five , uh , I drive when I feel like it , not so many miles a year .

So , it's , it's my Sunday car , I think .

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Two days ago you posted a picture of the first one .

That was the V eight , right ?

Yeah , it was not my first one .

It was my first .

Real nice .

Yeah .

So , how many in total did you have ?

Uh , I don't really know .

Oh , yeah .

But I think maybe 89 , I always ask this for owners of proper BMW S .

What do you think of the new ones ?

What would you buy if you were in the case to buy one ?

Now ?

I really like the , the M three F 80 .

But , uh , I don't know if you have the money .

You can buy a new , new one or you can buy a unicorn if you want to .

Yes .

So let's talk about this one of it .

It's , it's not the standard one , right ?

No , it's , uh , the edition .

You have the , the wider rear wheels , nine inches instead of eight inches .

You have the E DC shock absorbers with a little switch .

You can go for on mode or ?

Yeah , exactly .

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That doesn't exist on the M two .

Yeah , exactly .

Yeah .

And robots , the wheels and the E C shock absorbers .

It just rides so much better than the new cars .

Yeah , it's , it feels just like a limousine but when you're tackling a corner , it just freezes and it's so much better .

I mean , you couldn't drive my car more than three days to the city .

The suspension will kill your back .

This is a , yeah , it's really uncomfortable .

What's your favorite thing about the car ?

I must say the , the , the engine , the , the character of the engine is very special after that is absolutely the interior do something special to maintain it .

The leather looks really , really good .

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The previous owner definitely take care of this car but uh I maintain it with the Bone from Maguire's .

I use that two times a year .

That's enough .

I use it when , when I take front window storage and uh when I put it into window storage , do you have any plans with the car ?

No , no , not uh more plans than to maintain it and drive it .

Do you think you're ever gonna sell it ?

Sometimes you , you , you get that and you may be another cars and so on , but I it would be very difficult for me to sell this car and uh , and even the 55 .

Yeah , I feel that this drive is gonna be very expensive because I'm gonna have to buy one .

I hope you do .

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It really does sound so different .

Jesus .

This is no fake .

No .

Right now it feels so good and it's , I just gave it half for like a minute .

I'm not used to the travel being .

So , I mean , in my car , you have to push it a bit until the engine goes .

But in this one , as soon as you touch it , it just goes .

But I think you really think that this is a great engine from , from the top .

It has that raw sound to it .

The raw sound is very specific .

You haven't modified anything in the right , because it's not totally original .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I also like the fact that the exhaust doesn't have any of the , those fake crackers and I don't get that one .

Why you should have fake plots .

The clutch is , is light but the , the accelerator is , is , is hard .

You really have to press .

Yeah .

Exactly .

And also the feel that you get from the road , I took a few of those small stones and you fill them in the steering wheel .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Two of the things that I like the most about it are obviously the engine and then the suspension , the way it drives it , it's just so much better and then the car is 24 years old .

Exactly .

So .


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