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2023-06-14 19:23:17

Cream S13 Vs. Big Drift Comp!

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You guys would not shut up where the cream is 13 .

You never jam in anymore .

How come you've lost your roots ?

You know , it's been sitting at paint forever to get some stuff repaired .

Uh We didn't have time to even get the stuff repaired .

And I was like , man , I wanna go to this , I wanna drive with Taylor the E 36 .

We can't get done in time , so we'll bring her out , we'll bring her out , we're gonna bring her out .

So this thing , uh I don't know , this is probably the last type of cop I should ever take it to .

Um , because it's like a $10,000 1st place prize .

So people are probably gonna drive with no care and it's probably gonna get smashed up , but it's a sick car .

It's fun to drive .

And uh it's , it's not for me like a super competitive car because I always make a lot of mistakes with it .

I've never really gotten the steering perfectly figured out .

Oh , I should probably mimic the spec in the Australia car because that car felt sick .

That's what I should have done today .

Whoops .

But instead I'm going to play around with ride height , um , try to fix some of the weird suspension issues in the front , do some like maintenance because the car hasn't been driven in a while .

A few other minor fixes and stuff .

But get this thing prepped .

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I always have issues with the shifter too and miss shifting and stuff like that .

So I'm just going to do as much as I can to try to get this car sorted .

I'm ready to go compete .

I don't think I'll do that well , because you know , we , we have a bond but competition is that bond .

It isn't the best .

We'll see .

Oh , and also mind you , we have to leave tomorrow morning for the comp and we just got the car back now .

So this car has been touched in months .

We're gonna try to prep it in a night and then drive whatever , seven hours to North Florida to go drive with the homies .

Don't fill me taking tools , dude .

People are gonna think I work on cars .

I can't have that , dude .

It's bad for my image when you think I'm working on cars .

I'm actually in the office on my phone .

Quick scoping .

Nopes , Mike .

Don't laugh , don't laugh at me , Mike .

You know , it's true .

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Mike , stop laughing at me , Mike .

He's so mean .

He's over there drinking his wine .

Look at him , look at him .

You can't even keep a straight face .

I can you take the word right out of my mouth at all ?

Right .

So I'm gonna do my best to try to cover all the random stuff that's going on with this in terms of maintenance and changes .

Uh So I will say right now , this is a fresh brand new diff that Alberto built up uh with new bearings , new seals , fresh .

The last one was just making lots of weird noises .

Um Also Schulman has been dealing with the axles right now .

We got our axles rebuilt by drive shaft shop while this car has been down .

So we got the , she's there and then up in the front , Alberto is going over fluids right now .

I'm diagnosing boot that looks like I got a little love from my waist gate shooting flames or something .

So I'm going to change that and then I'm just going to fill you guys in and all the suspension engines and making , make this car hopefully drive better M B .

That's not where you put the oil .

Yes , it is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Where's that from ?

You're not supposed to talk like that ?

All right .

So more suspension stuff .

I changed that boot , this little Hut and has a little bit of play in it .

So I'm going to change that other things that I'm doing .

If you look here , I don't want to get too crazy into the details of suspension .

But this is why my car has felt weird .

This is what you call over centering .

You don't want the tie rod to go past straight because when you do it kind of starts to like bow inward and then it gets stuck and it doesn't want to come back out .

Usually the way to prevent that is to move the rack forward .

So you don't have this , uh , but my rack isn't forward enough to prevent it completely .

So , what I'm gonna do , I'm drilling some holes and I'm gonna make some bum stops , that'll stop it a little bit farther out than these bump stops will allow .

I don't need a ton of angle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I just don't want it to bind and get stuck there because it makes it very hard to drive .

So I've got these really good drill bits and I have a mark right where the knuckle hits .

And I'm just gonna drill right into these and then put a bolt that I can adjust to wherever I need it to be new axle is almost in before you pull the brakes off .

32 because I'm actually going to ditch the C T S V Calpers .

I've always had issues modulating the brakes behind people .

I could probably figure it out with a bias valve and play with pads and get it to be a little bit more manageable .

It's just always been tough with this car and it's been a big weak point of mine .

So the simplest thing to do is just put Z 32 brakes on every ever on the Z 32 brakes has more than enough stopping power and it's very easy to modulate .

So hopefully that will be better .

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So , before we were having issues with the tie rod end , hitting the bump stop and the problem with that is both , it puts a lot of stress on this tie rod end and it also could get stuck there and do weird stuff .

So my little bolt now hits the knuckle , which is a much stronger point to hit , uh , which I feel a lot better about this is , it's weird because this is kind of like the car that I learned how to work on cars with .

So I'm wrenching over there with Alberto and it's , it's weird because I haven't touched this car in so long and I haven't driven it in so long , but I know this car so well , I know all the little bolts that get loose and all the places how things are designed .

So it's been like fun and nostalgic picking through this car and going over it .

Um , taking off like kind of quite a bit of look , white wheels .

That's my AAA D D mind .

Look , white wheels , look brakes , go back .

She's getting there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So in case you're wondering , I still am a very big fan of these brakes .

They're phenomenal for how cheap they are .

However , for a drift car , I think they're a bit overpowered .

But if you have like a canyon 2 40 or something that you want good stopping power on , on a budget CTS helpers are awesome .

I definitely recommend getting some good pads for them though .

That made a huge difference when I switched to good pads .

Do I wanted to do some tire testing tonight ?

But we had a light rain .

So I'm going to still go and make sure the few changes that I made to the angle are good .

I'm probably going to lower the front down a little bit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I raised it up a little bit too much and it's kind of , I'm pumped .

I approve .

Mhm .

I forgot how much different they have to drive this car .

Yeah , I think we got enough , man .

This thing is fast .

Even in the rain .

Holy crap .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

12 threes , man .

Wow .

How did that feel to you ?

That was incredible .

I'm shaking .

I miss this car so much .

And that just made me so unbelievably happy .

Wow .

And that was in the rain , bro .

I'm not gonna be able to spin these in the drive .

That's a problem .

That's a problem , Mike , dude .

I like I care about this car so much and I don't drive it because I don't wanna be beat it up .

But like this , this engine like this drive train gets me so excited .

It sounds so cool .

Like Jay Z are sick but man S R twenties are the best engine .

If you disagree .

Unsubscribe right now .

You see that like button down there .

Don't hit that .

You , you would never hit that .

If you didn't agree with me , I would not believe that you would do .

Not such a thing .

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567.799 --> 659.94

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're a little bit on the late side .

It's about a six hour drive .

We wanted to leave around three or four , but we ended up doing a bit of testing with the car .

It's still factor E C U with an R P tune and the blow off valve can make it stall sometimes when I let off the throttle .

So we experimented with having no blow off valve by pulling the , what do you call vacuum line ?

But then it was blowing it open because I don't have a step enough spring .

So then we had a stiffer spring .

Now , it seems to be like the best of both worlds .

So I know that the biggest issues with that car are , it's stalling me spinning and I took out some front grip to prevent that and then miss shifting .

So I'm trying to eliminate all the things so I can have the most fun this weekend .

I haven't driven the car in a while , so I'm not expecting to be like , super competitive , but I'm just excited to have that car back out on track again and get some good tandems and I know there's a lot of good drivers going .

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Excellent .

Oh , no .

Parking fire lane .

Oh , we can park at , we're good .

We're really bored on the drive .

So we let Showman drive it kind of like we're a mile away from Taco Bell .

Who you want .

You got any exercise , your phone .

Why don't , can we park over there where all the normal people are ?

We gonna park right here ?

You're joking ?

No , I'm parking here .

Oh my God .

Oh my God .

Remember there was like showing that we parked in a separate town from , oh , man , my fried chicken woman made me walk through the bushes .

Sheldon , what is this ?

What is this ?

No , I think you can get out of there though .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I know , I didn't know there's such thing as a Taco Bell and a K F C combined shows how often he ever eats .

That is wild .

You know what this is ?

I know .

I know where that is .

We're good .

We're good .

But bro , like , I could have gotten chicken and you all got me again .

A I would like to bring up something .

Does anyone actually like sitting on chairs without bags ?

What's the purpose ?

Why would anyone choose to sit and show without a back ?

What is the , the thing is ?

There's no , he's actually right , like always .

So , but I'm , I'm curious .

Do you have because you guys chose this table ?

There are plenty of tables with chairs with backs .

I didn't say anything about this table .

I just saw the drinks here , Johan chose it .

So maybe we'll interview him when he gets back to protect himself from the Coronavirus .

And you can see it could be , do you think ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know , I get the aesthetic that like maybe it looks better , Johan .

I have a serious question for you .

Why would anyone ever choose a chair that doesn't have a back ?

What is , what is , what is so alluring about it ?

I don't know you chose this table .

What did , what did it speak to you ?

It was in the middle of the restaurant .

So its location .

Remember we were talking about this earlier location , location , location .

Thank you .

And it's got a little that's gotta be more horsepower .

I could .

Ok .

I don't want to make fun of it because I probably wouldn't have done a better job .

But the look at the light bar .

Yeah .

Is melting and not in the center .

All right , if you guys didn't know , diesel pumps are disgusting and they suck .

I learn this from pat on the road and the rig and stuff .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you ever touch this thing always wear gloves because the smell of nastiness , diesel will never go away .

So touch it .

Wear gloves or something .

It's like 40 degrees and it's not cold .

I mean , neither am I where you're from ?

What you wonder , you wonder over two hours John , make a decision .

You have a can on ever put it back ?

Oh , my mom said no , I want it .

Mom says no .

What you got there ?

B let me see , You got chips .

You get up .

What is it ?

I want to see .

Come on and there it is .

What you got .

What you got ?

Popcorn ?

M B it's almost midnight .

You don't need popcorn .

No , you what you want ?

What you want apple ?

You want , you want apple ?

You don't get .

No .

No .

Hm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , I , what strikes yours ?

No , that's not yours .

Which , which is it ?

Which strikes yours ?

No , that's not yours .

M B M B .

Which trucks yours ?

No , it's not .

Those .

Come on , you're getting warmer .

Come on .

Which truck ?

Which truck's yours ?

Is it this one ?

No , I get back here .

Destination is on your left .

Most drive ?

Oh , this track is so small .

Like we're driving over the track and I thought this was like , wow , this ac replica track .

Dang .

Are people already in grid for breakfast ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We made it .

We're all super tired .

Me and you have been going over the car making sure the align and all the little things are good playing around with bum stops .

I'm excited .

The car passed tech .

So first battle is out of the way .

Feels good to be back , guys .

We're back on the gopro with my good old little microphone and the cream about to do some burnouts .

Get this thing warmed up .

I've heard lots of mixed opinions on the track and its , I guess it was just sealed .

So it's supposedly slippery regardless .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm going to try to get some heat in my tires and get it ready , man .

I love this car thing is good .

I'm actually really excited because there's a lot of drivers here that I know but not like drivers that I know from all different places , like friends from Texas , friends from up north , friends from Florida , friends from all over that I get to drive with today .

So it's exciting for me , especially being in this thing , the shifter .

So I kind of have like a four speed lockout .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So 1st , 2nd , 3rd , I shouldn't need fourth and I can't even go over to fifth unless I push down and use it like a reverse .

So that is one cool thing about the serial nine shifter .

You can make that reverse lock out into a four speed lockout .

Right ?

I've seen a bunch of people spin on first entry and I hear the new ceiling on the tracks made it super slippery .

So I'm going to go for a week entry and then hopefully I'll be in second gear .

On this track .

It'll be nice if I don't have to be doing a bunch of gear changes .

But we shall see .

I'm gonna do my best to walk you guys through it .

Oh , God , it's icy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think gearing will be good though .

Something fell on my feet and .

Oh .

Mhm .

Right .

I am .

Together .

New brakes do feel fantastic .

They're way easier to modulate and they're way less prone to locking up than the C T S V cos I had before .

For me , it seems like the hardest part of the track is going to be that downshift in the beginning .

It would be nice if I could leave it in third , but I don't know if I want to try that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , we'll get a slit spot there .

Oh , yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

Ok .

That right .

These cars right now are super , super , uh , due to the tire running and the track condition right now I say keep doing what you're doing and just keep going until later in the day .

We'll track its grip a year .

We'll figure out grip and suck .

Yeah , I think that's a good call .

Um , and after this lap , if you can , I'd like you just to come back and just visually check my tire pressure just to see how much heat gain we're getting .

Um , one other thing too .

Uh , yeah , I don't know where I was going with that .

So I thought one thing I would do for you is kind of voice over this one run to let you guys know the zones and stuff that we're trying to fill .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is the initiation cone and then the first zone is an outer zone right here .

You can see it starts here , there's one cone and then there's a quick inside clip to an outside touch and go right there that you're supposed to get in , get back out to this outer zone .

That's long .

You kind of have to left foot brake to extend from that cone to the next cone and fill it properly and then switch back and then the last outer zone right here .

Uh I spent a little bit on this one but that outer zone would extend all the way to the finish line right there .

No .

Right .

Yeah .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I broke a tie right in on grid .

Oh , I guess I'm , I'm happy it happened in grid though rather than on the track .

That was just old more .

Now I replaced one side to be pro I should have replaced both .

So it's kind of on me .

That is .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah , we got to change super fast .

Got back out on the grid .

I was able to do one more practice run and I felt quite a bit better .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm kind of missing one of the touch and go , which I think I will elaborate in the inside car footage , but right now the car feels too tight to tandem , but the mistake that I made in the first round of F D was making a bunch of changes before qualifying trying to loosen the car up .

So it would be better for tandem and then not qualifying .

So I'm going to be smart and I'm going to leave the set up because I'm used to it .

And then afterwards I'll establish how the car feels in tandem and decide if I should be switching the tires to something less crip .

These 123 s are just no joke .

And it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm .

Right .

Yeah .

And so .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm .

Mhm .

So I finally got a lab that I felt pretty confident in like if you could insert that lap here .

No .

Yeah .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Pretty confident with the car licking it in rather than just hand breaking actually helps me because it gives me a little bit more time to downshift in a second .

We hand braking .

I kind of have less time because the car wants to strain because it's slowing down .

But I felt good enough to where I hop behind my friend Dmitri from up north .

He's a really good driver .

One of the people I knew that I could trust and grid .

So I hop behind him until I find him .

The car felt great .

A wise man once told me , I'm pretty sure it was good .

You can't win anything in practice .

So I tried to keep my distance the best I could and not smash my car up since I have a tendency to do that in practice .

But anyway , I'm pumped .

I'm feeling pretty confident for qualifying and top 64 tonight in B .

What did you do ?

Your splitter ?

M B I'm supposed to stay on .

Don't , don't hurt it .

Don't break it now .

Don't , don't , you're doing no , no , no .

Give me first lap qualifying strategy .

Two laps of qualifying .

First lap .

You always want to put points on the board .

So I'm gonna go out do my best just to get some points on the board and then the second lap , I'll give you the sauce .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , I Yeah on that .

Um .

Mhm .

No .

No .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

No .

82 2nd qualify .

Dmitriy ninth place .

Adam L Z .

We did it .

We qualified .

The first battle has been won .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We qualified , there's top 64 tonight we have a by run .

I'm going to use this time this practice and this by run to play around the set up a little bit .

So I'm trying to add a little bit of front grip .

I talked to the judges and they don't penalize for left foot braking .

So I'm going to try to left foot brake a little bit more to fill the zones .

I just had so little front grip that I would just be pushing if I left foot brake .

So we'll see how the car reacts to a little bit more front grip .

Yes .

Real .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Oh , yeah .

Yeah , hello .

Other than my tandem with Dmitry , this will be my first tandem notes from Schulman are that this car is pretty slow and drift ?

I looked at his tires and it looks like he's on some no name tires .

So the 123 s are going to be kind of tricky to follow such a slow car .

And mind you , when I say slow , I'm not talking about horsepower .

I'm talking about how fast the cars travel and drift .

Most of that is determined by rear alignment , tire pressure and tire compound .

So that car doesn't travel very fast in drift .

So it may be hard for me to follow without straightening .

But I'm kind of happy because this will give me an opportunity to see if I need to make any drastic changes to the car .

Can't win anything in practice .

It's just going to take it easy .

It's so hard for me to do .

I'm like saying that , but in my head , it's like I can still do this close .

I can still get close here .

It so hard for me to not drive it to my limit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This car is fast .

I think that would probably be one of the slowest cars I drive against .

So it's good to know I can do it .

It wasn't pretty but did you ?

No , no , no , no , we're here .

No , no , no .

It , and they , we are leaving the track early .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I guess they had some issues where the pavement was actually coming up on the tracks and they chose to not run the by runs and only run the people who didn't qualify high enough to get a by run .

So we're all going to go get caught about sleep .

We're going to get some good food , especially you requested that we eat at subway .

No , we're not going dang subway .

He's so entitled to so bad quality quality is like like public sub .

We're waiting for him , right ?

You literally just wow , real quick .

Where's the line is halfway ?

Pull the truck ?

It's really annoying park .

Um So I wanna give some context to this visit .

It took me probably like 20 minutes in the car to convince Showman that Cracker Barrel was good enough .

Why ?

Explain to me your problem with Cracker Barrel .

I feel old when I go there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I have this stigma with Cracker Barrel where in my head it's like old people go there and , and it's just gross every time I go there , it's a great experience .

This is not sponsored by Cracker Barrel .

They have a nice store where you can buy nice things and the food is good and the service is fast and look at the parking you tripping over me now .

Oh , really ?

Hopefully we can .

Yeah .

What do you say you like ?

Yeah .

Did you go there and be ?


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