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2023-06-14 19:23:08

Living With a BMW M2! 1 Year & 15.000km update. Problems, running costs and future plans!

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What's up guys ?

Welcome to tune into cars and welcome back to my BMW M two .

It's been a little over one year since I've picked up this car .

I've already done about 16,000 kilometers in it and I think it's time to do an update on how this car performed over the past year .

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So if you're planning to buy a BMW M two or an M two competition , make sure you check those videos out because I think it will help you make a decision .

I'll also make sure to link all of those videos below the like button .

Ok .

So now that I've plugged all my previous M two videos , it's time to focus on this one .

I'm going to tell you what this car has been up to in the past year .

I'm going to cover what running costs I had to deal with what problems I've encountered .

I'll also tell you what I like the most about my spec but also which options I left out , which I should have gotten .

And finally , I'm also going to tell you my plans with this car .

I don't know how you guys feel about the cars you own .

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But no matter what car I drive these days whenever I get back into my BMW M two instantly .

I remember why I love this car so much .

Even after 12 months , it feels just as special as when I first picked it up .

And yes , this is my only car and I do use it all year round .

And let me tell you , this car is just as much fun in the winter as it is during the summer .

In the past 12 months , this car has been through eight different countries .

It did high speed runs on the Oan Road on a few ferries and it also managed to carry a surprisingly high amount of stuff last year .

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Just one week after picking this car up from the dealership , I took it on a 5000 kilometer trip around Europe to Romania and back the country where I'm from .

And on that very road trip , I found out how usable this car actually is .

It's got just enough luggage space and room on the inside for me and my family , plenty of storage space throughout the car .

And even though it doesn't have adaptive suspension , I'd say it was quite comfortable .

Overall .

Mind you , this is not five series or three series levels of comfort .

But for an M car it's pretty good .

So let's talk about my spec a little bit .

I'll give you a quick rundown right now .

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I'm 99% happy with the spec I chose for this car , except for one thing , I forgot to add the heated steering wheel , which is quite annoying , especially during the winter months here in Sweden .

And the irony of it all is the fact that that was one of the cheapest options you could get on the M two , but it's really expensive if you try to fit it after market .

But there you go , you can't have them all .

Let's see , what else ?

Well , the Harmon Cardone sound system is a pretty big let down for me .

It just doesn't sound like anything special to me .

It's probably very good for the resale value of the car that I chose this option .

But I have to be honest and tell you that I'm not at all impressed with the sound quality of this system .

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The two standout options that are absolutely a door in this car are one , the led headlights , they're fully automatic and they feature BMW S L D matrix system that can turn off sections of the led headlight while still maintaining full beam .

And the other option that I love is the sun roof , which not only brings more light into this very dark cabin , but it also brings a lot more of the exhaust noise inside .

Mm , I'm not going to include fuel costs in this section because frankly , it all depends on your right foot actually , how heavy it is .

But I can tell you that in the last six months , the car shows an average of 11.2 liters per 100 kilometers .

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Most of the time I drive this car outside of the city like 70% of the time .

And I have to be honest that I'm pretty heavy footed , so to speak next up .

It's insurance .

I pay around 12,000 Swedish car per year .

And I've already put this insurance to work by replacing the windshield after it cracked pretty badly last summer if I remember correctly .

And I only had to pay , I think 1500 for the repair , which is not bad .

Another cost I had on the car are the winter tires .

The brand I went for is Continental and I have to say that they're really good tires .

And the cost of that was around 10,000 Swedish Krona .

And finally , there's the yearly tax for this car which in Sweden is around 2300 Swedish Corona .

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So there you go guys , those are the costs that I had to deal with in the past 12 months .

With this car .

I didn't include the first service I did to this car because in Sweden BMW S have three years of free servicing and that means labor and parts included .

If you're an old subscriber of this channel , you already know the first issue I had with this scar .

If you're not familiar with it , I'll link a video below the like button .

But that issue got solved really fast by my friends at Bavaria Sola .

And the problem never reappeared again .

I had a new issue like three weeks ago where the infotainment system started resetting itself .

But for some reason that seems to have fixed itself .

So I don't know if it reappears .

I'm gonna let you guys know .

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But so far after like five or six resets , it works perfectly .

There you go .

But otherwise the car is holding up pretty well .

Even though I drive it all year long , the pain on the outside holds up pretty well and the interior is also in pretty good shape .

There are no rattles or weird sounds on the inside .

Wear and tear is pretty good on the materials .

So all in all build quality is pretty good technology and software .

Not so much .

This is the tricky part because I really don't know what to do .

I have managed to secure a spot in the waiting list for the upcoming M two CS or CS L whatever it's called .

But that will take another two years until it reaches dealerships .

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So until then I'm really tempted to try something else , but I can't really find a car in this price range that I like more than the M two .

So I don't know actually .

And if I don't come to a conclusion before April or may , I'm probably gonna start modifying this car , but that's been it for today's video .

My friends .

I hope you've enjoyed it .

If you did , please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to tune into cars for lots more videos to come and until next time , take good care of yourself and I'll see you around .


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