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2023-06-14 19:23:00

Thinkware Q800Pro Dash Cam Full Review! Install + Video Quality + Parking Mode

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What is up guys ?

So for Canadian Rider here today , I'm gonna be doing a full review on Think .

Wear's newest dash cam .

The Q 800 Pro here is the Q 800 Pro .

Think where's latest and greatest flagship ?

14 40 P front Sony X R sensor umbrella A 12 C P U 100 and 40 degree wide angle recording , which is really going to make sure it captures all kind of the peripheral vision that's going to be really important in a dash cam built in GPS Wi Fi hotspot connectivity for your phone , either Android or IOS G sensor .

So it's actually going to be able to impact or detect impacts .

And that's going to start the buffered recording , which we're going to talk about comes with a 32 gigabyte SD card .

It really came with everything that you need to make the installation super easy and I'll talk about that in a bit .

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Um And I also got the parking kit which is going to hardwire into the fuse box of my Lexus is 350 going to enable that parking mode feature , which is actually the most critical feature for me is the buffered parking .

It's got motion detection , incident , impact detection and also time lapse recording as well with their new energy saving parking mode recording .

So I'm looking forward to trying all this out parking mode recording is extremely important for me , really excited about that .

But lots of other great features too , in terms of safety on the road lane departure warning , it will detect the there's red light cameras up ahead and warn you time lapse .

Recording super night vision 2.0 , which is going to allow you to see a lot more clearly at night time , be able to pick up those license plates or those signs .

So I'm really looking forward to really using this camera .

I'm gonna be connecting it on my Android device as a test as well .

And really , I'm excited to get on the road with this , see how the actual image quality is when we're coming out of this camera and check out all the features and how easy it is to use and set up because we are installing this camera with the parking mode .

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We are not using the power that goes right to the cigarette lighter .

What we're going to be doing is actually using the parking mode adapter , wiring it all the way down to the fuse box here and doing a hard wire installation .

This is going to allow one of the main features of the Q 800 Pro , which I'm going to talk to you about is the parking mode and that's what really excites me about this camera is that parking mode feature along with the 14 40 P front camera ?

But this looks good .

I'm happy with how this is , what we're going to do is get that cabling and wiring and install it up in here .

Now , there are some products that I've gone ahead and purchased that makes this installation super easy .

I'm gonna list those products down in the description box below .

A few of them are fuse taps which you will , you will need based on your card depending on what fuse you have .

Um You're gonna have to investigate what fuse do you have ?

If it's a mini or if it's a standard fuse you're gonna need fuse taps is one , the other thing is a pair of criers .

So this is to actually attach the parking mode , um , cabling that they give with the dash cam to the fuse taps to make it super easy and efficient .

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And then you're gonna have here a little fuse tester .

Um And this is just essentially going to check which fuses are they always on fuses , even when the car is off and which fuses are on .

Only when the admission is turned on .

Installing the Q 800 Pro is very easy .

Think where it has the manual that's inside the box , but also an online video on youtube , which I will link in the description box down below .

That's really detailed , go step by step in the installation process , highly recommended if you buy that camera watch that video .

Now let's dive in into the full review starting with video quality .

Undoubtedly one of the biggest features on a Q 800 Pro is that two K front facing Sony X M R R starves image sensor .

This is going to make a huge difference in terms of video quality over your standard 1080 P transmission on a dash cam .

You're going to be able to pick up license plates much easier , especially in motion with that extra resolution that the two K camera provides .

So that's a big thing right off the bat .

Then you have 100 and 40 degree wide angle view .

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As you can see that from this video , you're capturing a lot of stuff , not just that's directly inside a view on the car , but a little bit to the sides on the left and right , which is going to help a lot as well .

Specifically , if people are coming up for you on the sides and something happens , you're going to be able to capture that detail at a higher level of detail with the two K recording to actually capture that important information .

If there's a license plate there or anything else that could be helped in terms of if you get an accident , you have some video evidence , but video quality is very good .

You look at the screens here that I'm showing you .

You can see I'm capturing a lot of detail around me .

Lots of detail on the edges .

I can see license plates of cars driving by , can see the license plates that are people in front of me , maybe 2030 40 ft in motion .

I'm really impressed with this , especially when you're looking at the daytime footage being crisp and clear to summarize the daytime footage .

It's very impressive .

The two K camera adds a lot of that resolution that's needed to capture that license plate information .

But I'm really excited to show you the night time performance .

Here's super night vision 2.0 on the 800 pro .

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This is very impressive .

It just rained , it is dark , very dark outside , we're on the highway driving .

Um But this is going to be a lot clearer and the sensor is a lot more sensitive in this low light mode .

I mean , you're actually getting a much better image compared to other dash cams on the market .

Um Obviously the two K resolution is helping here as well , but they're doing a lot of stuff in the background in the software and with the hardware and the sensor to actually go ahead and pick up that low light performance to a level that's much better to use .

One of the things I tell people all the time is that the night vision mode recording is actually very very important because a lot of the times you're parking your car , you're leaving it where typically some bad stuff happens at night time and you want your camera to be able to capture those things effectively .

It doesn't matter if your resolution is two K or four K .

But if you don't have a good enough sensor to capture and record in low light , it's going to be useless anyway .

So the fact that this camera doing a great job capturing at low light or at pitch black and we're able to discern a lot of the details here driving on the highway .

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For example , I think this is very impressive .

And again , this is with rain again , everywhere on the windshield which is causing a little bit of blooming with the lighting .

Um I'm really impressed with it .

I think this is great um , video footage , especially if you're going ahead and you're buying a dash cam .

You want something that has the ability to not only capture quality video during the day but also capture quality video during night .

Now let's talk about parking mode .

The most impressive feature for this camera for me is the buffered recording to impact or motion detection .

It has a lot of other features to the superpower saving mode and also the time lapse recording mode .

But I really wanted that buffered recording mode and that's what's super impressive about this camera .

In this example , I show you guys , I come into my car , I open the door and I slam it , then you hear an actual audible bing from the camera saying , OK , it's detected an impact , it's already pre recorded in the buffered mode , all the stuff that's happening , proceeding to the impact and then everything afterwards .

So I'll show you that right now .

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So that's phenomenal .

You have the protection from the impact recording in terms of buffered parking mode , but also the motion recording .

So you can decide what is more important to you .

Do you want a motion detection buffered recording mode or do you want an impact detection buffered recording mode ?

In my case , everywhere , where I park my car , there's so much movement , there's so much motion happening around , I'm using the impact detection .

But if you're parking somewhere , maybe kind of far away or there's not much action going on or maybe the motion isn't an issue .

You can go into motion detection buffered parking mode and this is going to allow you any time there's anything that's happening around your car , you know , your camera is going to be recording , it's going to capture anything that could possibly happen to your car .

These are the two most impressive features for this camera and in my opinion , this is why I bought the dash cam .

This is why I want a dash cam is to protect the car from when I'm not there to protect it myself , at least have somebody there watching over it like a hawk like I would be doing .

So I'm really happy with the barking modes .

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I've been playing around with them both in terms of the sensitivity , in terms of what I like with the motion or the incident recording for me was the incident or impact detection that I went with with the buffer recording .

And this is the most important feature .

I'm really happy with this .

So one of the most user friendly things about this dash cam is the app .

So I'm here on my Samsung Galaxy S and available for Android .

And here it is the think ware application , think ware dash cam .

So all you have to do the , the camera is again connected to wifi connect to the wifi network .

So in this case here , if I pull down , I am connected to think Ware underscore D E , um there's a default password of 1 to 9 .

Um , you enter that in , you can change the password but go back on the app and this is the app .

So from here you control a lot of the things here and to talk about some of those things right now , number one is this feature live view .

So here you're going to use live view to actually set up the camera to make sure that it's in line with everything .

So I've already set this up and you can see from my screen here right now .

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It is in line with the front leading edge of the hood and we're aligned to the center of the hood with the blue line .

So everything's good here .

But that's really neat that you can go ahead and ensure that you have the proper camera positioning .

Now , if we go to dash cam settings , this is where you're gonna be able to control a lot of those advanced features within the dash cam for the think we product so into memory card settings , um you have how you're going to actually have the memory overridden .

So right now it's on continuous priority .

Um which means it's going to actually prioritize not saving over the continuous file footage , which actually , I'm gonna go ahead and change to parking priority because that's what I actually want to make sure that doesn't get overridden in the event .

Something happens when I come back to the car here , you're able to go ahead and format stuff and for the overwrite videos , decide what videos do have permission to be overridden .

So we go back here out of dash cam settings into camera settings .

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Um So into the camera settings here , I've left everything on mid mid and I do not have the rear camera um in terms of brightness .

So in my testing , I did test uh bright because I thought it would come out too dark for the footage at night time .

But because of the super dark two point oh , we're able to see much better in terms of low light performance .

So I left everything kind of stuck here um record settings .

So here you're gonna be able to talk about there's that super night vision two point oh um you're going to talk about how sensitive do you want the recording and features to be .

So specifically , when you look at impact sensitivity and parking mode , how sensitive do you want this to be right now ?

I have it at mid .

So just for an example , if I go to my hood and I press down on it , it's gonna detect that and I want that I want it to be a sensitive um as possible to a degree um where any kind of little nicks or rubs on my car , it's going to be captured .

So in this case here , I left it at mid , I could go higher in terms of um impact sensitivity to high and highest .

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But I'm trying out mid and I can try out high and highest , possibly later on .

But I'm having success in mid .

Same thing for motion detection sensitivity .

This is gonna be really important , I'm parked right now .

Um and probably an area that a lot of cars pass by .

So maybe I want to reduce this or decide how I want to park , but this is going to capture any cars that basically go by .

Um the motion detection is really good on this .

Then here's all your battery protection features that does have battery protection .

I have it enabled for 12 volts and you can go winter time , battery protection .

So a lot of cool stuff there inside of the record settings , road safety settings .

So the safety cameras , the mobile alert zone , the vehicle type , the advanced lane departure warning is here .

The Ford front collision warning systems here I have these disabled .

I've been tinkering with them on and off .

For example , I've been using the safety cameras and that's enabled and that's really helpful .

But because my car has some of these features , I decided to disable them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But really cool if your car doesn't have it , then you have these additional safety features here with the camera back out of there and we go into system settings .

So here are some of the basic system settings .

The volume is one thing the security led is another , um , one thing here , I , I'll also note for you guys is that it does record audio , so voice recording is enabled .

But the other thing is is that every time you turn on the car it's going to do its spiel .

And it's going to say , you know , the typical startup stuff connect to the wifi all this .

There's no way to disable that .

Unfortunately , what you can do is lower the volume to 01 or two or three .

In this case , I still want to hear about those incidents that happened um , when you get in the car .

So that's a cool thing I get in my car and it tells me , hey , was there any motion detected since I last left ?

Was there an impact detected since I last left ?

And it'll tell me that , give me a little update and I like that , but I put it at setting one , but here you'll be able to see all the videos that are actually happening in the car in the dash cam that are saved from continuous incident recording , motion detection , parking , manual recording and downloaded videos .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So in this case here , if I want to go to parking incidents , it's going to say , hey , these are some incidents that happened while you were parked when you were away and I can click this for example .

So this is the app .

It's pretty good .

I like it .

The one thing I will say on my galaxy S 10 plus is that I do have to go into airplane mode before I connect to the Wi Fi on the camera to access the features .

I've tried a bunch of troubleshooting stuff that think has posted , but I haven't been successful .

A little bit of annoyance .

I hope it's fixed with a firmer update .

I'm already kind of sent an email to think we're about it .

But other than that , this app does everything that you would need it to do for a dash cam application , all the settings , all the files , the live view , really good experience , overall quick bug hopefully they fix it in a firmer , but I'm really happy here with the application .

So there you have it guys .

That is my full review of Thinker's latest flagship Dashcam , the Q 800 pro .

I'm really happy with it .

The image quality is outstanding .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The super night vision 2.0 , the 14 40 P two K front facing Sony X M R sensor .

It all looks phenomenal .

It's in a great package .

It was super easy to install .

So please make sure if you guys like this video , give it a like if you haven't already subscribed to the channel guys .

Lots more videos coming out .

I'm really excited in 2019 .

I want to thank you guys all over 17,000 subscribers .

That's a huge accomplishment in all fronts .

So I'm super thankful .

I'm super happy that you guys are loving the content .

Um Again , if you have any questions on the install , any questions on the dash cam , leave them down in the comment box down below and remember all the links to the materials that you'll need .

Um the products that you'll need for the install plus the installation video from think we are linked in the description box below .

I'll see you guys in the next video .

Make sure you guys are riding and driving safe .


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