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2023-06-14 19:22:48

50 FREE Cinematic Luts for Filmora _ How to Color Grading in Wondershare Filmora

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Hello .

What's up friends ?

I hope most of you right now .

Staying at home .

As in this situation , we are staying home most of the time .

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I believe this is the best time to try something new , learn something new .

Well as you know , and you can see from my previous videos that I usually give tutorials for Adobe Premiere Pro .

But many of my followers subscriber friends asked me to create tutorials on wa Chef Lira .

So here we go .

This is my first tutorial on Femora .

So in this tutorial , I'm going to show you how you can add cinematic alerts in your videos using FMOA software .

And also I'm going to give you total 50 awesome cinematic alerts for fia absolutely free .

So let's get started .

First of all , download the alerts pack from the Google Drive link which I have mentioned in the video description .

Go click on it and you're able to see this folder and under it all alert files .

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Now here you can find download option , click on it and download the zip file .

Now unzip the file and you will get the folder with all 50 alerts .

Now let's open flea and select videos and drag it to the timeline .

Well , I have already imported a few videos .

So let's drag this in the timeline right now .

Ok .

Now , these are the raw unprocessed color of these videos .

So here are the steps how you can add alerts in your footage .

First , select the footage from which you want to change the color , then go to this advanced color tuning option and click it after this .

You will see a box with multiple options in this box .

You can see an option called 3D alert .

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Now click to this and here you will get a dropdown menu with some preloaded colors , but we need to load our own loads .

So what we need to do is select load new alert option and then select one of the alerts from the destination folder .

Now let's select this one .

Now see the color , this is before and this is after .

So this way you can color grade your videos in remora using free words .

OK ?

Now let's do this for other videos , just follow the steps as before and you can see the color difference like this really easy to change .

One more thing is that the loaded alerts are already in the list .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you can use those in any other videos or other remora projects .

Also another thing I want to tell you that if you want to deselect the color from your videos , just go to the 3D alert option and select none .

And if you want to delete the alert completely from the software , just select the color and click this trash button .

OK .

So this way you can collaborate your videos with custom cinematic alerts in Waha Fira video editing software .

Well , guys , if you like this video , please do press the like button and don't forget to subscribe and press the bell icon for quick notification till then stay safe and I will see you soon in my next video .


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