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2023-06-14 19:22:38

Riding Solo 20 - Oops! I Crashed in Colorado on my Motorcycle Adventure

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This is a pretty nice camping spot here in this , this environment .

I mean , this is just peaceful , cool , nice temperature .

Got these cool rocks around me .

I already had two cups of coffee this morning .

Feeling good , feeling good and ready to rock and roll .

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I don't think I had the traction that I needed and I spun out and I don't seem to be able to pick this beast up fully loaded as she is .

So might have to drop a few pounds here and see what we can do .

It's all part of the game not hurt .

Everything's good time to get to work .

S fuck .

So close goes so good on this ride .

I haven't tipped over yet in 5000 miles , but I would say that , you know , I took this little section of the O H V .

It's not really on the main road .

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I took it just so I could film some stuff here and kind of show you guys a different perspective , perspective , give you a little action material going up and down these hills .

So , you know , I was pushing it a little bit but you know , that said this is not anything that's super challenging .

I mean , it had its , it's challenged mostly that you just couldn't have enough speed going down to get up .

It wasn't a nice gradual transition .

There's a real notch right in the bottom .

And so had to feather the brakes down into it and then give it the gas and , well , you saw what happened , but that's ok .

A little adventure .

A little something for the video for you guys .

I hope you enjoy this .

You better because I'm working my butt off for you right now .

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Ah , it is hot and that's why I'm sitting here in the shade taking my time .

This is definitely the kind of conditions where you wanna watch the heat in your own body temperature .

You could get heat stroke in these kind of conditions and that's not something we want to go through .

So all cool down here , let my respiration go down to a reasonable level .

Get things packed up .

Yeah .

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Well , here we go .

Everything is on the ground in a big pile of shit .

Looks like I'm having a yard sale on the side of the road .

Let's get it , get it packed up here .

You know , I was filming this on a drone and I just left it running .

I thought it might look kind of cool to see me picking up my bike and I don't think I got it because as I was struggling to pick up my bike , I looked at the drone remote and it didn't look like it was positioned in the right area to see my initial attempts to pick up the bike .

And then my drone started beeping and the battery was going low and it was trying to return to home and it flew off and I was trying to reset it and reconnect it and I never got it to work .

I just let it fly away .

I wasn't sure where it went .

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I didn't hear it and I thought , oh , no , I don't want to lose another drone but I didn't , it just flew 2030 ft away and it landed itself kind of stoked to see what that looks like .

You know , nobody likes to crash , nobody likes to get injured or have a brake damaged or that kind of thing .

That said when you do get those kind of shots , they're always really exciting .

To be honest , I'd rather get shots of making it through a challenge like that because that's what it's all about .

You want to see somebody riding well .

And I was hoping , but that would be me and it almost was , but not quite .


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