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2023-06-14 19:22:16

Oops! This VW Golf R might be faster than my BMW M2... 😁

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Before we even start this video .

Let me just tell you that .

Yeah , I know what this looks like .

I'm trying to compare a rear wheel drive two door coupe with a four door , four wheel drive hot hatchback .

Not to mention that this has a three liter in line six turbocharged petrol engine capable of producing 370 horsepower while that one in the back has a two liter four cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 310 .

But since the wonderful people at Volkswagen Sweden gave us this awesome golf art to test for five days and I already had this one in the garage .

I figured why not ?

But to be completely fair .

That's not the only reason why I decided to put these two together .

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The main reason is that I'm actually thinking about replacing my BMW M two next year with a golf R next year .

I'm planning to buy an old BMW as a project car and build on it .

And because of that , I have to sell the M two in order to have some budget to start with .

And the reason why I'm considering the R as a replacement for the M two is because it's cheaper , it's more comfortable and they're pretty similar performance wise .

And in today's video , we're going to have a look at three things regarding these two cars .

We're going to have an overview of the design of the cars .

We're going to have a look at the interior and the quality of the materials on the inside .

And then obviously we're going to see how they both drive .

But now let's have a look at the design of the two cars .

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So the exterior design , both of them are top of the line cars in their respective model range .

The R is the top of the line golf .

While the M two is the top of the line two series , the golf is a bit more tame design wise compared to the M two .

It has a more sportier bumper design , bigger intakes and a tweak grill .

Golf R s don't have fog lights and you can tell them apart from G T I S by the gloss black exterior trim and by the fact that it sits a bit lower .

And finally , we have quite exhaust on a two liter engine , 19 inch Pretoria wheels in gloss black .

I love this and this particular car has the optional and must have in my opinion , a crop of each exhaust a factory option .

The M two however , is a bit more extreme because underneath this car is basically an M four .

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So the body had to be widened and BMW did so by feeding these gorgeous flared arches and that makes the M 2 63 millimeters wider at the front and 69 at the back compared to the standard two series .

Then we have a sportier M style front bumper , a rear diffuser that houses a quad exhaust system and a small boot spoiler .

The wheels are 19 inch .

They come as standard and they're the only alloy option on the M two .

And because this is a rear wheel drive M car , the back tires are wider than the front ones on the inside .

Things are pretty similar .

Both cars have leather seats , both have sportier steering wheels , both have touchscreen navigation systems , two zone climate control .

But there are however , a few key differences between the two .

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First off , the Gulf is packed with much more tech than the two is take the instrument cluster , for example , which is fully digital and you can even have the map in between the rev counter and the speedometer and it comes as standard in the new golf R .

Then this car is also equipped with radar guided cruise control , which I find highly useful especially in rush hour traffic or on highways .

And unfortunately , that cannot be spec on the M two and not even on the empty competition .

And the last two notable differences between the cars are the fact that this one has an automatic transmission .

My M two has the manual , this has the electronic hand brake or finger brake , whatever you want to call it .

While the M two has the regular mechanical one , let's jump into the M two .

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So the all familiar M two interior and right off the bat , I kind of have to say that this interior feels cheaper than the golf , but it's just a perception thing because the quality of the materials on the inside of the BMW and the golf are pretty much identical .

However , I like the seating position better in the M two because you sit lower in the car .

It's not ideal .

However , I would love if you could go like an inch lower in this car , that would be the perfect driving .

But anyway , materials quality of the build , basically identical on both cars .

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Now , the first thing I want to point out on the M two interior is the fact that even though people think otherwise the instrument cluster in the M two is not digital , it may look like it is , but it's actually just a regular one that has an led back and from some angles , it might not look like an analog instrument cluster .

But trust me , it is , let's see what else ?

Well , we have the infotainment system that's basically a touch screen just like in the golf .

And unlike the Volkswagen , you can also control it from this rotary wheel down here .

Plus you also get shortcuts to the major features that this infotainment system has .

And furthermore , you also have these eight buttons here below the infotainment screen which you can use for eight more extra shortcuts for various features on the infotainment system .

Highly useful stuff .

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If you ask me and you can only find this feature on B M WS .

This car is a manual three pedals and the mechanical handbrake like I previously mentioned .

But otherwise I think it's about time to drive these cars .

Come on is the BMW , you can't really get away from me .

That is it .

Yeah .

Oh , I'm actually really surprised how close I can keep up with the M two that definitely has to do with my really , really awesome driving skills .

Not with the fact that this is an automatic and four wheel drive .

N D M two is a manual rear wheel drive .

No , that has nothing to do with it obviously .

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So as you've probably seen by now , I'm in a golf R and first let's start out with the numbers .

This has a two liter turbocharged petrol engine at the front 310 horsepower , 400 Newton meters of torque .

And it can reach 100 kilometers per hour from standstill in 4.6 seconds with the DS G box .

Yeah .

And this box is the new seven speed weight clutch DS G transmission and it's , it's absolutely wonderful .

It's got lightening fast up shifts , lightning fast down shift .

It's really smooth around town .

It's , I really can't say anything bad about it .

It's really , really good .

And this transmission combined with that engine .

Oh my God .

What a perfect pairing .

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This is , I think in this go far , I actually prefer the automatic rather than the manual actually because you also get those cracks on the upshifts and I don't know , but it feels like you can better explore the possibilities of this engine .

It pulls really well from anything about 1800 R PM and it just revs out to 6500 R PM .

It's a really , really powerful engine .

I have to tell you that driving behind that M two doesn't really help the case of this R because all I can hear is the exhaust from the BMW actually .

But power wise , I don't think the BMW has a lot in it , to be honest with you .

But yeah , this is a lovely , lovely machine .

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The steering is bang on the suspension , keeps the car planted on the road and this engine's got plenty of grant you can exploit .

It's a really , really wonderful package .

This go far .

It really is right about now .

I'm kind of curious to see how the M two feels like immediately after jumping out of this one .

So let's check it out .

As soon as you start driving the M two .

After jumping out of the R , you immediately notice that things are quite different in here .

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The M two is less refined , less comfortable and harder to drive because of the manual transmission in the middle , the M two feels like a more focused car , more precise when driving fast and it feels a bit more special than the R , to be honest .

A three liter six cylinder 370 horsepower engine at the front drive goes to the rear wheels and as standard to get a six speed manual transmission and because of that , it's just 0.1 2nd faster to 100 kilometers per hour than the Golf R is .

But also because the R can put the power down better because of the four motion all wheel drive system .

And because of the excellent seven speed DS G transmission .

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And I bet you that if we could have had a drag race between the two cars as they are spec right now , the Golf R would be faster to 100 kilometers per hour because of the stuff I previously mentioned .

And because it also has a quite excellent launch control system .

But that being said , the BMW M two is definitely the most fun car to drive out of the two because as soon as you throw the throw , the back end comes into play .

And I just love that every single time you drive this one like you stole it , it lets you know it's a real wheel driven car and that's a feeling that not a lot of cars can give you no matter how powerful or how many sophisticated systems they have on board .

And even though the golf can keep up with this M two quite easily around corners .

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As soon as you start to wind up this engine , the extra 60 horsepower and 100 Newton meters of torque will start to make a difference .

But around these particular twisty roads that I'm driving on today , I actually prefer the golf A suspension .

I feel that V W S dampers can handle bumpy roads much better than the M two s can .

The A just feels more planted on the road and more composed as opposed to how the M two feels on a bumpy road .

The M two feels jumpy most of the time .

I mean , soon as I approach a corner and there's bumps in the road surface , the back end of the M two starts to jump immediately and the car just feels less predictable in that moment .

And I don't know , it just takes a bit away from the confidence that you would have on a track , for example , where the road surface is perfectly smooth .

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But I do think that the M two steering is far superior to the Gulf .

It's more communicative , it's more precise and it's more weary actually .

Plus I personally like the fact that the steering wheel is a bit thicker in the M two .

So what's my take on these two cars ?

Head to head ?

It's quite simple actually .

If you want a fast and great handling car that can easily transform into a perfect daily driver by pressing the comfort button .

Then the golf R has to be your choice .

It does all of that so well , it's fast , it's practical .

It has four doors , it's really comfortable and it's quiet when you need it to be .

But if you're looking for something that's a bit more special , a bit more focused on the driving aspect and you don't really mind if that means you're going to sacrifice comfort and practicality , then buy the M two .

So there you go guys .

This has been my first ever versus video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I've had so much fun filming these two cars .

They're really , really awesome , both of them in their own ways .

I really hope you've enjoyed it .

Please give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe to cartoon for lots more videos to come and until next time , take good care of yourself and I'll see you around .


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