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2023-06-14 19:22:13


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What if the guys cars across Texas here today and we're out of the low life meat .

Um Haven't been to one of these in quite a little bit .

Uh We got boys galore .

We just got , we just got a got here , we're like an hour and a half later or something like that .

But anyways , that's , that's fine .

You know , we get all the cars that are already here and we'll get straight to the sins after that .

But we got a couple the Charger , a couple Camaros more , more over here and an infinity .

Look at this rap .

What the , what's going on here ?

Sin Pie squad anime wrapped Charger .

Ok .

What do you think ?

Yeah , he's got the puppy .

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You are excused my son .

You got a pretty clean little fifth GM looking good on a tire out back and I particularly like this hood .

All right .

So we got the Rich boys here that uh parking spaces do not matter to them .

We got the M five competition along with the Ferrari four at eight .

We got the C six Z R one out here .

Heads came by Lethal Performance and then we got the wide bodied pi G R looking crazy in the baby blue .

We got the anime girls on the side and we've got an L S 2 40 over there .

We got the uh cow wrapped sora A K , the Mora .

Right .

Ha ha .

Funny .

Funny .

Got the black spots all over with the matte white .

OK .

And they got some cookies in the back .

Is this , what is this ?

A four series on a drag pack ?

M four and a drag pack ?

Yeah .

M four and a drag pack .

Interesting .

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Don't see that .

Don't see that a lot .

I mean , I on a drag back .

That's pretty sick .

Look at this puppy .

Hi .

You don't like the camera .

What you doing ?

We got the crazy wrapped Mopar boys rolling through .

You got like the satin chrome green on the crazy avant garde wheels .

That's pretty wild looking .

We got the silver with the black stripes rounded off by it's a black scat pack and I can't see in the darkness .

He has a black scat pack looking good and we got the scary hours and the wicker bill lit up for the boys .

The Jeeps over here just doing jeep things flexing on the boys .

We got the red Rubicon going up the white Rubicon if you want to be able to do this .

Hit me up .

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I sell Jeeps and we also got the Sna Barry Rubicon popped over the uh the curb over here very similar to Octane red .

They just call it snazzy on the Jeeps .

All right .

Possibly the craziest building a lot .

Right now .

We have an L S swapped I S Holly high rim and everything .

This is how you do any Japanese car right here .

You just take out whatever motors in it .

Slap an L S and we got the chrome green caddy , followed by another crazy rap color Lincoln .

But we got some puppies over here that we must check out and a oh , it's a little French .

So we got a couple doggies over here .

We got this puppy and then we , hello , my friend .

Hello .

Hello .

You are so sweet .

We should have brought our friend .

She , we got a little work in progress .

Super over here getting some paint .

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It looks like , ok , looking forward to seeing the progress .

I'm stumbling around this parking lot lost among a sea of Japanese cars .

I do see something I like here in the CS V coupe in diamond black super sparkly factory paint .

You love to see it .

You love a CTS V two coup that paints crazy .

Oh , nice little super .

This is the guy with the single exit from the car culture .

Yes , it is .

We have the T L C four .

I love this color , man .

This color needs to be on modern Corvettes .

That'd be so sad .

We got a 9 11 Porsche Turbos .

Oh my goodness , so clean looking , so classy .

That is nice .

All right boy .

So what did I tell you the best way to do any Japanese car is slap an L S and do it just like this man did in the 2 40 .

Yes , sir .

Thank you , sir .

Thank you , sir .

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The L S X and the uh 2 40 so thick .

I do love the old boxy beam dubs .

This one's on some interesting wheels up front , different wheels in the back .

The little boys rolling in like six deep .

He's got the whole squad in the right hand drive .

Yes , sir .

Got the old Integra behind him .

It was like an old school integra .

He's from Vermont though .

Who the hell's from Vermont ?

It looks like the old Integra squad out here .

It's amazing .

Honda Integra though before .

Interesting .

Peggy boys .

I got you .

The 2 40 has started up .

That's funny .

2 48 I gotta ask .

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Is it a 5357 ?

Ok .

Hell yeah .

L S one swap 2 40 .

That's amazing .

You got a 3 50 0 now , followed by the L S 2 40 that for all 3 50 .

No way we're out here .

We're catching the sins for you boys .

Not a whole lot for me to talk about up there , but hopefully we get some action from things like civics and whatnot .

A little bit of different stuff .

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Yes , sir .

Kind of .

Yes , sir .

The Q 60 on the .

Yes , sir .

That's incredible .

Ok .

Rx seven rolling in .

Incredible .

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Wasn't expecting that one from the old 46 convertible .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Don't forget the shift that brother , the boys are running over here .

The wide body Challenger is rolling out about to get some action .

Maybe he got the glowing red eye .

Ok .

Gave a little bit of the beans and we got a G wagon on some crazy looking wheels and a Mars just .

Ok .

Oh , damn .

That was so loud .

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The wide body G T R is about to be rolling out .

Let's see if the homie gives us some gas .

This is Kim leader of sin pipe squad and he owns weave stop .

So hit him up at squad net for all of your anime needs .

Yeah .

Yeah .

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So this guy in this Challenger said he's about to leave , wants me to record him leaving typically that means that means some fuckery .

So we're going to see what happens here .

Got a mustang with a wing and the challenger boy back there .

He gave us some gas for the boys .

Nice .

He didn't do nothing but the M five did a little bit .

You crazy man .

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That's true .

It's dying all the time , baby .

This is my city .

Yeah .

Um What a rowdy machine dude .

They're so sick now .

No chopping down the neighborhood .

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Oh alrighty .

Then here we go .

This man about the two step and this thing sounds crazy .

God , that sounds insane .

Kind of .

Oh my God C five .

Oh , yes , sir .

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And 2000 even more .

Yes , sir .

I love to see it .

This man's wing is on backwards .

There you go , brother , the man with the backwards wing .

Yeah , honestly didn't expect that one but ok , we got the demon slayer Durango .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean we got the music and oh stick .

We're just driving everything out now .

Ok .

What the hell ?

Hey brother , don't forget the shift W R X and a cam G T O cam goat .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The two things I see you all want to see more of in the comments .

Actually , I see lots of W R X comments .

I see lots of G T O comments as well .

Oh , here you go boys .

If you want to make a modern race car , L T one Camaro .

It's a V six body with a V eight in it .

Get a 10 speed .

Extra light .

Perfect platform .

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Yeah , so loud .

The four G on the S S drop top or 01 drop top zero in front .

See I wanna think .

Yeah .

Four G on the Camaro .

Yes , sir .

Damn .

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So my boy , my boy , my boy , my boy .

Yeah , Jesus , my boy .

All right guys .

Hopefully you enjoyed today's video .

Lots of good sins , cool cards , all of that good stuff .

And I got her mango nada from uh Space City right over here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Pretty cool spot and good beat good cars , all that stuff like I just said , remember shop cars across Texas ends up up , get you 20% off and , uh , get you a jacket , hat , shirt , whatever , and , uh , support the channel and , uh , hopefully you guys enjoyed leave your favorite car in the comments down below and I'll catch you next one , guys .

Peace .


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