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2023-06-14 19:21:50

5 Easy Turkish Dinner & Iftar Menu Recipes In One Hour!

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes today .

I want to make a different challenge .

I'm going to try to make a complete menu in one hour with soup , main dish , pillow and dessert for the menu .

I choose simply beautiful dishes you can make for your guests in Ramadan for or a feast dinner .

I only made two things ahead of time .

One is to cook my meat because it is beef .

I cook it until it is soft .

If you are using lamp meat , you can directly mix it with the vegetables .

You can wash the full recipe of this dish by clicking on the corner .

And another preparation is to soak my rice in hot and salty water .

From now on , I'm going to make it everything from a scratch .

So let's begin .

First .

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I'm going to make my main dish meat with vegetables for this .

I'm going to completely peel the potatoes and zucchinis , cut the stems and ends out and for the eggplants , I will partially peel it in strips .

I also have onions just roughly chopped .

And now I'm going to chop everything in cube form .

If you are vegetarian , it is really delicious meal without meat too .

With all these vegetables and seasonings we're gonna put , as you see , it is very easy to make .

Actually , we just gonna peel and chop everything and put together .

I have some green peppers too , just take the seeds out and roughly up again .

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And here are the tomatoes .

Always .

You can use more tomatoes if you like and a couple of cloves of garlic .

I'm not gonna chop the garlics .

It will give its nice taste and flavor to the dish .

And here is my cooked meat .

As I said , if you are using lamb that uh in the main recipe video , I use lamb too .

You can use it uncooked one teaspoon salt and um red pepper flake some rosemary oregano and lots of olive oil .

I would like to mention that I made this video for my Turkish channel and now I'm translating to hear it for you .

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So that's why the introduction was Turkish and I translated myself into English for the sauce of my kebab .

I have one tablespoon of tomato paste .

I put about 1.5 cup of hot water and mix it .

And after mixing everything , truly , I put the sauce , you can use your hand to mix it since I was recording too .

I didn't want to put my hands on to cover first .

We are using baking paper and aluminum foil because there are some researchers saying if it touches to the dish , it is harmful if you have anything about it .

Uh Please write in the comments so everything is covered .

Now they will cook with its oven juice together in the oven .

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It my oven is preheated to 200 Celsius degree and in 10 minutes , my kebab main dish is ready as a second dish .

I'm gonna rush my dessert for the oven , which is I have the plain version of this recipe on my channel .

I already shared and you loved it .

This recipe using a little different ingredients .

By the way , first , I'm making the syrup because it needs to cool down for this version of a shambled recipe .

I'm using one cup of sugar , one cup and two tablespoon plain yogurt .

In the other version , I used milk .

I'm just going to biscuit truly and it one cup of flour , all purpose flour and 2.5 cup .

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The texture is really coarse .

Many of you are asking me about semolina and maybe I should make a video about it and uh please also write down whatever you know about it .

Uh If you are using fine course , if you tried the recipe before for the and as the last ingredient , I put half teaspoon , baking soda and mix everything .

Well , my baking dish is not too big and square this time before in the video .

Other video I use round don't use big pan for this recipe because it might get thinner since I didn't have that much time .

I just randomly put my peanuts .

I couldn't make a pattern like in the video .

So my dessert is going to cook with the main dish together .

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Meantime , my syrup begin to boil .

I will continue to boil it in low heat for 15 minutes .

And in the kettle , I have ready hot water to use and I'm going to heat two pans together to make my soup and my pillow in the front .

It is the pan that I cooked my meat .

So I'm not going to wash it .

I will have the delicious meat flavor left to go to my soup .

So I chopped one onion and I'm going to stir in olive oil .

And for the , I'm also using again , olive oil and some butter .

I shared a classic Turkish Pilla recipe with you with all its tips together how to make a fluffy pillow .

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In this version , I'm gonna use pasta we use since we brown them , it really gives a nice taste to the .

And in the meantime , for my soup , after the onions , I add some flour again , browning .

My rice was soaking in the salty water .

I washed them truly in three times and rinsed it and drained .

I'm going to continue to steer them together for five more minutes and to my soup which is yellow lentil soup .

Let me introduce you here .

I'm adding hot water .

So it is easier to have hot water around you in a kettle when you are cooking and in a rush adding salt both to my dishes .

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This version of lentil soup is very popular , especially in restaurants because of its beautiful yellow color , which comes from the yellow lentil .

I don't know if you have this kind of lentil I already have in my channel two version of basic Turkish Lantern soup .

I will share this one too .

It's been 15 minutes for my syrup .

I'm eating lemons and turn it off to cool down .

As you see , the rice is looking different .

Now .

It's been uh frying for five minutes .

So I'm adding the water .

Now I always use um for one cup , price , 1.5 cup .

But here adding again drop of lemon juice .

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So the um depends on the type of rice you use , it might changes how much water it needs .

So you have to experiment a bit .

I'm done with my pillow and the lentil soup needs to cook until the lentils are soft .

I'm taking out my syrup to cool down more and checking the oven .

Since I'm cooking two things together , I had to change in the half for even browning in 10 minutes .

My soup is looking good .

It's almost done and my pillow is soaking its water .

Everything looks fine .

It's been 15 minutes .

My main dish kebab is in the oven .

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I'm gonna check if it is cooked the vegetables and meat so I can take out to brown on top .

You need to be careful because of the steam .

Here they look OK .

So I take out everything , stir a bit and continue to cook and let's check the dessert .

It still needs some time for the golden color .

I want my yellow lentil soup is ready .

I'm going to blend it to be smooth .

Let me mention this year when in early times , we didn't have a hand blender .

We were using strainer for this .

Actually not me .

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Of course , like my mother , grandmother and so on and we call , this means strain .

This is the classic name of the my peel off is done .

I'm gonna turn off the heat and after 15 minutes , I'm just gonna blend it everything together , checking the oven again .

My um shambo dessert looks nice on top , but on the bottom , it still was white .

So I had to reorder them again and continue to cook a little bit more .

I have one small thing that I need on stove to make , which is the sauce for lentil soup .

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I melted some butter and it's about half teaspoon ground red pepper .

Just swirl them together .

The smell you're gonna get will be so tempting .

Here , there are two options for serving .

You can either make a nice pattern or just pour some over the bowls or from the rice .

You can pour over your soup as I did this time , get the scoop from the soup to the sauce pan to make sure nothing is left and don't stir too much .

So you can have some of the delicious sauce when you are serving .

I'm getting my ready dishes to the countertop .

My shamble is done .

I'm gonna pour the syrup in five minutes .

As a last minute preparation .

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I made my salad too .

Just chopped some parsley cucumbers and tomatoes .

And here is the syrup comes .

It is really easy to make and delicious dessert .

It soaks the syrup in no time .

You can eat it right away , but it gets better when it is waited uh for overnight .

And here is my main dish , ke up with vegetables hot from the oven .

My pillow rested for 15 minutes , just gently blend everything from bottom to top again .

Thanks to my daughter , she's taking the kitchen towel out from the side and I'm done .

So my friends I'm done with my dishes .

It's been one hour and 15 minutes along with the recording everything .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Since you're not going to do that , it will be easier for you .

Happily .

I made my salad too .

So we have our lentil soup soup , Shepherd's salad and our main dish kebab with vegetables and shamble .

The dessert .

I'm happy that I was able to make this challenge .

Accomplished five dishes in one hour and share it with you .

So I have a question .

If you were me and you have only one hour to make five dishes or let's say four what would you make ?

Please share your menus with me on the comment section below .

I'm very curious about it from all around the world , from different cultures , what your menu will be like ?

Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes .


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