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2023-06-14 19:21:43

Ottoman Sherbet - Turkish Fruit Drink

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Hi , everyone .

This is a get ready to make a fruit drink from Ottoman Times .

It's a simple and refreshing drink , flavored with spices , served with classical Turkish dishes special in the hot days and in the month of Ramadan , let's get started .

Yeah , I have 500 g , cherries from freezer .

You can use fresh and 500 g , mix of plums and grapes and get this .

These are very sweet .

These are a little bit sour but I'm gonna edit for the flavor .

It's optional .

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Uh You can make it only with a plum too and I used about third of a cup granulated sugar and for extra flavor which uh gives the Ottoman flavor .

Uh I have cinnamon stick and three clothes and we have one liter of water .

We're gonna add more later in a medium size pan .

I'm gonna eat the fruits first .

Adding the water , the spices they use really gives a , a different taste .

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Turn it into a different level , I can say and make it optimal style .

I'm going to boil for 30 minutes and we'll see how it looks .

So it's been about 30 minutes boiling on a medium high heat And as you can see , they are all soft .

Now , I'm going to transfer the fruit to a strainer and drain it .

Now , I can add the sugar to the , the fruit juice we have , you can use less sugar if you like or after it is cooled a bit , add the honey .

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Instead , I also added uh slices of lemon and going to boil it again .

Meanwhile , I'm helping to get the juice as much as I can from the strainer and you can press it with the back of a spoon .

I decided to translate it to a smaller strainer , finer strainer and make sure you press and get as much as flavor out as you can .

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So as you can see , we have a lot of juice left here , I'm gonna put it back too and just boil for uh to in total five more minutes and turn off the y it is better to strain it again to make sure you don't have anything inside and you're just going to let it cool down completely .

What we have is a concentrated chart drink .

So we're gonna have to add more water and after it is cooled , done , put it in the refrigerator to cool it completely .

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I wanted to serve in this traditional picture .

We have adding extra ice cubes so it is ice cold and serve it .

So I hope you give it a try and like it .

I'm very curious about if you are making similar drink recipes like this .

Please share your comments on my channel .

I also have other drinks like purple basil Sharpe and lemonade .

You can check them from the links .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel blogs to .


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