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2023-06-14 19:21:22

What's NEW in Las Vegas for 2023! 😲

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Hey you guys , it's Ruby back again with another Las Vegas update but not just any update .

This is what's new in Las Vegas for 2023 .

I'm gonna be covering the entire year for you guys .

A ton of brand new hotel openings , restaurants shows we have so much to cover before I get started if you're new .

Hi , my name is Ruby .

I make Las Vegas content .

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Thank you so much .

First off , we have some absolutely huge news that just dropped about the hard rock .

You guys , the Hard Rock recently went in front of the Nevada gaming control board and they gave a bunch of details about all of their plans for Mirage .

For those of you who maybe don't know Hard Rock purchased the Mirage in 2021 for $1 billion .

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Now , they have just announced that they expect to operate Mirage as is for 18 months .

That is a huge bomb drop because so many people have been worried about will the volcano still be there .

It's here to stay at least through 2023 .

They are expecting to do a huge full overhaul on this property that they are planning to have finished by 2025 .

1st of all , one thing I noticed is they were talking about the ceilings .

Now , the ceilings are low because they have those old school catwalks above .

They're going to be removing all of that gutting it out .

They are actually expanding the casino floor and adding tons of new slots .

You can see from their renderings , how much they're going to add on .

They're going to pull everything to the front .

The huge Guitar tower is going to go out front as well .

They're planning to renovate all of the existing rooms and suites .

They are planning to add new restaurants .

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They said at least three , but it could be even more and you can even see , they even said something about an enhanced pool experience .

I don't know what that means , but they even put up like a little chart here that says like how many rooms they currently have , how many they're gonna add the slots they're adding .

So it's going to be a much larger property by the time they're finished , Hard Rock also confirmed that their loyalty club program unity by Hard Rock will be launched at Hard Rock , Las Vegas , but they didn't say when they're switching over the players cards , the animal habitat is going away they will not be having the Dolphin shows or anything like that .

So as for the Beatles Love , they have extended it into 2020 four .

So Beatles is staying for the year and I have also heard that Hard Rock is working with C C to bring a new show to the property .

The renderings look great .

This could be a really fun and exciting new place .

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I'm going to try to keep an open mind and I will let you know as news progresses on the hard rock brew dog brewing just opened on strip .

This is brand new .

The location is directly across the street from Park M G M next to the shops by M G M Grand and the space is beautiful .

It is gigantic .

Tons of separate seating areas .

There's a gorgeous rooftop with a unique and really lovely view of Vegas .

They had a huge tap list of beers , but they also had wine and cocktails , which was great because a lot of breweries just do beer .

This place is kid friendly .

It's dog friendly .

We really enjoyed the food here .

We even tried a $150 burger that was really delicious .

I would order it again .

This is just a fun new relaxed hangout spot in Vegas .

I would definitely go check this out if you are coming soon .

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They do take reservations if you want to make sure to be up on the patio , some future hotels that we need to talk about .

So we'll start with the Dream .

The Dream Hotel is going to be over by the airport .

This one's going to be a more boutique hotel , so 450 rooms , but they're boasting having seven restaurants , nightlife , a rooftop bar .

So they're trying to bring people over while still keeping it pretty small .

The Majestic Hotel is also set to open .

This one is going to be by the Convention Center and this one looks to be more for working types , non gaming , non smoking , white glove service , very high end .

I think they're kind of trying to go for that more quiet atmosphere for people who really don't like the Vegas hustle and bustle and want something more quiet .

Wildfire is set to open in February downtown .

Now , this one is not walkable from Fremont , although it is on Fremont , it's going to be quite down ways .

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And it's important to note this is not going to be a hotel , just a casino .

There are a ton of wildfire casinos all throughout Vegas .

They're local favorites .

I've told some of them can be pretty divey , but this one's going to be brand spanking new , so I'm sure it's going to be nice .

And the Durango Hotel is also set to open .

This one is owned by station casinos .

It's going to be on Durango Boulevard , which is very fitting set to open this year in 2023 .

This one looks like it's going to be one of their higher end properties like Red Rock and we love Red Rock Casino .

So I'm hoping that Durango does not disappoint , excited to see another offri property opening .

We have to talk about all of the construction happening at Plaza .

So Plaza Hotel , one of my favorites downtown is adding so much new to their property .

Currently , they are working on the carousel bar .

This is going to be right at their front and rotate all the way around under those beautiful lights .

It's sent to be able to hold 100 guests .

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And I'm told they're hoping early spring once that's done , I think they're going to start working on their other projects .

They are opening a pink box doughnuts .

They're also going to be opening a rooftop patio next to Oscars for some outdoor dining and the influencer friendly BC slots area .

They're going to be opening a really large area in the casino and adding onto to it .

It's going to be entirely non smoking in this area , have its own separate entrance and be very influencer friendly .

I heard Brian himself even said something about having like copyright free music .

He's hand selecting like 100 different slots for this area .

For those of us who play slots .

We do have a slot play channel .

If you're interested , all of this construction is going to be through 2023 .

However , I think once the carousel bar is finished , it'll be a lot less obtrusive with the construction .

We must mention that Tillman Fertitta Hotel .

If you've been following my updates , we've been talking about this a lot .

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But for those of you who don't know , Tillman Ferti owns the golden nugget and he is opening a brand new high end casino , right ?

Dead center strip where that Tex Mex Place is and where the travel lodge used to be , it is completely torn down , cannot wait to see another high end beautiful property here and directly next door at the Hawaiian shops , they have closed those all down and the strip has announced that they're going to be putting much more fine dining and shopping here .

So they're really trying to clean up that part of the strip .

It wasn't like the greatest spot .

This is gonna be so nice and add to that area right next to Brew Dog .

So that whole part of the strip is going to be really new and exciting .

Speaking of new and exciting and shopping project 63 question mark because Project 63 was supposed to open this year in fall and fall .

It came and gone and still not open .

I have heard many things about this .

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I guess they don't even have all of their vendors set up to go inside .

I do know they are going to have an ocean prime and this is set to open in spring of 2023 .

The renderings for this steak and seafood restaurant look absolutely incredible .

And it's also going to be 14,000 square feet , which is massive .

The Venetian has also announced a huge renovation project , talking , they plan to renovate the casino , the rooms and the pool .

I am excited .

I think it needs it honestly .

So once Venetian has this all done , I cannot wait to go back and try it again and see all these improvements .

But this is gonna be a long time coming .

So all through 2023 we can expect some renovating happening at Venetian and of course not to be left out with our new hotels coming .

We have Fountain Blue .

Fountain Blue has been nearly 20 years in the making .

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I mean , in 2005 , they announced the project and it's been stalled ever since , but they claim it is going to be open fourth quarter of 2023 .

I hope so .

Honestly because I'm very excited about this place , 3700 rooms , the renderings look stunning .

There's going to be a nightclub .

I'm sure there's going to be some really high end dining in here .

And I love when we can build up a new part of the strip .

So having this be north would just add more life over there kind of by circus , circus resorts , world Sahara in that area .

When we talk construction in Las Vegas , we must discuss the MS G sphere and how groundbreaking this thing is now the MS G sphere is going to have the largest highest resolution led screen ever made and 164,000 speakers .

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They claim that this thing is going to be 100% clearer than the best TV you can buy on the market right now .

Capacity is 20,000 people .

The first ever performance that is announced for MS G sphere is going to be U two .

This is super highly anticipated .

This is a game changer .

I cannot wait to go , not just see a show here , but I can't wait for them to build up that area back there .

Kind of behind the Venetian and the Convention Center Formula One racing is coming to Las Vegas .

They are going to be racing down the strip , November 16th through the 18th .

This is going to be a huge deal for Las Vegas .

The Bellagio is planning to build grandstands right out front for viewing and right now they are selling packages .

I did take a look and a Bellagio three night stay with grandstand seating came to around 2949 dollars just under 3000 .

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I think a lot of the hotels and bars and everyone's going to be doing packages and viewing for this .

So stay tuned for more .

I will definitely update you about F one as we learn more .

Two new shows have opened in Las Vegas , Mad Apple at New York , New York .

Kind of uh take on a Spiegel World show .

Very much a variety act with comedy raunchy things , singing , dancing .

It's a good time .

An awakening has opened at the Wind and this one's totally different , think of like an interpretive music video .

There's a beautiful score .

Some incredible technology went into the stage .

The costuming is fantastic .

A lot of dancing .

So both of these shows were great .

I enjoyed both and I recommend them you can get tickets for those .

Now , New York , New York is currently renovating all of their rooms .

We were lucky and got to stay in one of these newly renovated rooms .

You can check that video out and it is fresh and a great new update .

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They are planning to have all of the rooms finished by June of 2023 .

So if you're coming late spring into the summer , all of New York , New York will be fresh and renovated .

Aria has some changes as well .

The food hall will be opening inside the aria which is absolutely fantastic because some more dining options in there , some cheaper quicker eats would be much welcome .

And cathedral which I hope I'm saying that right .

It is going to be opening in 2023 right next to catch very little is known about this project only that it is set to open in 2023 .

I will keep you guys updated .

Nelly's kitchen opened at M G M Grand this year .

This is the Jonas Brothers restaurant and it is Southern home cooking based off of their grandmother's eats .

It should be pretty delicious .

You can go check that one out .

Now .

Light Night Club has announced they are totally closed at Mandalay Bay so can no longer party there .

Which is unfortunate .

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Speaking of M G M , one of the biggest stories this year in 2022 was that M G M properties have acquired the Cosmopolitan .

There's been a ton of speculation on when they're going to switch the identity reward system over to M G M rewards .

And from what we understand , it's going to be sometime at the end of 2023 .

Also at the Cosmopolitan opium has entirely new acts .

It's essentially a brand new show I saw , I absolutely loved it .

So I'm excited to go back and check out all the new performances , moving on to Caesars properties .

So many changes , Caesars is doing so much .

So Bally's they sold and Bays is not going to become the horseshoe already .

Things that have opened inside the ball slash horseshoe would be the poker room which a lot of people are loving lock and key is this little speak easy down on the bottom floor .

They are doing a casino remodel , they ripped out the big sports book and put it in an arcade .

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The new one is over by Paris kind of in between that walkway there and the Burger Bracey is closing and they're going to be putting a new guy etti restaurant , but I don't know the name just yet .

Also all read by Blake Sheldon .

The gigantic cowboy bar is going to be opening this year and that is going to be right out front of bay slash Horseshoe .

It will be taking the place of all of those grand bazar shops .

For the most part .

I did hear wh burgers gets to stay , but that could just be a rumor .

We will see .

I hope wh burger stays because they have cheap drinks .

And speaking of Paris right next door , Paris is looking totally different on the inside .

They have added so much Vander PM Paris , a beautiful new restaurant space .

No boo which is just like the No over at Caesars , they have Martha Stewart's Bedford restaurants and Bobby's Burgers .

So even more dining options have been added to Paris Hotel this year .

Harris is seeing some love as well .

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They opened , walk on sports bistro , but they are going to be adding a brand new high limit room and in the place of the high limit room , they're going to be adding a new lounge called the lounge .

I love when they add like a little swanky cocktail bar into casinos .

That's a nice touch .

They've also opened Ramsey's kitchen .

Now this is the Gordon Ramsey restaurant and this one is supposed to be based on his travels from around the world .

So some new interesting dishes here .

But you'll still be able to get the Wellington and the Sticky Toffee pudding and all of those favorites .

The link this year saw opening of two Buddy V restaurants , the Boss Cafe , which had delicious moots or mozzarella .

I would definitely check that out .

And Buddy's Jersey eats food truck .

Caesar's Palace itself has undergone huge changes .

The entire front entrance has been remodeled .

They've added a bar , they've opened Dominique Ansel's High end pastries , Stanton Social Prime is set to open next year .

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Now , this is also from Tao Hospitality Group , the same group opening cathedral over at Aria .

So interesting that they're going to be opening two different restaurants .

Peter Lugers is also coming to Caesars .

This steakhouse is famous in New York City and it's been really anticipated here .

However , they said that this is not going to be coming until late next year .

Definitely going to be a while before we see this one .

I'm just curious if they're going to maintain the whole cash only thing like they did over in New York .

Also , rumors of another tower being built at Caesars over where the Absinth tent currently is and rumors that they want to build an even bigger sports book .

So we'll see if that comes to fruition and stay tuned .

Earlier this year , Caesars had put Flamingo up for sale and everybody was very concerned about it , but it turns out they weren't able to get the price that they wanted .

So they are keeping the Flamingo and with it , it seems like they're going to be putting some work in the buffet closed permanently there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'm told that they're planning to put some new restaurants inside .

So hopefully going to freshen up Flamingo as well .

They're working on all of their properties right now .

So it would make a lot of sense for them to also fix up Flamingo .

Some other hotels that have opened this year .

The English Hotel opens in the arts district when I saw that this was this year .

I just felt like , wow , 2022 has been incredibly long .

The English Hotel is absolutely gorgeous .

I have a whole video that you guys can watch on this one .

The Palms has also reopened so happy to see the Poems reopened .

It's become one of my favorite off strip spots .

They have Scotch 80 Prime inside Mabel's Barbecue Vetri Cuccia just reopened the Italian restaurants .

I'm going to be talking more about that later on on the channel and it's just a great property to go hit up .

If you are off strip , let's talk about some shows , festivals , concerts , residencies coming .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So Garth Brooks has announced a residency as has Maroon five and we have Taylor Swift coming to Las Vegas .

She is coming in March 24th and 25th .

I have tickets .

I'm not bragging .

My sister got them E DC or the Electric Daisy Carnival will be here , May 19th through the 21st .

This is E D M house music when we were young is coming .

October 21st .

Hopefully this one does not get canceled by wind , but the lineup looks really great again , that emo punk rock kind of thing .

So life is beautiful is coming .

September 22nd through the 24th .

And this is kind of a little bit of everything .

Gorillas , Arctic monkeys , Lord kind of a mix of artists and they all look to be pretty fun .

So this could be a great concert and sick .

New World is coming May 13th .

This is the concert that Mr Ruby really wanted to buy tickets for , but it's sold out .

We are talking hard rock .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So lots of great festivals coming all throughout the year in Las Vegas .

If you are not planning to attend these , be aware that there's going to be an uptick in prices and crowds on those weekends .

I can't believe the changes coming in 2023 Las Vegas is going to be like never before and I can't wait to take you along and keep updating you throughout the year as we go .

If you didn't hear , we did move to Las Vegas to be working full time on this channel .

And thank you to all my subscribers old and new .

Thank you so much for watching this video .

I will catch you guys all in my next one .


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