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Ultimate football boot TIER LIST 2022

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So we're doing it again , the ultimate football boot tier list for early 2022 .

And of course , if you're interested in any of the latest boots , you can get them below their normal retail price by way of exclusive S R for you , coupon codes by checking out the new releases page on my website , which will be the first link down below .

And if you haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button along with the little bell notification .

So you don't miss out on boot reviews of all the latest boots of 2022 .

The Adidas speed low 0.1 is everything you would want from a modern day speed boot .

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It performs the part , it's incredibly comfortable and at $250 it's not ridiculously overpriced .

What you're getting is a super thin textile slash synthetic upper .

That's awesome in terms of providing that barefoot feel , but also really unique from a comfort standpoint and that it has that slight amount of stretch to it , which does slightly compromise the responsiveness .

There are more responsive speed boots out there , but with the laces tied tight , they fit extremely well .

The touch is phenomenal and again , they are remarkably comfortable .

Some people have a love hate relationship with the two heel pillows they place in the heel liner personally , I'm a big fan of that , but it is something to be aware of .

And then the speed frame soul plate and stud pattern , really aggressive traction .

And then the carbon fiber carbo insert in the four ft is truly one of the most functional pieces of tech ever to be featured in a pair of football boots and that you can feel the response that it gives you that extra feedback with every single step for $250 .

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If you're on the market for a top notch , high performing speed boot , you can't go wrong with these .

It's an A tier football boot .

The Puma Future Z 1.2 is a phenomenal pair of football boots , although it must be said it is on the way out , given that the 1.3 has just been unveiled but won't be readily available for at least another month .

Nonetheless , for $200 kind of the lower end of top end football boots .

As far as price point goes , it's incredible value for money and really , really comfortable if that's something that you value features a knitted upper that has that soft sock , like slightly padded sensation , I would say out of all the knitted football boots out there , this is in the top three in terms of feel as well as overall comfort .

And with this fusion fit plus band running through the mid foot , it allows for a unique amount of adjust ability in what is kind of a tricky area of the foot where depending on if you have a high arch or a low arch , maybe an normal arch , sometimes the shape won't be right .

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This adjust to just about any foot shape and feels nice and secure the soul plate and sub pattern , I wouldn't say is anything groundbreaking , but it certainly gets the job done .

And again , from an overall comfort standpoint , they are top notch football boots , maybe not a stand out in any one specific area .

But overall really , really solid for me .

This is here the Nike Phantom GT Two Elite , which I have here in the mid cut D F version .

But there is of course a low cut model that retails for $25 less and effectively what you're getting with .

This model is kind of a slightly wider , less aggressive take on the Nike Mercurial concept where while it's a flying it upper , that's different from vapor posit .

It's still quite thin , nicely pliable and offers what I would argue is more of a barefoot feel because there really isn't any padding to it .

You have the micro texturing on the surface or generative texture if you will , that does provide some additional grip on the ball without being sticky like something that a predator edge or a predator freak might provide .

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So something to keep in mind , it's a relatively comfortable football boot if you do have a wider foot .

Although I do think there are some complications in regards to some ugly folds , the upper because of this off center lacing system , it could definitely do with a little bit of refinement .

And then as far as the soul plate and sub pattern is concerned , I think it's top notch again , kind of similar to what you're going to find from the mercurial , but just tone down a little bit in terms of overall aggressiveness .

It's a football boot that a lot of people like .

But again , I don't think it does anything exceptionally well .

For me , the Phantom G T two is a B tier football boot .

The Puma ultra 1.4 , in my opinion , is one of the speed boots to have right now .

It's $200 retail price makes it $50 less expensive at minimum to all of its main competitors from Nike and Adidas , not to mention Mizuno , which is even more expensive than that .

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But for 200 bucks , you're getting something that is incredibly thin , raw , barefoot fuel on the ball , a unique grip texturing on the surface that legitimately provides extra grip on the ball more so than even what you're going to find from that micro texture on the Phantom GT .

Just for the sake of comparison , it fits extremely well .

I think that's a nice improvement they've made over the previous generation and the football boots are incredibly light for those .

I remember back when the 2010 F 50 s first came out and those blew everybody's mind .

These are on that level in terms of weight but fit so much better , feel , so much more comfortable and ultimately perform a lot better as well .

Super aggressive traction from this F G stud pattern and again , for $200 you cannot go wrong .

This is easily an S tier football boot .

The Adidas Predator Edge plus is easily the biggest new release of 2022 so far .

And also for me as well as many others .

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One of the most disappointing , I think what's great about the Predator Edge is the new design concept .

I absolutely love the way that they look and I know there's a lot of people that will disagree with me on that .

I think the refinements they've made to the stud pattern while not gigantic , do make for a slight improvement .

And I think the zone skin system with these long rubber elements in the shape of fins scattered across the upper provide a tremendous amount of additional grip on the ball , more so than anything else on the market .

That is definitely the standout element on this football boot that separates it from all of the alternatives .

However , everything around those two elements is subpar at best , especially considering the $275 retail price .

The prime upper on paper is technically the same as the predator freak it replaces .

However , due to differences in liner materials , differences in construction as well as the zone skin elements , perhaps the combination of all three of these things , the material is incredibly stiff .

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And when you partner that up with a much wider higher volume shape and what is honestly a lackluster lace system ?

That's a huge step back from what they were doing before the fit , the comfort the down .

It's all just subpar compared to what we've seen from Adidas in the past and then gimmicky things like the tungsten weight at the tip of the toe that you don't feel whatsoever .

They didn't even specify how much weight it is .

It's just one of those football boots that for the money , I don't think is worth it .

I don't think it feels nearly as good as the model it replaces .

And again , just hugely disappointing for me .

To me , the predator edge plus is ad tier football boot the made in Japan Mizuno Rela Cup a football boot that retails for the very high price tag of $300 .

And while I think they're really good football boots in a lot of ways because of one other boot in particular that offers a lot of the same elements at a much lower retail price .

And what I would argue offers a better overall experience .

I can't rate these quite as high .

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Of course , the Kangaroo leather as you'd expect on any made in Japan Mao model is top notch .

However , there's not a lot of leather on the regular cup pair that up with the memory foam inserts in the leather area as well as through the mid foot where you have this grippy texture on the synthetic material , which feels quite nice .

The boot as a whole has a really good balance considering that it is kind of half leather and half synthetic .

I like the nice deep lacing system .

Think the overall fit and comfort .

The boot is quite nice and honestly , this soul plate and pattern is one of my personal favorites on the market right now , super underrated in a direct carryover from the previous generation three that this boot replaced overall .

I think they're excellent football boots .

And if you're a big fan of Mao , I don't think you're going to be unhappy with them .

But for me , this is a football boot that is beat here .

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The new balance to V three plus Pro is a really solid pair of football boots and the $210 given that it does have a lace construction , it's much more affordable than your $275 top end options from Adidas .

However , I don't necessarily think that this is one of those boots that you should consider .

If you're just after something with a knitted upper .

For me , the future offers a better overall experience , a better fit and certainly better not to mention a more comfortable football boot for a wider variety of foot types .

I think the lace system as a whole functions quite nicely , but it kind of just boils down to an elastic stir up across the top of the foot , which is arguably just very low tech and kind of the easy way out .

Effective .

Yes , but I just think it kind of dumbs down the whole lace concept as a whole .

The upper itself feels quite nice being that it is a knitted material , it's soft , it's padded that sock like sensation .

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But again , because of the lace design , the fit and lockdown is not as good as I think it should be for a top end football boot .

Not to mention the soul plate and pattern while not bad in any way , is pretty lackluster in terms of feel and overall performance .

Again , not a bad pair of football boots , if you can find them deeply discounted and you just want to try out something lace , I think you'll have a positive experience .

But for me , this is ac tier football boot , the Nike Mercurial Super Fly eight Elite , the $275 variant of the Vapor 14 .

Because let's admit it , that's all it really is .

You're paying an extra $25 for this collar wrapping around your ankle that you might like the look of , you might even like the feel of it .

But ultimately , it doesn't improve the performance of the football boot in any way at all as a whole .

The Mercurial Super Fly is an excellent football boot .

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The vapor posit upper is the right balance of thin but also structured and also remarkably comfortable considering that it does have a little bit more of a plasticky sensation compared to the flying knit upper that it replaced in the Super Fly seven .

It also has that an atomic shaping to the soul plate and really what is still the most aggressive F G stud pattern on the market and a package that is nice and light on your feet as well .

If you're looking for the most responsive sensation from a pair of football boots and honestly just like the pair , the feel of a pair of mercurial , you can't go wrong with the Super Fly .

It's an a tier football boot , the Adidas Coal an absolute classic at the $150 price point made in Germany full kangaroo leather upper .

That old school shape fit feel and overall comfort , especially ones broken in , certainly not a football boot for everybody these days , but it's an s tier football boot for reasons that I am not going to argue the new balance Fon six plus pro .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If there was one word to describe this football boot , it's underrated for the $210 asking price .

It's an incredible pair of speed boots that are super light offer , really aggressive traction are really your only option in the speed category right now to feature a full knitted upper and the knitted upper you get well , very thin does have that slight amount of softness and padding it , making it definitely one of the more comfortable speed boots on the market .

If that's something that you're after and again , for those that miss the flying days of the Mercurial Series , this should be right up your alley if you can live with having an and be on your foot rather than a Ike swoosh .

You have a nice deep central lacing system .

And again , the lockdown and overall performance characteristics are pretty well as good as anything .

It's just a matter of , of getting over the fact that these are made by new balance , which is not the most popular football boot brand also , unlike any of the other speed boots out there right now , this is actually available in a wide fit variation .

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So if you do have a really wide feet , you have that option with the fear on six plus pro .

For me , this is an A tier football boot which you might not expect .

But trust me , when I say if you were to give these a try , I think you'll be impressed .

The made in Japan Mizuno Morelia two is the ultimate example of refinement .

Everything that is on this football boot is done to the highest quality standard possible and refined to a level where I'm not sure you can criticize this in any way at all .

It is , in my opinion , the most comfortable football boot currently on the market , the Kangaroo leather again , as you expect from a made in Japan model is the best of the best and the entire upper is made out of the stuff , the touch on the ball because of that leather is phenomenal .

The central lacing system allows for plenty of adjust ability .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And despite the old school vibe that these give off , they have a much more modern shape than I think you'd expect making you feel right at home as soon as you slide them on your feet , even if this isn't the style of football boot that you would normally go for flip it around to the bottom .

And you'll notice again come an older style design but using modern materials making this believe it or not as light as many of the top end speed boots that are currently out there .

And of course , the stud pattern , the studs are a little bit shorter , they're a little bit larger in terms of surface area .

So it's not as much bite and certainly not as aggressive as some of the more modern stuff out there .

But it does perform .

The part feels very stable and again , is extremely comfortable .

The boots are expensive at $280 .

But if you want the best of the best in pretty much every area that makes a simple football boot good , you cannot go wrong with these .

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This is easily an S tier football boot , the Nike Tiempo legend nine elite , in my opinion , both when it comes to value as well as overall performance is best in class .

In the modern leather football boot category , the Kangaroo leather upper spans the majority of the upper but is also cleverly reinforced by the positioning of the Nike s in this thin textile material giving you kind of the best of both worlds in terms of lockdown and responsiveness , but also softness comfort and a touch on the ball that only kangaroo can provide .

You also have the addition of memory foam inserts scattered throughout the upper that provide a little bit of additional padding and kind of a dampened effect without taking away from the feel of the leather too much .

So I think they struck a nice balance there , a nice deep central lacing system for plenty of adjust ability , a shape that I think they just got , they got just right in terms of overall width where this will work for wider foot types , but will fit most people securely as well as comfortably as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then the soul plate and stud pattern , it's kind of a slight tweak over what we've seen from the last several generations of tiempo .

So no major changes there .

The weight is also pretty much the same as what we've seen in the past as well .

But overall , it's a great performer , a proven system that we've seen on the line for a long time now .

And there really wasn't much of a reason for them to change it for $230 .

I think you can't go wrong with the legend nine Elite , which is why it's an A tier football boot .

The Adidas copa plus is one of those football boots that you either love or hate .

There really is no in between .

And as far as comparisons go , there's not much to compare this to .

It's a $275 lace football boot that competes in the modern leather boot category .

However , it only features a very small amount of kangaroo leather kind of here at the tip of the toe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The majority of the upper is a knitted material and I think from a shape perspective , nailed it , this is the best shape on a lace football boot from Adidas , in my opinion , and the laser system in general feels quite secure .

However , it's ruined by the sense pod system , heel liner that has undergone a couple different variations with different lining materials on the surface .

But basically , it's these firm memory foam pods that do an excellent job of gripping your heel .

But they do so in such a way that is very uncomfortable for a lot of people that have tried these out where blisters are kind of inevitable .

And if you can't get the comfort right , then really does anything else matter .

Also , the lack of kangaroo leather , the unnecessary elements like this gigantic piece of memory foam right here in an area that takes away completely from the feel of the little bit of leather .

You get on the football boot , you just get a little bit of an imbalance feel in terms of overall touch on the ball , not to say that it's bad , but it's not personally what I would want from something that is marketed as a leather football boot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then as far as the soul plate and stud pattern is concerned as cool as it looks , especially the heel counter , it's unnecessarily bulky .

The boots are heavier than most of their main competition and also more expensive .

So for all of those reasons , I think they're cool football boots .

It's an ambitious idea from Adidas , but certainly not for me and not for most people .

It's a sea tier football boot .

The Puma King Platinum 21 in my opinion , is nothing short of a disaster for $200 .

I'm not sure why anybody would buy these .

It's only redeeming quality is the fact that I think it's kind of a cool looking football boot and I'm sure there's plenty of people that would disagree with me .

But being that it is a mostly full kangaroo leather upper .

The kangaroo leather they've used is incredibly stiff , very rigid and I'm not sure if it's the leather itself or the liner .

Perhaps a combination of the two , they just don't feel good on your feet .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And that's unacceptable for this style of football boot features a really gimmicky heel liner that has this kind of mesh insert for the sake of breathability , but it doesn't actually vent anywhere .

So I'm not sure why they've done that .

And then the soul play pattern is a gigantic step backwards from what we had from the previous generation King Platinum , which was actually an excellent pair of football boots .

I think when you factor in the stiffness of the leather as well as the disappointment in regards to how good the football boot was that these replaced at $200 .

I just don't see why you would buy these .

It is an F tier football boot , the Adidas Predator edge 0.1 available in both a low as well as a mid cut variation .

This of course being the low cut model retails for $250 and just like the edge plus is a gigantic disappointment .

I think the best aspect of this football boot are the rubber zone skin elements scattered across the upper providing way more grip on the ball than any of the alternatives that are out there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And again , I like the changes they've made to the soul plate and sub pattern .

Even if it's just a slight improvement or the predator freak , it replaces .

However , everything else is a gigantic step backwards .

The fit feel and comfort of this football boot simply is not good , not just for a top end model , but for a pair of football boots in general , the primate upper is stiff , it doesn't bend well with your foot , the shape is too wide , there's too much volume and given that this does have a lacing system , unlike the edge plus the lockdown is definitely better with the laces tied tight .

But that extra tension on this material actually makes the boots feel even more uncomfortable .

And for whatever reason , you can actually feel the laces pressing against the top of your foot , kind of right on that bone running along this edge of the lacing system .

They're not very light weight .

The tons in weight is still a super gimmicky thing that does absolutely nothing .

And again , for $250 if I came from a predator freak and tried these on , I just don't see how you wouldn't be disappointed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The edge 2500.1 is ad tier football boot , the lotto .

So the 100 for gravity is the lace option from the brand that invented lace football boots in the first place all the way back in 2006 with the original zero gravity .

This is a football boot that retails for $200 making it $75 less expensive than your top and lace options from their main competitor at this point in time in Adidas .

And honestly , I think these are as good if not better than most of the lace Adidas options currently on the market , the knitted upper is soft , flexible and I think they did a good job with the shape .

The lace system is admittedly very simple being just an elasticated knit material with a little bit of a polyurethane reinforcement across the top of the foot .

But it restricts the stretch just enough that given that you have the proper foot shape for these , you do end up with pretty good overall lockdown and a comfortable experience without the need for laces on top of your foot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The soul plate and sub pattern is also better than you'd expect from a brand that is not super popular these days .

And again , considering the price point , I think it's a lot of value for money for me .

This is a B tier football boot and a great alternative to the three stripes at a much lower price .

The made in Japan Mizuno , Morella Neo three beta , the most expensive top end football boot currently on the market retailing for $320 .

But the crazy part is these might actually be worth that depending on what you're looking for .

Of course made in Japan quality is undeniable .

The kangaroo leather you get here in the four ft is not only unique given that this does fall into the speed boot category and the boots as a whole are super light , not a lot of leather options on the market anymore .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But the leather you get is super thin and again , just top notch in terms of quality , not a lot of leather admittedly , but for those that were big fans of the leather F 50 at zero days , this is basically a much higher quality take on that concept , but also a football boot that launched all the way back in 2010 .

So this has been basically 12 years of refinement for the Morella Neo line leading to this point where the mid foot material is now kind of a textile slash knit material elasticated across the top of the foot with the one piece upper construction , really great shape , really good comfort , especially from a pair of speed boots as you'd expect from the Mao brand and the soul plate and stud pattern .

Again , not super extraordinary looking but feels great underfoot and provides more aggresive attraction than you might expect also unique in the speed boot category and that you do get conical studs that again provide more bite than I think rounded studs would typically suggest from a visual standpoint .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Overall , they're expensive football boots , but they're built to last and again , top notch in terms of tech as well as quality you can justify the price tag .

I think these are well worth it .

This is an S tier football boot .

The Adidas X speed flow plus is the lace speed boot offering from the three stripes and honestly , just an incredible technical achievement .

If there was ever a football boot that sold me on the lace concept .

It was this one right here .

I think they nailed the shape and this super thin textile upper material just wraps your foot really nicely provides a phenomenal raw , barefoot feel on the ball but really comfortable and remarkably secure .

Given the lack of laces with this lace design , the heel liner still has those pillows , but a little bit of like a rough texturing to it .

It does a nice job of gripping your socks and again , feels remarkably comfortable from a fit feel and lockdown perspective .

This is the best lace football boot that I've personally ever worn .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And as far as the soul and sub pattern is concerned , the speed has a super aggressive FG stud pattern .

And again , that carbo insert , in my opinion , is one of the most effective pieces of football boot technology ever seen in the football boot world .

Truly impressive .

Again , they are expensive football boots at $275 .

But from an experience standpoint , there is nothing else quite like it , there never has been .

Which is why for me , this is an S tier football boot .

The Nike premier three definitely doesn't get the marketing attention from Nike , but that does not detract from the fact that this is an excellent pair of very simple kangaroo leather football boots .

The retail price is particularly attractive at $110 making this easily the least expensive football boot in this video .

But for that $110 price tag , you're getting top end quality .

The kangaroo leather used mainly in the front area of the foot is incredibly soft , really , really comfortable .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You have a slightly firmer leather through the mid foot for the sake of reinforcement as well as stability while still giving you that classic soft leather feel on the ball , a central laine system with this old school flap tongue that you do have the option of cutting off if you don't want the extra bulk or just don't like the way that it looks the fit of the boot is remarkably comfortable .

I love this micro fiber heel liner and the soul plate and stud pattern is very natural in terms of being super flexible and again , not very aggressive as far as traction is concerned , they're definitely going for more of an old school feel with this football boot .

But despite the old school looks , it has that modern shaping to it .

And again , in terms of value for money , it is almost impossible to beat .

This is easily an a tier football boot .

The adidas copa sense 0.1 is a $225 football boot that you probably don't want being that it does bear the copa name you expect kangaroo leather and you get that however , that kangaroo leather is basically just in the toe area of the foot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Everything back of that is this combination of thick layers of memory foam as well as this stiff textile based synthetic material that with the laces tied tight just doesn't feel very good on your feet .

These aren't comfortable football boots out of the box and even once broken in , they still don't feel nearly as good as alternatives from something like the Nike Tiempo , which is basically the exact same price where you get way more leather .

And in my opinion , a better overall experience again , that sense pod system just like the copa sense plus is not very comfortable and that it's just too abrasive and too grippy against your heel to the point where blisters are definitely a concern no matter what type of foot you have .

And as far as the soul plate and that pattern is concerned , it's bulkier than it needs to be .

And from a traction standpoint , it's relatively un extraordinary for $225 you have better options for the same amount of money or less .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is ad tier football boot , the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite is still probably the most popular top end speed boot on the market .

And for good reason again , unlike the Super Fly , it features a low cut construction and retails for $25 less , in my opinion , less material and less weight makes way more sense for the speed boot concept .

And visually , I think it's a better looking product than the Super Fly as well .

The vapor posit upper is super thin , has that nice balance of a barefoot feel but also good structure with laces tied tight , giving you that 1 to 1 connection and super responsive feel .

That is kind of a signature of the Mercurial Series .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And this does this as well as any of the past me materials have the an atomic soul plate shaping gives you that really locked in sensation , the super aggressive FG stud pattern again , kind of a signature Mercurial element in a package that feels very light on your feet , not just because the boots themselves are actually light weight on the scale , but because of how tightly they wrap your foot , you're a fan of the Mercurial Series , you definitely can't go wrong with these .

The Vapor 14 Elite is an A tier football


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