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2023-06-14 19:20:53

The END of the Porsche Macan - 440HP GTS Review!

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Every once in a while I see people arguing whether or not the Porsche Mahan is a sports car or not .

And every time I hear the arguments being thrown from one side to another , I go , you're both wrong .

This is not a sports car .

It's nothing like the 7 18 K man to drive .

Its center of gravity is too high .

It's much too heavy .

And , well , when's the last time you saw a sports car that has four doors ?

So , no , I don't think the Maca is a sports car , but I do think this is the best hot hatchback I've ever driven .

And I do mean that this car feels more like a hot hatch when you're driving it rather than a crossover SUV thingy .

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Every time you start up the car and you put it in sport mode , the suspension automatically goes to its lowest settings .

And after five minutes or so of driving , you almost forget that you're riding in a tall ish vehicle .

Yeah , because from behind the steering wheel it doesn't feel like you're riding so high .

And speaking of that , have a look at the stance of this car from whatever angle , you glance at it , it just doesn't look like a crossover SUV thing .

Then there's the way this car handles , it's flat through the beds .

There's hardly any under steer and then the power kicks in .

It's hyper hatch fast .

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Oh , now have a look at this .

I'm going to attempt a launch control and I'm going to time it with a shitty phone app , but don't tell anyone .

Yeah , let's do it .

Sport plus structure control off , left foot hard on the brake floor , the throw , let's go off the break four 0.8 seconds north to 100 kilometers per hour .

That's about half a second off than the official time .

But you have to take into account that it's minus nine degrees outside and we are running winter tires and considering everything I just told you to me , it feels pretty impressive .

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This car that you see here is the face lift of the face lifted Macca GTs .

I know .

Right .

Basically , Porsche is not really done with the next generation Macca and in the meantime , they figured they should give this car its last face lift and , well , let's face it .

The Macca hasn't changed very much since the first generation and this update , it's quite a good one , especially under the bonnet and on the inside .

And despite the fact that the profile is basically identical , except for the new 21 inch alloys that come with the Macan G T S , the front and the back of the car has received minor updates .

The 2022 Macca G T S has a big green on its face right now .

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It has a new front bumper and in the back it has a new diffuser which is a bit bigger than the old one and it incorporates the same quad tailpipe exhaust as on the old car .

But apart from those two small elements , this is it for the exterior of the car .

But before we move on to the interior , let me show you the biggest upgrade this car has received at least in my opinion .

Now , if you follow Porsche and my channel for that matter , you know that the last face lift of the Mac G T S already had the engine from the turbo .

This 22 version , the face lifted face lift completely replaces the turbo in the line up .

And in the process , it also gets all of its power .

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So the 2022 Macan G T S features the same 2.9 liter V six engine under the bonnet , but now it has 440 horsepower .

That's 60 more than the old car .

The interior is mostly similar to the previous one , great materials , all round , superb and very comfortable 18 way adjustable seats in this G T S and a very good driving position .

But the biggest change comes from the center console , Porsche , removed the entire a huge stack of physical buttons from the old car and replaced it with this touch sensitive slab of gloss black coming straight from its bigger brother the Cayenne .

And this cleans up the interior quite a lot and it brings it up to par with the other cars in Porsche's line up space in the back is like I've said , a bit limited , four adults will struggle back there , but the boot space is decent for such a crossover .

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Now , why is this car sent off to the mccann ?

Why is this the last proper generation ?

Well , if you don't know by now , Porsche officially announced that the next Macan generation is going to be fully electric and it doesn't really matter what you or I think about electric cars .

This next Mecca is not going to feel anything like the car I'm driving right now .

But why does it matter that much how a crossover SUV drives ?

Well , when an SUV slash crossover gets this bad , it matters quite a lot .

So without further ado , let's give this car a proper send off .

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This is absolutely ridiculous .

And to think that this is based on a Q five , makes it even more impressive .

Take the Porsche badges off , cover up the interior .

Let me drive this car and in 50 m , I'll definitely confirm that I'm driving a Porsche .

It's unreal how this car feels when you're on it every time I go on the config and try to spec one of these cars , it gets quite hard to justify the price .

But whenever I get behind the wheel of a Macca , I totally get why these cars cost so much .

This is not just a re badge job .

This is a properly engineered portion .

Yeah .

God , I love this car .

So agile , so responsive and so damn fast .

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And that gearbox don't even get me started on that one .

It's like it reads your mind the slightest touch of a paddle gives you an instant downshift or upshift .

It's so impressive .

The amount fun I have every time I drive from my car is absolutely ridiculous considering what this car is and it's not just about the engine and how fast the car is .

I even enjoyed the two liter engine car .

The one that has the golf Gti engine fitted to it downsides .

Well , there's a couple , I guess and first off is like I mentioned before is the pricing .

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Yeah , it is a bit on the expensive side , especially when you compare it to its rivals .

And then when you start specking the car , the options are so expensive that you can easily go to ridiculous numbers .

For example , this Macca GTs base price in Sweden is around €86,000 and you just add 34 or five options and you are already above 100 K and then there's the space issue .

This car is not exactly massive , there's not a lot of leg room in the back , if I'm totally honest and the boat is decent , I guess for a car like this .

But overall what a car this is properly fun to drive incredibly fast .

But on the flip side , because it has the air suspension , it's very comfortable and it's decently practical for a cross off .

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But that's been it for today's video .

My friends , I really hope you've enjoyed it .

Please give this video a thumbs up to please , Susan and the gang and I'll see you again very soon .


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