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2023-06-14 19:20:46

I Booked the Cheapest Room at Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas...

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Hi .

Hey guys , it's Ruby today .

We are staying at the Golden nugget in downtown Las Vegas .

Let's go check it out right now .

We booked the run of the house option online , which means that they just kind of put you in whatever rooms available we did get here at about 10 AM .

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And they told us it was going to be $33 to pay for early check in .

We said that was fine and they told us because we paid for early check in that they would put that towards an upgraded room .

Never gonna say no to that .

This is their king room in the Rush Tower .

Let me show you a room .

So this is a well appointed room .

It's a great size , it feels massive .

They have a sectional here and a really nice like brown leather and it's in great shape .

It looks brand new .

The bed I think is oversized .

It might even be a California King huge .

I also noticed that they have a big mini fridge for you to put your things in as well as a curry coffee maker .

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Now , it is important to note I saw on a tablet at the front desk that the coffee maker and the fridge are only in the spa and the Rush Towers .

If you book the two cheaper towers , they are not in there .

That is definitely worth noting for me , the entertainment center looks like it has a pretty new TV .

There is a nice desk area here with a mirror perfect for doing my makeup and as far as our view goes , it's ok .

It's mostly rooftop .

We can see the dome , although we are tucked back far enough .

I'm hoping it's not going to be too loud , but I will let you guys know in the morning .

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The bathroom is a , wow , this feels like you're almost in a suite .

There are double doors to open up in here .

You have a dual vanity sink with like a back lit mirror .

Really nice .

The shower looks new , although they do have a shower curtain .

I don't love that , but I have to say in terms of bathrooms on Fremont , this one's amazing and this is definitely one of the nicer rooms we've stayed in downtown .

We've only stayed at the nugget once and it was years ago and we really didn't explore it to its fullest potential .

This is a big property and there's a lot to do .

Honestly , we should just get going .

So we're done .

Salt Grass is the newest restaurant in Golden Nugget .

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It is a steakhouse , but they also serve breakfast and lunch we're doing a steakhouse later today .

So I thought some lunch here would be appropriate .

See what they have .

We decided to get the grilled chicken sandwich .

It's got bacon , there's pickles , fresh veggies on it .

It's really delicious .

And the fries here are really nicely seasoned .

They're good menu items are all around like 20 bucks ish .

It's a big restaurant , country themed .

I think this is a great casual lunch spot .

Now , believe it or not , Golden Nugget actually opens their pool a month before any of the other hotels .

It's February .

It's not even that warm , but we can go see how their pool is .

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This is just as I if you are looking for a pool vacation downtown .

Golden Nugget is going to be one of my top recommendations for you .

This is a beautiful pool water features .

They also have the shark tank in the middle and you can go on the slide that goes through it .

I've done it .

It's a ton of fun .

They also have a hot tub here with is fantastic because they open so early .

It's only like 60 degrees right now .

The water's a little cold , that hot tub .

Amazing .

This is definitely the spot .

They have tons of chairs .

They even have a little fire pit out right now .

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So a great pool area for downtown , probably one of the best Golden Nugget has to be one of the most popular casinos downtown .

And for good reason , it's large , huge variety of slots and the drink service is good tables today , $5 minimums on both roulette and blackjack , which surprised me .

Although the blackjack is 6 to 5 , it's easy to see why this one is so popular .

It's very lively , good vibe .

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However , the walkways are narrow and I will say it's almost always busy and especially at night and on weekends , you can barely move in here for those of you that are a little bit claustrophobic .

Like me , it is something to be aware of .

Also on the casino floor , they have a sizable poker room .

It looks really busy .

There's a nice sports book , it looks like a really good size and they also have a high limit room .

Lots of good game options .

We get our butts booked every time we play in there .

Unfortunately , it's getting to be dinner time and there is a restaurant in here that has been recommended to us time and time again .

It is time we go check it out from .

We just got seated here at Vic and Anthony's what a beautiful dining room .

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Honestly , I'm loving the ceiling and just all the art and everything they have on the walls .

They started us off with some bread and butter .

I ordered the fall of 46 cocktail which is bourbon , orange juice , cinnamon and cranberry , one of the best cocktails I've had in a while .

I'm going to try to recreate that at home obviously we're at a steakhouse .

We're definitely getting some steak and we will see what else we order .

Started out our meal with two different appetizers that you guys should absolutely order .

The bacon appetizer was these two thick strips of New Ski's bacon .

There was smoke , there was brown sugar , there was cracked pepper .

It was delicious , easily shareable .

And then we got the pear and blue Saga , blue cheese salad .

The dressing on this was a tangy cream vinaigrette and it complimented the sweet candy pecans and the pears .

It blew us away .

It was honestly so good .

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Now , onto our steak , we decided to get a 12 ounce filet to split perfectly prepared at medium .

The char is excellent .

We also got the old and potatoes as their side .

It's their staple , really cheesy and delicious .

So I knew we were in for a good meal , but this is meeting my expectations .

Everything has been really delicious .

The food at Vigan Anthony's was wonderful .

I absolutely recommend it .

We split everything and I got a cocktail and it ended up being like 100 and $57 before tips .

So pretty good price point .

We are so full and so tired .

We could honestly just roll into bed .

But before that , I think we need a little night cap and find ourselves a lounge .

There are plenty of places to grab a drink here at Golden Nugget .

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If you want to do people watching , they have the Troy Liquor Bar , which is upstairs and they have that big patio where you can see outside , that one's only open on the weekends .

They also have a stage bar right across from the stage .

You can sit , do some people watching , watch the shows .

A ton of fun .

It's windy , unfortunately .

And little cold .

We decided on the Rush Lounge and we lucked out because starting at eight o'clock in about 15 minutes or so , they are going to have a live band that goes until midnight .

So this is just tucked right into the casino floor .

I got a pink Cadillac Margarita .

I think we are going to enjoy the band for a while .

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Call it a night here and we'll catch you guys all in the morning time for me to give you all my final thoughts on Golden Nugget .

We did go to the Claim Jumper restaurant this morning and I don't recommend it .

It was basically strip prices and although my pancakes were good , Mr Ruby's um , biscuits and gravy , he said it was not good .

So I would skip that .

We booked run of the house , which I really like doing because you really never know if you're going to get an upgrade or not in total with resorts in taxes .

It was 100 and $9 .

And then we paid that $33 check in fee , which is when they upgraded us .

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I did try to check what the prices were for these rooms .

They were double what the standard run of the house rate is that is expensive for Fremont .

I actually thought about like turning down the upgrade and I said something and the guy kind of looked at me funny and then I realized these reviews are supposed to be like , just my experience .

And what happened to me if I were just any traveler coming and checking in and I don't think anybody would turn down the upgrade .

So we just took it .

This room was very nice .

It's huge .

The bathroom is excellent .

I had only like two complaints .

There were not enough outlets and there's also a really weird placement for a full size mirror in the bathroom .

Arguably Golden Nugget has the best pool downtown .

I do think that's one of the reasons they can charge more to stay here than other places because it's awesome .

The property as a whole is pristine this morning .

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I have never seen so many people like cleaning and wiping things down and vacuuming .

They do a great job of maintaining the standard here at Golden Nugget , all the walls , all the floors , everything is so properly maintained that it does give a much more upscale feel .

Oh , and by the way , we could hear the dome , it wasn't as bad as a lot of places , but you could definitely still hear it .

I would say for those of you that come to downtown because you want bang for your buck and you want a good deal .

I think some of the other downtown properties give you a little more for your money and aren't charging quite as much for like food and amenities and things like that .

We like it .

I would come back .

You guys should let me know in the comments if you would like me to just book the Carson Tower , the cheapest tower and specifically stay in that one and see what the rooms are like in comparison .

I hope you guys enjoyed the review .

As always .

Thanks for being here and I'll catch you guys on the next one .


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