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2023-06-14 19:20:37

How A Filthy Tractor Cab Is Deep Cleaned

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Hi there .

My name's Reece .

I'm the CEO of satisfying clean .

And today I'm gonna show you the step by step process on how to clean a filthy tractor cab .

So the reason why I clean tractor cabs is just simply because they're probably the dirtiest vehicle you can get your hands on .

Farmers in my local area give a lot back to the community because they spend a lot of time farming and don't have enough time to clean their own cab .

So it's always good to give back .

Um , and I actually clean these tractors for free .

OK , so the first thing I do when I'm cleaning an tractor cab is I assess the , um , cab and look how dirty it is .

Then I'll work from top to bottom .

So anything that I clean from the top falls to the floor .

So the products I use when cleaning um , the tractor cab I always start off with a fingernail brush and an all purpose cleaner from E Z car care called Citrus Wash .

And then just a simple cloth .

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So I spray it on .

It breaks down the dirt .

Um , use the fingernail brush to scrub off the dirt and then wipe it with a cloth .

So the next stage of the process is a clean all the control system .

So where the gear stick is any buttons that control the electronics inside the tractor cab , I clean all those they get pretty mucky , so it's always good to use the all purpose cleaner again to break down the dirt on the buttons .

Then I use a detailing brush just to remove the dirt .

It's really crucial that the attention to detail is at the highest level .

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Getting into the all the nooks and crannies is super important because it doesn't give you the best finish if you leave dirt in between gaps and buttons , OK , getting all the mud off the pedals as you see in the video and then obviously hoovering that up , um , is crucial .

So during this process , I do use a vacuum cleaner .

It's called George .

You can get that from Amazon .

It's a wet and dry vacuum .

After you've scrapped the floor , you can hoover up the dirt and the water at the same time .

So just after that process , I go back to the top of the the tractor , and then I use something called sleek from E Z car care , and I polish all the interior plastics to bring up the best finish possible .

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I do , uh , clean exterior tractors as well .

It's a different process , and you need different chemicals .

The time it takes to clean the interior of the tractor is round about 2.5 hours to three hours , depending on how dirty and how big the cab is .

The process gets easier every time I do it .

The first ever tractor I've done .

I started on the floor and worked my way up .

And then I quickly learned that that's not the best way because you end up hoovering the floor twice .

But I think it took me like , six hours , and obviously you don't want to be doing that .

So , yeah , the more you do it , the better you get and the quicker you can do it .

Some of the best reactions I've had from the local farmers is they can't actually believe how clean it is .

A lot of their replies are as cleaner than when I bought the tractor , which is , um , hard to get my head around .

But my attention to detail is so high that it is show room standard .

Um , and they do really appreciate it .

They always say thanks and funny enough .

They always call me back if they have another dirty tractor , because they know they're gonna get it for free .

So So , Yeah .

The next stage of the journey is I want to keep giving back to the community and including the tractors .

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I also want to go international with this stuff and clean other sorts of vehicles and also want to get into boats .

Um , so stay tuned to see what happens on the journey .


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