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2023-06-14 19:20:33

Surviving 24 Hours in Las Vegas With Only $50 😲

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Hey guys , it's Ruby and we are back again with another Vegas blog .

Now , over the years , I've seen people try it out where they do a full day in Vegas on a tight budget .

I wanted to give you guys my spin of $50 in a day in Las Vegas .

Here's the rules .

We're going all day long breakfast , lunch dinner .

I'd like to get a couple of cocktails and most importantly , I really want to have a good time today .

So we have a lot to do .

Let's get started time for some breakfast .

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I'm star breakfast in Vegas can blow your budget right away in the morning .

If you sit down in any hotel in any typical cafe , you're probably going to pay like $20 for bacon , eggs and toast .

Don't do that .

Come to Miracle Mile shops .

We're at La Salsa Cantina .

We are going to get a full plate of breakfast for 4 99 .

A cheap great way to start our day .

All right , I broke my 50 .

Now , I'd like to point out I am not paying for Mr Ruby .

Now that would be a real challenge .

The $50 is Just for me , I spent $5 plus tips .

I have $44 left .

I love la salsa .

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Such a good price for really consistently good food .

They also have great drink deals .

You guys 4 95 for a bunch of different breakfast , cocktails , 99 cent bloodies and the girls next to us said they were pretty good for 99 cents .

All of these deals only go until noon .

So make sure you get up for breakfast .

And if la salsa is way too busy across the way , they've got really cheap food too .

We're definitely not buying anything in the crystal shops today .

That's a little out of our budget .

So because we're on a pretty tight budget today , we want to try to not pay for transportation , which is why your location of where you're staying makes a big difference .

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If you're not trying to walk everywhere , there are some pretty good cheap options for getting around like the monorail and the Deuce bus , there are also a couple of free trams .

So that's where we're heading right now .

So , so good .

Very tempting .

Hopped on the free tram right by Excalibur .

It's going to take you all the way over to Mandalay Bay .

That's only two properties over .

So that doesn't seem like a lot , but it is really far and it's a lot of walking , use the free transportation and save your feet going to see some fishies .

I'm so excited .

We're going to do something we've never done before .

If we're going to the Shark Reef Aquarium , this normally costs $20 per adult .

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We spent $0 .

I'll give you one guess how I'll tell you inside .

So , Komodo Dragon may look really cute , but he has poisonous teeth .

So , so these giant fish are called and they're basically like ran except for their omnivores and they actually eat fruit and then the seeds drop into the water and replant trees , nature .

You thought of everything ?

Did you guess my Vegas ?

Because it's my Vegas .

You guys need to be playing this app .

You get all kinds of amazing coupons and this one was for free entry into the Shark Reef Aquarium .

That is a $20 deal .

Totally free .

You don't have to spend anything to play that game .

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This is so awesome .

We're really enjoying it .

Yo .

Sign , just finished up at the Shark Reef Aquarium .

It's maybe like a 30 minute activity .

45 .

If you want to read all the little information cards , super family friendly .

Lots of really cute animals .

We love animal exhibits like that and I spent no money going in and enjoying in there .

I highly recommend using that coupon .

It's a great way to spend your morning .

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All right , we walked off our breakfast after spending all morning on the strip .

It is time for some lunch .

We're going to Taco Bell .

Not just any Taco Bell .

This is the Las Vegas strip .

Taco Bell .

It's like a party in there .

People even get married inside there .

Most importantly , it's gonna be cheap .

Let's go .

We're actually eating where you can get married in the Taco Bell right now .

It's like the private event area .

Like I said , simple food .

If you want something lighter or olive sandwich is a fantastic option .

That's in plan in Hollywood , there's burgers and pizza pretty much everywhere if you want to get something cheap .

But Taco Bell is classic .

I only spend five bucks .

So it's only two o'clock .

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I've spent about $11 out of my 50 which is amazing .

It's getting to be a little later and we have yet to do any gambling and walked past quite a few machines .

So I think it's time we change that .

Oh , thank you .

You total .

I personally think a day in Vegas isn't complete without spending a little bit of time on the casino floor .

If it's your first time in Vegas , bring a 20 try it out .

There's some perks like free drinks on the casino floor .

I put a five in just gonna see how I do .

I'm ready to lose the five , but maybe we can win back our money from lunch .

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Maybe I'm down five bucks now .

Plus a temp for a drink .

We had to come stop in the Conservatory .

I do it every single trip .

I'm speechless .

This one is so beautiful .

I'm always happy every time I come in here completely free .

All right .

We enjoyed our afternoon .

We're getting hungry .

We need a full substantial meal here .

We need to sit down and it's got to be cheap .

We are here at Ellis Island .

They have some incredible deals .

Let's go see what they got .

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All .

I got seated at Village Pub Cafe .

I know that they have deals here for as low as $10 all the way up to like 15 .

I'm super hungry .

So I'm hoping to get a really substantial meal .

Oh my gosh .

So this deal is incredible .

I ordered the chicken Parmesan 13 99 garlic bread , chicken parm with a big side of pasta and a salad .

You cannot beat Village Pub and cafe in Ellis Island .

The service is amazing .

The food comes out fast .

It's huge and it's always good .

Finished up our dinner at Ellis Island .

My meal was $14 plus tip that leaves me with $16 left for the entire day .

So I think I know where we're off to next .

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So recently I was talking to a friend of mine who just got back from Vegas and I asked him , what was his favorite part of the trip ?

And he said , honestly walking with a drink up and down the strip that simple , just enjoying all the amazing sights , the crowd drink in hand , very cheap way to spend your night and super fun .

We are going to get ourselves a drink ever since we featured w burgers in our cheap drinks video , you guys have been coming in droves , which is excellent .

I got this shot and this beer for $5 in change and I rounded it up to six bucks .

This is a fantastic deal .

You can't beat it .

I'm gonna have these and enjoy walking around looking at the sites .

It's a beautiful night and I think I still have $10 left .

Not bad .

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Something .

A child strip was a ton of fun .

I still have $10 left .

I have an idea about how to end our night .

So a woman just walked by and said , that's so interesting .

Why is there a line to get haircuts ?

Hey , you guys , I don't normally have a sweet tooth , but the line for milk is always so out the door .

This is cereal flavored ice cream .

This little tiny cup was $9.20 .

This better be the best ice cream in the world .

Let's see .

Oh , it's awesome .

They make all kinds of really cool stuff there .

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Overall , you guys , I think we had a fantastic day for $50 .

That was kind of easy .

I'm going to be honest .

I'd actually really like to see what I could do with 100 .

Thank you guys all so much for watching .

I will see you in the next one down .


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